Saving a Troubled Relationship

When a relationship starts failing, there are signs that will make themselves known. Whether you’re in a relationship or watching one go through times of difficulties, you’ll notice an increase in arguments, name-calling, neglect and a lack of communication. When these symptoms become prevalent within a relationship, if they are not dealt with, eventually, the relationship will come to an end. That being said, sometimes, you may not even be aware that your relationship is on a downhill spiral, this is especially true with couples who don’t communicate effectively. In situations like this, one of the people involved will check out of the relationship emotionally before leaving physically.

While not all relationships can be saved, if you and your partner are meant for each other, there are things you can to do save your union. All relationships go through hard times, it’s how you respond to the various obstacles you come across that’ll determine if your relationship survives or not. Communication is key, so talk to your spouse in a relaxed and understandable way so that you can commit to taking steps to bring about positive change. Today, we’re going to share some things with you that may indicate that your relationship is in trouble; we’ll also advise you as to how you can stop things from going too far.

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5 signs of a Failing Relationship

1. Too Much or Too Little Arguing

If you and your partner no longer seem to have disagreements, it could be a sign you’re your relationship is in trouble. While it may sound like heaven on Earth when people stop arguing (within reason) it may be a sign that there’s a lack of interest/ investment. If this is something that you’ve noticed within your relationship, it could mean that your partner has already broken up with you, emotionally. Due to this fact, they have no reason to waste their energy going back and forth with you over issues that may affect your future. With that being said, if you and your partner are butting heads too much, it’s possible that this is a sign that there is an underlining problem within your relationship that needs tending to. The intensity of your arguments is also something to keep an eye out for.

2. You Let Your Partner Get Away with Everything

While all relationships require some degree of tolerance, if you or your partner are letting one another get away with everything, it could be because the love and hope in the relationship has completely dissolved. Similar to the scenario in which you’re no longer arguing, if your partner no longer cars what you’re doing, they may have very well given up.

3. Lack of Future Plans

If you stop discussing your hopes and dreams for the future, it’s possible that you and/ or your spouse no longer believe that you no longer have one together. This coupled with the fact that you may not be spending time together is a warning sign. Don’t ignore this, address the issue with your partner, don’t leave it thinking that things will eventually work themselves out.

4. Lack of Availability for One Another

Have you noticed that your partner hasn’t been spending time with you lately? Maybe they’re spending time with other people or doing other things, time they used to spend with you. Now, we must mention that it’s possible that there’s nothing wrong and they are just taking some time to do things that make them happy. There’s nothing wrong with having a life outside of your relationship as we all need space to grow and develop. However, this could also be a sign that your partner is trying to establish themselves outside of the relationship. Whether they’ve lost interest or can see that it’ll be coming to an end soon, they no longer what to feel ‘trapped’ in whatever it is you’ve built together.

5. Sexless Marriage/Relationship

It’s natural for the amount of sex you have to decrease over time when you’re in a long-term relationship; this is especially true if you’ve started a family. However, if you find that you and your partner are no longer having sex, it’s important that you address why this is.

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