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Guide to Platonic Soulmate Signs

Published 07/07/2023 by Joanne Jones

Platonic Soulmate Signs

Platonic soulmate signs are often defined as individuals who share a deep spiritual and emotional connection that transcends physical attraction or romantic feelings.

While the concept of a "soulmate" is often associated with romantic partners, platonic soulmates can be just as profound and transformative.

One of the most distinctive signs of a platonic soulmate is a sense of familiarity and ease in each other's presence.

An unspoken connection or understanding between soulmates often allows them to communicate effortlessly and intuitively. Even if they are meeting for the first time, soulmates may feel like they have an instant connection.

Another platonic soulmate sign is a shared sense of purpose or destiny.

Soulmates often feel they are meant to be part of each other's lives. They have a deep friendship, even if they do not know how or why. Read more on, can friends be soulmates?

They have a strong connection, may have similar interests, values, or goals, and feel compelled to support and encourage each other in their pursuits.

What Is a Platonic Soulmate?

A Platonic Soulmate is a concept from ancient Greek philosophy that describes a deep and meaningful connection between two individuals who share a non-romantic relationship bound by mutual understanding, respect, and admiration for one another. Read our article asking, are soulmates real?

Platonic connections have a unique bond not limited to romantic love but a spiritual or intellectual connection that transcends physical attraction; they are your kindred spirits.

Unlike in a romantic relationship, a Platonic Soul mate is not based on sexual attraction or romantic love. Instead, it is a bond that transcends gender, sexual orientation, distance, or time.

Platonic soulmates can be any gender, age, or geographic location and can share a profound and life-changing connection.

This type of deep connection is rare and profound and often requires a great deal of emotional intelligence, empathy, and mutual respect.

Platonic relationships are often described as having a shared consciousness or a psychic connection that allows them to communicate without words.

In a platonic soul connection, individuals share a deep understanding and respect for each other's thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

They feel a sense of comfort and ease in each other's presence and can communicate with each other effortlessly. They have a special bond providing emotional support, comfort, and guidance to each other, and their relationship is marked by a high degree of trust, loyalty, and mutual respect.

Signs You Found Your Platonic Soulmate

Finding a platonic soulmate can be a rare and rewarding experience that adds depth and meaning to your life. How do you know if someone is your soulmate?

Although it may be uncommon, it is possible to form an intense and profound bond with another person that transcends the traditional boundaries of friendship.

Our platonic soul mate is someone who understands us, supports us, and acts as a sounding board for our innermost thoughts and feelings. Here are some telltale signs that you may have found your platonic soulmate:

Instant and Natural Connection

When you meet your platonic soulmate, the connection is usually instant and natural.

This means you will feel a strong bond with the other person, almost as if you've known them your whole life.

You can finish each other's sentences and understand their humour without explaining it. Furthermore, you may share similar interests, values, beliefs and even your darkest secrets making conversations easy and enjoyable.

Share Similarities

When it comes to finding your platonic soulmate, sharing similarities is a crucial aspect. This does not necessarily mean that you and your platonic soul mate should be exactly alike, but rather that you have enough in common to understand one another and communicate comfortably.

Some similarities to look out for include shared interests, values, and beliefs.

For example, if you love hiking, have a similar perspective on the importance of family, and share a love for volunteering, these can be signs that you have found your platonic soul mate.

Shared experiences can also create a level of understanding and connection that brings people together. If you have been through similar challenges, have similar life goals or have grown up in a similar environment, it can be easier for you to relate to one another and truly understand each other's perspectives.

It is important to note that while similarities can be a strong indicator of a platonic soulmate connection, they are not the only factor. Respect, support, and a genuine desire to see the other person thrive are equally important aspects of a platonic soulmate relationship.


When you find your platonic soulmate, you may feel an immediate sense of comfort and ease.

It is as if you have known this person for a long time even though you have just met. Your conversations flow seamlessly; you can talk to them about anything and everything without judgment.

Another sign that you have found your platonic soulmate is that you can be yourself around them.

You don't have to put up a facade or pretend to be someone you're not. You feel free to express your thoughts and feelings openly, knowing they will listen without biases or preconceptions.

Your platonic soulmate also understands and respects your boundaries. They do not force you to do uncomfortable things, and they respect your decisions.

They are supportive companions who support you in your endeavours and are there for you in both good times and bad.

Supportive and Encouraging

One of the most significant signs of a platonic soulmate is their unwavering support and encouragement. They have an unexplainable connection.

A platonic soulmate is someone who believes in you and uplifts you, even during your darkest moments.

They can understand your strengths and weaknesses and support your endeavours without judging or weighing you down with unrealistic expectations.

They are always there to offer a listening ear and give honest feedback intended to help you grow and flourish.

In addition to providing emotional support, a platonic soulmate encourages you to pursue your passions and dreams. They believe in your abilities and push you to break through boundaries and achieve your goals, even when the going gets tough.

They know how to lift your spirits when feeling down and can motivate you to push forward when you feel like giving up.

Unconditional Acceptance

One of the significant signs that you have found your platonic soulmate is unconditional acceptance.

You feel entirely accepted by them without the need to hide or censor anything. They embrace you for who you are, with all your idiosyncrasies, and never judge you for your shortcomings.

You can express yourself fully, knowing they will always accept you with an open heart. This bond of unconditional acceptance creates a sense of comfort and safety within the relationship, enabling you to trust them with your innermost thoughts and share your deepest vulnerabilities.

Another sign is mutual respect. A platonic soul mate holds you in high regard and respects your values, thoughts, opinions, and decisions.

They listen to you, offer constructive feedback, and acknowledge your worth. Even when you disagree, you both approach the situation with mutual respect, understanding that your differences do not undermine your respect and admiration for each other.

Time and Distance Don't Matter

Time and distance don't matter. Your friendship remains strong and intact even if you live far apart or have busy schedules. When you spend time together, it's as if no time has passed.

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