Dealing With a Lack of Attraction

Relationships always have their ups and downs, so it’s normal to go through hard times with the one you love. How you manage the rough patches of your relationship is what will either make or break what you have. More often than not, what drives people apart are the small annoyances that occur on a daily basis. While big arguments can prove to be distracting, they are usually dealt with quite quickly, unless there is an underlining problem. It’s the small things in a relationship that go unnoticed that drive a wedge in between a loving couple and before they realise what’s going on, they’re too far apart to reconcile.

Today, we’re going to discuss one of these issues with you and what you can do to avoid this pitfall. One of the things that drives people apart is a lack of attraction. As you grow used to your partner, over time, you may find that you’re not as drawn to them as you once were.

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6 Ways to Rebuild Attraction

1. Redefine Attraction

Knowing what it is that attracted you to your partner, to begin with, is the first step in addressing how you feel about them. Was in their physical appearance, their mind, their status, or something else? Whatever it was, you must figure out why your feelings have changed over time. I could be that they have changed over the years or perhaps they just don’t have what you’re looking for anymore. Nonetheless, if you’re still in love with your partner you must make a stand; work together to figure out how you can rebuild that attraction that you once had.

2. Deal with External Problems

Whenever things aren’t going right in your life, it’s easy to look at everything through a negative lens. If you’re in a slump, it’s possible that the lack of attraction you have for your partner is nothing to do with them. Instead, what’s affecting how you feel is something that is happening externally. The quicker you’re able to address the issue the faster you’ll be able to look at your spouse with that loving again.

3. Learn to Love Yourself

How you feel about yourself may very well affect how you feel about your partner. If for some reason you have lost confidence over the years, you may think that you’re no longer good enough for your partner. Due to this fact, your mind begins to repel your spouse, almost as if it were trying to protect itself from getting hurt. The more you’re able to believe in your self-worth the easier it will be to recognise that you are worthy of being loved. If there is something about yourself that has changed over the years and it is having a negative effect on you, start making the positive changes you need to make things better. We have some amazing spiritual readers online who’ll love to support you on your journey to becoming the best you that you can be.

4. Remember Why You Fell in Love

What was it that made you fall in love with your partner in the first place? Was it your their kindness, good looks, wealth, personality, or some other quality? As mentioned earlier, you must find your way back to whatever it was that originally brought you together. Don’t let the goings on of everyday life come between you and your partner instead, make sure that you and your partner make time for one another. Whatever effort you both made in the early days of your relationship should be maintained, even after being together for many years.

5. Improve Your Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Connection

Communication in a relationship is very important. If your partner is doing something that turns you off or you just simply find off-putting, tell them about it. Don’t let the behaviour continue to the point that you find yourself resenting them. Make sure that you spend quality time with your partner talking about essential things not just trivial matters.

6. Learn the Languages of Love

The language of love describes the way you feel and what you do when you’re loved and appreciated within the context of a relationship. Depending on your personality type, what you feel when you’re in a romantic relationship will differ when compared to other people. There are five languages of love which are ‘quality time, acts of service, receiving and giving gifts, affirmations, and touch.’ All five languages of love matter and will go a long way in bringing you close to your partner if practised on a regular basis.

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