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How to Deal With Family Rejection?

Published 28/06/2024 by Joanne Jones

How to Deal With Rejection From Family?

Family rejection can be a very difficult time for any family. We feel excruciatingly hurt and perplexed, and the wounds seem more excruciating since they emanate from one's supposed closest kin.

Our family unit is a place we should feel attached to and even protected, which, when this is not the case, can cause great emotional pain.

The best response to such family rejection is to validate our feelings. We might feel all sorts of things due to parental rejection, including anger, sadness, disappointment, confusion, or guilt.

Experiencing these emotions without judgement or criticism is key. A parent who withholds love causes us to form a bonded attachment that now feels forced.

After identifying the emotion, we need to identify what kind of rejection we feel. Is it a rejection of an accomplishment, idea, or reality, a rejection of oneself, a rejection of a loved one, or a rejection of the wrongdoer?

Once we've identified the emotion, we need to identify the root cause of the rejection—a conflict, a disagreement, or a fundamental family issue. This makes it easier to process and deal with in perspective.

The pain of rejection is genuine and can lead to feelings of isolation with increased levels of anxiety, which is the time you may want to consider confiding in a close friend, a relationship expert, or a mental health professional for emotional support.

This person can help you explore your emotional pain and how to manage your response to rejection. They can also provide tools for establishing appropriate and healthy boundaries with family members and teach you how to communicate with them in ways that aren't overly aggressive while still standing up for yourself.

Why Does Family Rejection Happen?

There are a wide range of personal reasons behind why parents could abandon their family, but among those, the most popular reasons for parental rejection are lifestyle choices, religion, sexuality, and even political views.

Romantic choices are high on the list of reasons why there is parental rejection. This is mainly due to the choice of partner, their background and family values.

Very often, when new love is found, we may see the challenges ahead, but in the moment of feeling in love, it can be difficult to take on the concerns of worried parents and family members.

What Are the Effects of Family Rejection?

Family rejection is an extremely traumatic experience which can have severe effects on those who have experienced it, as well as on their lives and well-being.

Most often, when a family rejects its members, they experience feelings of loneliness, abandonment, or a sense of disconnection, as well as intense pain.

This can be very common for people who are LGBTQIA+, whose families have rejected them for being themselves due to the conflict between their sexuality and their family's morals, or who didn't conform to the expectations their family had of them in relation to their sexuality.

Research demonstrates that the effects of rejection put the affected person at risk for lifelong negative mental-health outcomes such as depression and anxiety, as well as for substance abuse – including alcoholism and drug abuse.

Furthermore, those who experience the pain of rejection are more likely to commit suicide than those who do not. In terms of physical health, the effects of rejection have been linked with a shorter lifespan, as well as higher rates of chronic illness.

It's also worth remembering that family rejection hurts families and individuals; relationships can become strained, communication can become difficult, and it can be hard for everyone involved to put the pieces back together again.

How to Deal With Family Rejection?

Acknowledging the feelings can be the first step to dealing with rejection. Are you hurt and angry? Do you feel sad because someone who is supposed to love you rejected you? Often, the feelings can be complex and conflicting, such as feeling guilty for being rejected. All of these are normal and okay to feel.

On the other hand, the effects of rejection may leave a person feeling worthless or deficient.

No matter how deep or challenging the feelings are, try not to blame yourself, thinking you played a role in your rejection. That's not true. You can't change who you are; it is not your fault if it is a problem for your family members.

A beneficial step is to talk about it. Whether with a friend, family member, counsellor, or an experienced relationship live psychic reader, sharing the experience with someone else can help you navigate the emotions surrounding it and your coping strategies.

You might even get a few handy tools you can use to deal with the stress and anxiety associated with unhealthy family dynamics.

Understand Why the Rejection Has Happened

The reasons for rejection can be varied, affecting future personal relationships throughout life, so working through the past with a therapist or with experienced relationship psychics who specialise in family rejection could be helpful towards your own healing and growth. This can foster more closure in the past and greater insight into yourself.

