Find Love with the Law of Attraction

What Is Cosmic Ordering?

Finding love with the law of attraction is easier than you think. When it comes to cosmic ordering, positivity attracts positivity. Bärbel Mohr, a German author who taught metaphysics during the 1970s and 1980s, proposed cosmic ordering as a form of optimistic thinking. She thought that simply listing one's wish list and waiting for it to come true might help people achieve their goals. 

Cosmic ordering is the act of asking the universe for something that you want/need. Cosmic ordering is based on the belief that if you focus your positive thoughts/energy on something, you can manifest it into your life. When using cosmic ordering, the key is to be specific as possible about what you want and to have faith that the universe will deliver.

Cosmic ordering can be used for anything, big or small. Whether you are looking for a new job, a new relationship, or more money, cosmic ordering will help you get it. 

The universe needs to know what you are looking for/desire, so there is no shame in asking for what you want. The universe will never think you are being trivial because your emotional/spiritual wellness is its top priority. You would be forgiven for thinking that the law of attraction is wishful thinking, but it is based on sound scientific principles.

The Law of Attraction dictates that our thoughts/feelings influence the physical world. If we want to change our circumstances, we need to change our mindset—this may seem like a tall order, but it can be done with practice, visualisation, and belief. Once you start using the Law of Attraction, you will be amazed at how quickly things start to change for the better.

How to Find Love With the Law of Attraction

If you want to find love with the Law of Attraction, you must be sure that it is something you want. Dealing with any baggage from your past is essential because if you have got one foot in the past, it will be hard to move forward.

If you want to get back with an ex-partner, you have got to ask yourself if it is a good idea. Do you want to get back with them because you feel like you do not have any other options? If that is the case, you might want to reconsider.

You must ensure that your ideals marry up with the realities of the world; just because the universe brings you and your twin flame together, do not trick yourself into believing that your relationship will not face difficulties. Imperfections exist in all of us, it is how we deal with our problems that will make the difference.

3 Ways to Use the Law of Attraction to Find Love

1. Decide What You Want

The first step is to decide what you want—this may seem like a no-brainer, but it is crucial to the success of your cosmic order. The more specific you can be about what you want, the better. Think about what you want in a partner, and then get specific. 

2. Place Your Order With The Universe

Once you know what you want, it is time to tell the universe—you can do this in any way that feels comfortable. Some people like to write their order down, while others prefer to visualise/or say it out loud.

3. Have Faith and Be Patient

The final step is to have faith that your order will be fulfilled and be patient. It is important to remember that the universe works in its own time, not ours. Just because you do not see results immediately does not mean they are not on their way. When you are looking for someone to build a life with, it is not something you want to rush. 

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

When it comes to love and relationships, it is all well and good to list the things you want in a partner; however, what are you bringing to the table? Being in a relationship is not just about what someone can do for you; it is about what you can do for them. When looking for love using the Law of Attraction, you should do whatever you can to become the best version of yourself.

Becoming the best version of yourself is not just a physical or material thing, it involves your spiritual nature. If you want to share your life with someone, you both must connect with each other on as many levels as possible.

3 Ways to Become the Best Version of Yourself

1. Work on Your Personal Development

One of the best ways to become the best version of yourself is to work on your personal development. Reading self-help books, attending personal development classes, or working with one of our trusted psychics can aid your self-improvement. Investing in your own growth will make you more attractive to potential partners—plus, you will be better equipped to handle the challenges come up in your relationship.

2. Take Care of Your Physical Well-Being

Exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, and get plenty of rest. Taking care of your body shows that you value yourself and that you are taking steps to stay healthy and fit—this is an attractive quality in a partner.

3. Focus on Your Spiritual Wellness

Spend time connecting with your higher power through meditation, prayer, or other spiritual practices. When you are spiritually grounded, you will be more centred and peaceful in your relationship.

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