Dealing with Your Darkest Fears

Our ancient ancestors needed a fast and effective response that would keep them alive in the face of danger, and that response is none other than fear. They were often in physical danger and lived their lives on a day-to-day basis, constantly faced with the decision of fight or flight. While we no longer face the same threats our ancestors did, the biology of our mind and body hasn’t caught up with our modern-day lifestyle. Rather than fear the reality of being eaten by a Woolly Mammoth, we’re afraid of getting into a plane or taking a chance in life.

At times, our fears may seem out of context with reality, nevertheless, they still feel very real. Fear will bring about stress reactions such as sweaty palms, a raised heart rate, and/or panic attacks. So, what can you do about it?

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4 Ways to Overcome Your Fears

1. Understand Why You Feel the Way You Do

It’s possible that your fear stems from your childhood or from a film/news report you’ve seen. Either way, the first step of overcoming your fear is to recognise where it comes from.

2. Confront Your Fears

More often than not, it’s the fear of having to do something as opposed to actually doing it that scares us. Needless to say, the longer you put something off, the scarier it’ll become over time; usually, once you’ve bucked up the courage to do something, you’ll wind up thinking, ‘That wasn’t so bad.’ So, take a deep breath and tackle your fears head-on, you’ll quickly find they’re not as terrifying as you think.

3. Ask for Support

While someone’s fear may seem silly to an outsider, it’s very real to the one experiencing it. Having a good support system around you is always a positive as it’ll give you the opportunity to reach out for help without feeling as though you’re being judged. If you don’t feel you can tackle your fears alone, asking for support isn’t something you should be ashamed of.

4. The Power of Hypnosis

While this may not be for everyone, hypnosis can help as you to explore your subconscious so you can uncover the mechanisms that’ll help manage your fear. Hypnosis may also help you identify where the fear originally came from and how you can prevent it from consuming you.

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Being Your Most Confident Self with Trusted Psychics

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