The Meaning of Sex

As much as sex seems to have become a very casual act, it’s been established that sex isn’t something that ought to be taken lightly. Sex is an act that connects us in a very intimate way; during a session of lovemaking, our auras and energies interact in ways that go beyond our imagination. Spiritualists will tell you that sexual intimacy can be a gateway to most positive feelings, as well as some of the most negative. A sexual encounter that is shared with someone who has a low vibe can hinder your ability to experience the positive aspects of lovemaking. Sex and spirituality are much more intertwined than you think; at the deepest level, sex is a more of a spiritual act than a physical one, even during the hottest and most intimate of moments.

The Fusion of Sexual Energy

We all express a certain energy/ aura and these forces interact with the people we meet throughout our lives. During sex, our energies are mixed in a way that can permanently distort one’s aura. This explains why some people feel different after a sexual encounter, especially one that they’ve come to regret. Although some of the feelings after a sexual encounter can be attributed to other influences such as guilt and/or social stigma; the mixing of uncomplimentary auras can also be to blame

When they people engage in sexual intercourse, they tend to leave spiritual imprints on their lover. While very rare, even through conscious cleansing efforts, these imprints can be permanent. If someone sex with multiple partners, their aura will be influenced and shaped by all the people they have slept with. For example, if a person has slept with ten people, and their partner has slept with 10 people, 22 auras will have been exchanged in the process. It’s important to note that it’s not always the case that they will taint one’s aura, but if you don’t vet the people you share your body with, it’ll further increase the likelihood.

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4 Ways to Improve the Quality of Sex

Tantra and Taoism practitioners have established practices for improving the quality of sex as well as the synergy between partners based on the understanding of the spirituality behind the act. Since it has been established that sex is spiritual, it’s important that know how to cleanse your spirit.

1. Washing Your Body

Taking a bath after sex is not just a measure for maintaining hygiene, it can also serve as a way to cleanse one’s aura—for a long time water has been recognised as a notable cleansing agent, look no further than the church. It’s also important to be mentally involved in the process, you can do this by imagining the negative aura flowing out of your body and into the water.

2. Meditation and Sex

You can also engage in meditation to cleanse your aura. By meditating, you’ll be able to connect with your true self and ignite the power that lies within your natural aura. Meditation should be a calm productive process, a state that allows you to gather your thoughts and clear your mind, body, and soul or negativity.

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3. Exposure to Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight is another effective technique you can use to cleanse your spirit. The rays of the sun have been known to get one’s energy flowing in the right direction.

4. Spend Time with Nature

Spending some time with nature will bring you back to a state or calamity as you’ll be able to become one with the universe. Taking yourself away from the distractions of modern living is a great way to hit the reset better on your well-being.

Love Readings with Trusted Psychics

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