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Why is There a Boom in Astrology Lately?

Published 27/08/2022 by Joanne Jones

Why Is There a Boom in Astrology Lately?

Astrology has been around for centuries and remains one of the most popular forms of divination. But how did the practice of astrology become so popular? And why do people believe in astrology?

Some historians believe astrology originated in ancient Babylonia when the first cities were being built. At first, astrology was used to predict the weather and agricultural conditions. Over time, astrology was used for personal reasons, such as predicting a person's future.

The ancient Greeks were also interested in astrology, and they developed their own system. This system was based on the belief that the planets and stars influenced human affairs. Astrology became very popular in Rome during the time of Emperor Augustus. Augustus was a great believer in astrology and had his own astrologer. Astrology continued to rise in popularity even after the fall of the Roman Empire.

During the Middle Ages, astrology was used by scientists and the general public. Many scientists, such as Copernicus and Galileo, used astrology to help them in their work. At the same time, ordinary people also used astrology to help them make decisions about their lives.

Astrology remains popular today because it offers hope and guidance to people. Astrology can help people to understand themselves and their place in the world. Divination practices such as astrology can give people control over their lives. Whether you believe in astrology or not, there is no doubt that it has dramatically impacted our history and culture.

How Did Astrology Become Popular?

The increased visibility of astrology in pop culture has played a role in its popularity. Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé have embraced astrology which helped make it more mainstream. Since people are increasingly looking for ways to connect with others, astrology can be a great way to do that. By reading/sharing information about astrology, people have built huge communities around this common interest.

Astrology allows people to connect to life and something more significant than their existence. We live in a time where we are more disconnected than ever, so using the heavens is a way to bring us closer together.

People are desperate to find meaning and patterns, especially with the considerable uncertainties in the world. Astrology follows planetary cycles, helping people recognise past, present, and future patterns.

There is no doubt that astrology is having a moment right now. If you are curious about your horoscope, now is the perfect time to look into it.

Astrology, the Younger Generation, and Modern Technology

The popularity of astrology has seen a resurgence in recent years, and a few factors can explain this. Astrology has become more accessible than ever, thanks to the internet. People can easily find their daily, weekly, or monthly horoscope online, and many publications have dedicated astrology sections.

Astrology has traditionally been used as a bridge between the scientific and the religious because it seems to be a practical middle ground. The younger generation believes astrology is an intriguing way of looking at the world and is far less dogmatic than religion, which is its primary appeal. The Pew Research Centre says that 60% of Western millennials believe in New Age spirituality, using it as an alternative to religion to fill the void in their hearts.

Social media apps like Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok have made it easier for younger generations to connect through content surrounding astrology. You can find/follow your favourite creators for all of your horoscope needs on the various social media platforms available.

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