What is Spectrophilia?

Is it possible to have sex with ghosts? While it sounds crazy, having sexual experiences with spiritual beings isn’t unheard of. Spectrophilia is a word used to describe those who have a sexual attraction towards spiritual beings. When it comes to making love to a ghost, people often take such an experience to be something that was made up by whoever is telling the story; however, if you’re familiar with the supernatural, you may hold a different opinion.

Claims About Making Love to Spirits

Many women have claimed to be intimate with a spiritual being at some point throughout their life. Those who describe their sexual experience with a ghost will often say that it’s better than having sex with another human. It’s often the case that these events aren’t a one-off as many go on to have full-on relationships with their spiritual lover. Women have described their ghost lovers as very gentle, sensual, and attentive. They typically describe a very strong energy coming from their ghostly lover and a sensation of warmth to accompany it.

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Do Sexual Beings Exist in the Spirit World?

In folklore, you’ve probably heard of the succubus and incubus. A succubus is a demon that takes on the form of a beautiful woman, they often appear in dreams to seduce men. The male counterpart to the succubus is the incubus. There are plenty of websites that are dedicated to helping people summon a succubus or incubus for sexual relief. Several celebrities have come forward to talk about their sexual experiences with a ghost, these include Anna Nicole Smith and Dan Ackroyd.

A Story About a Spiritual Marriage

One woman from Northern Ireland, named Amanda Large Teague, married the ghost of a 300-year-old Haitian pirate. She encountered him while meditating, she refused his advances at first but eventually agreed to his proposal. She is convinced that he is the ghost of Jack Teague, the man who inspired the character, Jack Sparrow, from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Two weeks after she married Jack, Ms Teague encountered problems with her health that she attributed to her husband.

Ms Teague tried to get Jack to leave but he threatened to harm her if she tried to escape. Eventually, she went through a ‘soul extraction,’ similar to an exorcism, performed by a shaman. Soon after, she was able to break away from Jack and her health dramatically improved. Ms Teague now wants to warn other women about the dangers of ghost sex, explaining that while spirits can make excellent lovers, they often can prey on the vulnerable.

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