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Long Distance Break Up

Published 08/07/2024 by Joanne Jones

How to Do a Long-Distance Break-Up?

Ending a relationship with someone who lives far away is no easy task, though you can only end your arrangement by meeting your partner face to face if you are well prepared and organised.

At first thought, the idea of a breakup in a romantic relationship with a long-distance partner is cringeworthy because it lacks the satisfaction and definiteness of saying goodbye to someone in person.

Breaking up with someone is never easy, but it's essential you do what is right for you and, more importantly, your well-being. If you're going to end a long-distance relationship, there is a proper way to do it without messing up your life or theirs. The ingredients to a successful breakup are honesty and respect.

Here's How to Do a Long Distance Break Up:

Long-distance couples have a tough time when they are breaking up, which is very difficult to cope with. But it doesn't have to be so stressful. Here are some suggestions on how to end a long-distance relationship as simply as possible.

Long Distance Break Up

When to Let Go of a Long Distance Relationship?

First, be honest with yourself and with the other person. Not everyone is suited for long-distance relationships.

If you decide you are unhappy or unfulfilled with the relationship, then let it go. This won't be easy, but let the other person know you decided to end it. Don't drag out the breakup conversation. Be clear and concise.

Secondly, be in the right setting. Don't do it over the phone or text, which is impersonal and causes further painful feelings.

If you can't do it in person, at least use Video chat or FaceTime. Pick a time when you are free of distractions and can speak at length and in a setting where you can both sit comfortably and talk without interruption.

Read our guide on Making a Long Distance Relationship Work.

The Connection Is Lost

With this kind of breakup, there's nothing to connect two people anymore. It can come out of nowhere; a phone call or message can sever the relationship when one partner makes the difficult decision to end things. Slowly but surely, the connection can strain, and distance can erode it until there are only negative feelings.

Communication Declines

When every form of communication slows to a trickle, it becomes a clear sign that the romantic feelings you once felt are no longer there.

If the communication drop is sustained and other reconnecting efforts are not fruitful, the relationship may be ending.

Visions of the Future Don't Align

Another possible cause of vision mismatch is the need for more communication and joint ventures. In long-distance relationships, couples usually have relatively limited opportunities to spend time together and understand each other's goals and dreams.

If the vision of the future doesn't match up in a long-distance relationship, walk away and move on. Force-feeding a relationship that's bound to fail is only more painful and can even affect your mental health.

You're Staying Together to Keep Them Happy

But putting up with a partner for 'better or worse', therefore, is always a bad idea, not just because it deprives you of the chance to discover other types of relationships that might be more suitable for you.

Also, because it denies your partner the opportunity to find someone who will truly love and cherish him or her.

Constant Arguing

Constant arguing can lead to a toxic relationship, which seems more challenging than face-to-face arguing. We tend to argue over differences of opinion, but sometimes, we argue about something we have misunderstood or failed to understand.

Managing a long-distance relationship is difficult due to jealousy.

When one's significant other is not physically present, one will likely feel insecure. This can cause doubts that the partner might be romantically involved or with someone else, making one angry and start to argue.

How to End a Long-distance Relationship the Right Way?

Long-distance relationships are difficult; they often last up to a couple of months. A tip for you: if you're in a long-distance relationship and want out, you must end things the right way. Here's how you do it.

Do It Soon

If you're in a long-distance relationship and decide to end it, do so quickly. Don't let it drag on and on before bringing it to a close. But be sure to treat the other person considerately and avoid causing unnecessary suffering.

Schedule a Video Call

Sometimes, setting a date for a last video call is helpful so that both individuals can say their share of what they want to say and express how they feel without cutting each other off.

It's important that you are quite honest and direct in the call. Explaining your reasons for ending the relationship and providing clarity and closure for both of you is important.

Of course, it's important that you respectfully do this, too, mindful of the other person's feelings. At the end of the day, a breakup is a painful experience, and even if you no longer believe the relationship can work, the other person is likely to feel the same and experience an end to something they care about.

Be Honest About Why Things Aren't Working

Being upfront and transparent about why things aren't working is essential.

Before you sit down to have the conversation, make sure you take some time to think about your feelings and your reasons.

Is there something that’s causing a rift between you? Or is the rift itself the difficult thing to stay away from? Whatever it is for you, be clear on how and why it's the issue it is for you.

Try Get Closure

It is best to get closure in person to allow both of you to put the relationship behind you and start again.

A final conversation can serve this purpose, in which you 'have your say' or get the things off your chest in the calmest ways. This can also be a setting in which you return any personal items you might still have and resolve any joint matters that might have hung over you so there is a clean break.

How to Move On After a Long Distance Break Up?

Long-distance relationship breakups can be difficult at the best of times, and when they end, it can seem even harder to let go and start the healing process. However, despite the distance, a break-up is still a break-up, and the grieving process is the same. Here's how you can get over a long-distance relationship breakup.

Give Yourself Time to Grieve

It's a natural reaction to mourn when a relationship obituary has been written. Withholding this process can lead to even greater emotional loss and even affect future relationships.

So, in the grieving phase, you must stop all physical intimacy with your spouse. This means no more Facebook, phone calls, or monthly dinners in your neighbourhood restaurant. Delete contact information. Stop spending time together or engaging in activities with them.

Long Distance Break Up

Have a Strong Support System

Having a strong support system to share your feelings with someone who understands your decision will make the break-up process easier so you can move on with your daily life. They might be your friends, family, therapist, or a love psychic that you feel comfortable with and are available when you need emotional support to reduce feelings of isolation.

Prioritise Self-care

Make yourself your priority by engaging in emotional self-care, which includes tending to your physical, psychological, and emotional needs.

Physical self-care and daily exercise is a great way to reduce stress and improve your mood. It can be as simple as a short walk during your lunch break or after work.

It is also essential to get enough sleep. Eating well is a must. A balanced diet will help you feel better and stay healthy.

Love Readings

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Why Do Most Long-distance Relationships End?

Making a long-distance relationship work is very difficult due to the extended periods of time couples are apart. They must devote a lot of time communicating on the phone and face-to-face via video conversations and sending text messages with less physical intimacy than in a typical relationship.

Is It Normal to Fall Out of Love in a Long-distance Relationship?

Falling out of love in a long-distance relationship is common and could be due to the normal stages of a relationship.

Couples should take it as a challenge or pay more attention to maintaining the emotional connection via distance so that the relationship can be given another chance to flourish.

Is It Okay to Break Up Over Text in a Long-distance Relationship?

Texting a long-distance partner to say the relationship is over can be incredibly hurtful and disrespectful. It conveys to your partner that you were not worth having a phone call with or a meeting in person.

Texting could also trigger many emotions, such as betrayal, anger, and sadness, that will take longer to work through.

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