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7 Ways to Win Him Back

Published 09/09/2022 by Joanne Jones

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Is He Going to Come Back?

It's natural to miss your partner after a breakup, especially if the relationship ended abruptly or without warning. You may find yourself longing for the physical and emotional closeness you once shared. If you're thinking about getting back together with your ex, weighing the pros and cons carefully before making any decisions is essential. There are many things to consider, such as whether you're still in love with your ex. Whether or not the breakup was mutual, and what kind of relationship you want in the future for your peace of mind. You are the only person that can decide whether getting back together is the right decision for you.

Another thing to consider is why the relationship ended in the first place. Suppose significant issues led to the split, such as infidelity or abuse. In that case, likely, those issues haven't been resolved—in this case, getting back together is unlikely to lead to a healthy relationship. However, if the split was due to something unimportant, such as a misunderstanding, difference in opinion, or even a tough patch you were going through, then there's a good chance those issues can be resolved.

Finally, think about what kind of healthy relationship you want in the future. Getting back together with your ex might be a good option if you're looking for something casual and low commitment. However, if you're looking for something more severe and long-term, it might be better to start fresh with someone new. Only you know what's right for you, so take some time to think about what you want from a romantic relationship before deciding to get back together with your ex.

11 Obvious Signs He Will Come Back

If you're wondering whether there's still a chance for you and your ex, here are 15 signs that they may be open to reconciling. Of course, it's important to remember that this should be in your best interests and not just out of habit. If your ex exhibits more than a few of these behaviours, it could be a good sign that he will return.

  1. Your ex-stays connected with you. Whether through texting, calling, or social media, if your ex is still trying to stay in contact with you, it's a good sign they want to keep your relationship alive to get back together.
  2. Your ex expresses regret about the breakup. If your partner is reaching out to you and saying they wish things had ended differently, it could be a big sign they want to give things another shot.
  3. Your ex opens up about their feelings. If your partner starts pouring their heart out to you about how much they miss you, it's a sign they want to get back together.
  4. A key sign is your ex is trying to make you jealous. If your partner starts dating other people or bragging about their new fling to make you jealous, it means they still care about what you think, feel, and want to get back together.
  5. Your ex talks negatively about their new partner around you. Another clear sign that your ex is not over you is if they constantly speak badly about their new partner behind their back. This behaviour usually stems from jealousy and resentment towards the new person in their life and is a cry for attention from you.
  6. Your ex mentions happy memories from your committed relationship often. When people move on from a relationship, they generally try not to think about all the good times they had together so as not to dwell on what was lost. So, if your ex can't help but bring up happy memories when they're around you or in conversation, it means those memories are still fresh in their mind, and they're hoping to create that spark between the two of you again soon.
  7. You catch your ex staring at you often when you're not looking. If your glances keep meeting when neither of you is talking or looking at each other directly, it could be because there's still a mutual attraction that hasn't gone away since the breakup. Pay attention the next time this happens and see how long the stare lasts and where it falls on your body before looking out again. If they can't help but look at your lips or eyes longer than necessary, it means they're probably imagining kissing or touching you and still have strong feelings for you themselves.
  8. They talk about you to mutual friends and initiate contact more often. If suddenly, the tables have turned and THEY are the ones texting/calling/emailing first, then that's a good sign that their feelings have come back, and they want you back in their life.
  9. They leave you on their social media platforms is one of the clearest signs that they hope for a reconciliation. They will know you will read their content and thoughts of the day.
  10. They try to improve themselves: A partner who wants to get back together will often try to improve themselves to show how much they've changed since the breakup. This could include going back to school, changing jobs, or working on personal issues like anger management or commitment issues.

11 Obvious Signs Your Partner Is Not Coming Back

It can be challenging to come to terms with the fact that a relationship is over. If you're struggling to let go, here are 15 signs that your partner is not coming back:

  1. Your partner stops communicating with you altogether. If they suddenly go dark and stop responding to your texts, calls, or Snapchat. If they've completely cut off communication, it's one of the biggest signs they've moved on.
  2. Your partner starts dating someone new. If you see that your partner has started dating someone new, it's a clear sign that they have a closed mind on ever coming back to you.
  3. Your partner starts spending more time with their friends and family. People who go through a breakup often turn to their loved ones for support, so if your ex-partner is spending more time with friends and family and less time with you, it's a bad sign that they're moving on.
  4. Your partner cleans their closet and removes all your things. If your partner suddenly starts getting rid of everything that reminds them of you, it's a sign that they're trying to move on from the relationship.
  5. Your partner starts talking about their ex in a positive light. If your partner starts talking about their ex in a positive light, it means they're over the relationship and ready to move on.
  6. Your partner no longer includes you in their plans. If your partner used to have you in their plans, but now they don't, it means they're not planning on getting back together with you.
  7. Your partner unfriends you on social media. Social media today is a massive part of our everyday lives, so if your partner unfriends you on all social media platforms, it's a bad sign.
  8. Your partner changes their phone number and blocks you from contacting them. If your partner changes their phone number and stops you from being able to get them, it means they're serious about moving on from the relationship.
  9. Your partner talks about their future without you in it. If your partner starts talking about their future and there's no mention of you being in it, it means they don't see you being a part of their life anymore.
  10. Your partner books a holiday away with his mates to one of your favourite locations; he is over your relationship and is probably hoping for a holiday romance.

How Can Trusted Psychics Help When Your Ex Is Not Coming Back?

Trusted Psychics have decades of experience helping people come to terms with breakups and dealing with difficult love situations. They are relationship experts in their field who are compassionate and understanding. Trusted Psychics are used by millions of people worldwide as relationship coaches who can provide you with guidance and predictions for the future. They may be able to surprise you with the opportunities that lie ahead. Just give them a call, and you will soon start to feel more positive about life without your ex in it. Trusted Psychics are always accurate in their predictions, so you can rest assured that you are getting reliable advice from them. If you want to move on with your life positively, contact Trusted Psychics today.

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