Ultimately, dealing with the painful experience of family rejection takes patience, self-care, and seeking help and support, but it's possible to get over the pain. You deserve love and support, too—and a good life.

Seek Professional Support

Seeking professional support can also be valuable in understanding and coping with family rejection.

A therapist or skilled psychic can provide professional guidance in a safe and supportive space to explore one's feelings and emotions and offer practical strategies for moving forward. They can also help identify any patterns or behaviours contributing to the rejection and work with the individual to develop healthier ways of relating to their family members.

Practice Self-care

Self-care is key: Set aside time for yourself, what you enjoy, and what feels good. Grab a hold of support systems and loved ones.

Self-care means boosting your wellness for the long haul, whether it's trying to get more exercise, calling a friend, or spending time doing something that helps relieve your stress and the ache of rejection.

Rejection hurts. It can lead to feeling upset, increased anxiety levels, social isolation, and an overwhelming sense of loneliness.

We know rejection can affect one's physical, mental, and emotional health.

In sum, it is not easy to manage family rejection. However, with the help of a professional, by exploring the dynamics of your parents' rejection, the reasons for rejection, and the history behind it, and by practising self-love, you can move forward with greater strength and a greater sense of viability.

Set Healthy Boundaries With Unsupportive Family Members

Setting healthy boundaries with family members who reject you is another important part of managing rejection.

When you set boundaries, you help build protections against your unhealthy family dynamics, which may continue to reject and hurt you.

For instance, it may involve limiting contact with them, seeking the support of other relatives or friends who might support you, and assembling a support system outside of your family.

Develop Strong Friendships

Additionally, having good friends can serve as an essential protection against the negative effects of physical pain and emotional abuse caused by family rejection by providing support and a sense of comfort and belonging while navigating new realms and familial ostracism.

Finally, developing a strong support network can combat the feeling of loneliness often associated with experiencing rejection from one's own family.

Psychic Family Readings

A psychic family reading focuses specifically on the family unit. The psychic reader will guide the relationship dynamic between family members and predict the unfolding of individual issues.

A typical psychic family reading tells you about the energetic make-up of the family. It also taps into the individual's personality and the emotional attachment to their family of origin.

A successful outcome of a psychic family reading answers your questions about avoiding or mitigating conflict in your family. It also provides insight into improving the dynamic and strengthening emotional bonds.

One of the obvious advantages of a psychic family reading is most definitely the opportunity to comprehend the reasons for rejection within those family dynamics. So many of us have childhoods riddled with conflict, finding it hard to appreciate why we wound up on such shaky grounds, surrounded by so much anger.

In being made aware of longer-term resentments we might never have been aware of otherwise and the seeds of discord from a past era, we can at least give our family members much-needed elucidation that others have been unable to provide.

Psychic family readings can also identify family dynamics that need work or growth to improve relationships and become tighter.

Psychics can see what is happening between people and sometimes point out communication patterns that keep everyone confused or suggest how to feel closer to each other. If this is identified, it can lead to family growth and make everyone closer.

Many individuals seek out professional guidance from online services such as Trusted Psychics, which specialise in all aspects of relationships. These psychics offer insights and answers on parent-child relationships, romantic rejections, and future relationships.


What Is It Called When Your Family Rejects You?

When a family rejects a person, it is described as estrangement.

Estrangement is the experience of family members no longer reaching out to one another. They might have stopped contacting each other, breaking their bonds of familial connections.

Different causes could lead to family estrangement, such as misunderstandings, differences in ideologies, or past traumas.

How Common Is Family Estrangement?

Family estrangement, where a relationship between an adult and their family of origin is permanently severed, is a painful and complicated topic for the growing number of individuals and families impacted worldwide.

Although there is little empirical information on the exact prevalence of family estrangement, it seems that it is relatively common.

A survey conducted by the charity Stand Alone in the United Kingdom in 2018 found that 'one in five of us (19 per cent) have lost contact with a family member at some point in our lives'.

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