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How to Make a Vision Board?

Published 07/07/2024 by Olivia Woods

How to Make a Vision Board?

Today, we are exploring vision boards, what they are, how they can benefit us and how to make one yourself.

A vision board is a fantastic way to help you focus on goals in any area of your life. Whether it is your love life, your dream goals, or your ambitions, a dream board will allow you to visualise and plan for your ideal future.

What Is a Vision Board?

A vision board is usually a handmade board, although you can now find digital vision boards online.

It is usually made on a large piece of card or by using a corkboard. It is a blank canvas for you to add to make a visual representation of the things you want for your future. It could be pictures of your dream home, ideal job, or body goals; many websites online that can help with vision board ideas to get you started.

You might then want to add details, maybe '£' or '$' signs, perhaps your dream bank balance. You could add colours or symbols that mean something personally to you.

You might like to add photos of yourself or your family, inspiring quotes, career goals, dream vacations or visual reminders of important dates. It is your own blank canvas to do with as you wish, a place to add all those things you dream about for your future.

The idea behind vision boards is that you create a 'visual dream' of the ideal life. By keeping it in a place where you can see it regularly, you can use it as a constant reminder to motivate you and help keep you on track.

Of course, you can chop and change details as you go along. You can remove items from your board if you reach those goals and replace them with new, fresh goals.

You can put as many or as few things on your vision board. All you need is a staple gun or a glue stick. It is entirely up to you; there are no rules other than to have fun and let your dreams run wild!

If you are a more private person and you want to keep your dreams to yourself, do not worry. Thanks to websites like Pinterest, you can create your perfect digital dream board online, and there are even vision board workshops to help you further create your inspiration board.

Read our guide on the Law of Attraction and how this can help you with creating your vision board.

How to Make a Vision Board?

Why Make a Vision Board?

A vision board is a powerful tool, but is it right for everyone? Well, maybe not, but it is such a fun and creative way to embrace your dreams and get them on paper or online in a way that helps you see everything right there in front of you. This can help us awaken to work towards personal growth and life goals.

Set Clear Goals and Aspirations

So, before you get started on your own vision board, you will need to have a clear idea of your life goals and aspirations for your ideal life.

It might be helpful for you to sit and really think about what you truly want for your life in the future and then write down a list. Put everything on it, big and small things, however random they are. Then, you can go back through it and choose the things that you really want to achieve.

Boost Motivation

One of the amazing pluses of having your vision board is that it helps boost motivation. When we are trying to reach goals or get past obstacles to find success, it can be so easy to slip out of the habit of staying on track. Having a vision board in a place you can see often will help spur you to reach those awesome goals.

Assist Manifestation

Not only can a vision board help alleviate your motivation, but it is also a manifestation.

There are many manifestation techniques, and of course, different ones will work for other people depending on preferences, etc.; however, with a vision board, you are creating your vision of all the things you want, all those wishes and desires, and you are placing them all together on your board. This will help you send out your desires to the universe to turn your visions into reality.

Encourage Positive Thinking

Another excellent plus is that the whole process of creating a vision board, from the initial planning to the last piece you stick to your board, encourages positive thinking.

When planning your dream future, you are focusing on the positives, the things that give you hope, that make you happy, and that you know will make you feel good, so it is such a wonderful project to do.

How to Make a Vision Board in 3 Steps?

Making your own vision board doesn't need to be a tedious or complicated process. Here, we have narrowed it down for you into 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Plan Your Vision Board

First, decide what your vision board will consist of. Taking the time to make a beautiful vision board template will get you started.

Gather any inspiring images or sources of inspiration for your long-term goals. Think of all those things that make you happy, the things you wish you could have, do, or be.

Create Goal Categories

It can be especially helpful to sort your goals into separate categories. Typically, these categories would include love, career, finances, family, travel and holidays, health, spirituality, lifestyle, etc.

Once you have each of your dreams and goals in its own category, it makes things easier to work with.

Visualise Your Ideal Future for Each Goal Category

By having all your goals in their category, you will then visualise your ideal future for each of those categories.

Let's say you begin with your love category. You can see all your various goals in front of you, and you may then think of a couple more, which is fine.

There is no limit other than your imagination, so really take some time to visualise each aspect of your different lists; it massively adds to the overall benefit.

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies

Now, you are ready to get creative. So, you need to either gather the supplies you want to use to set up a board online, whichever is best for you.

You will need to choose your vision board base; this can be anything from a piece of card, a cork pinboard, or even an old picture frame that you could upcycle; the sky is the limit.

Remember that your vision board will be there for you to see all the time, so it needs to be appealing to the eye to do its job well.

Next, it's time to collect images for your board. You can print images or collect magazine images for inspiration.

You can use photographs; if you feel extra creative, you can draw some of your dreams. You might like to add feathers to represent flying to other places, maybe pebbles or sand to represent the beach. You could add items from nature or things that you have around you that have a special meaning.

How to Make a Vision Board?

Step 3: Create Your Vision Board

It is time for the exciting part: making your vision board come to life, so begin to arrange and organise your materials. You might want to rearrange your items a few times, so this is a vital step in the process before you go ahead and stick anything down.

Don't forget to add personal touches. These could be sentimental items, photos, or even colours that are special to you, things that make you feel happy, motivated, and excited!

How to Make a Vision Board That Works?

It is super important that you create the perfect vision board for yourself; this is your own creation of your dreams and wishes; it is the visualisation of your own desires for your future, so don't add things you think other people will expect of you, don't add things that you have already done in your life.

Just think ahead and go for the things YOU want from life, the things that give you that lovely feeling inside.

For your vision board to work best, you must put it somewhere you will see it every day. It doesn't matter where it is; your bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere else will work if you can see it every single day.

If you are going away and want to avoid taking your vision board with you, take a picture of it on your phone and have it as your wallpaper so you will still see it daily.

With your vision board, make sure that you set clear goals and take actionable steps.

Do not forget to update your vision board as you go along. Maybe once a week or monthly, you will go back to your board and spend some time really looking through it to see if those goals are just as important if you have reached any of them yet, if you need to add or remove anything, etc.

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Do Vision Boards Really Work?

While no studies prove that vision boards are effective, research does suggest that visualisation can alter one's thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

For instance, a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that participants who visualised themselves working out were more likely to stick to their exercise routines.

Can I Create a Digital Vision Board Instead of a Physical One?

Having a digital vision board not only makes it easy to collect and collate your goals, dreams, and inspirations but also makes it easy to move them around.

There are plenty of digital tools to create your digital vision board, including Canva, Pinterest, and even a simple Google Slides presentation.

The benefit of a digital vision board is that you can add, edit, or delete things as you get closer to your dreams. You can add new images, quotes or ideas or remove images that no longer speak to you or align with your path.

How Often Should I Update My Vision Board?

There is no absolute rule for how frequently you should change your vision board to keep it relevant, although updating it every 3 to 6 months is generally recommended. This is because each 3 to 6 month period offers an opportunity for you to reflect on your goals and aspirations. And, if necessary, make any adjustments to your vision board.

Remember, your vision board is a spiritually guided manifestation and goal-setting tool. Keeping it relevant to your current wants and desires is paramount, so don't let yourself get thrifty if you have goals to attain.

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