Using the Power of the Moon

The power of Lunar Energy has been recognised by culture all over the world for thousands of years. Astrologers believe that the moon is a powerful/reliable way of manifesting your dreams into reality. By harmonising with the phases of the moon, you’ll become more in tune with nature which will give you the energy you need to change your life.

The gravitational force of the moon pulls in the ocean and causes it to rise; seeing as the human body is 60% water, it’s not surprising that the moon has an effect on our emotions and general well-being. It’s even been reported that on nights in which there’s a full moon, the emergency services are especially busy. When you want to bring forth your desires by using the power of the moon, it’s important to find out what phase the moon is in.

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The Key Phases of the Moon

While the moon has 8 key phases, when you want to manifest your desires with lunar energy you need to focus on the 4 main phases which are:

  • New Moon
  • First Quarter Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Third Quarter Moon

The New Moon is the start of the new lunar cycle which makes it the perfect time to express what your desires are for the month. Writing down the things you want is always a good idea, most would even recommend that you do by hand. It also wouldn’t hurt to set the theme of your wishes around traits of the sun sign the moon is in; for instance, if the moon is in Aries, you may want to focus on things that involve leadership. The most popular and visible moon phases are the New Moon, which shows up in the sky as a bright crescent, and the Full Moon, which shows up as a shining silver disc as it illuminates the night sky. If you want to charge any crystals you have, doing so during a Full Moon is what most astrologers would suggest if you want to harvest its energy.

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Your Feelings and the Moon

When trying to manifest your desires, it’s important to pour your soul into whatever it is you wish to bring into reality. The Full Moon is known to be a time of high intensity in regard to the emotions we feel, so focusing your thoughts and feelings on your desires is a must. The Waning Phase of the moon is about decreasing influences in your experiences; during this time, you shouldn’t make wishes or practice any other rituals, unless it’s related to a desire to remove a bad habit or a painful/toxic relationship from your life. By taking notice of where the moon is and the phase it’s in, you’ll be able to make some exciting discoveries in regard to using the moon’s power.