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Psychic Attack Symptoms

Published 07/05/2023 by Joanne Jones

Psychic Attack Symptoms

Psychic attacks are common in today's world, as people's negative emotions and thoughts can be easily transmitted to others through various channels, such as social media, email, or even face-to-face interactions.

Symptoms of attacks can vary widely, depending on the severity and type of attack.

A psychic attack can be classified as intentional or unintentional. An intentional attack involving a person or group deliberately putting thought into harming another person or group. The attacker may use various methods such as spells, curses, or other metaphysical practices to carry out their intentions which may cause physical, emotional, and mental harm.

An unintentional psychic attack occurs when a person unknowingly projects harmful energy towards another person. This may be due to the negative thoughts and feelings they project without intending to harm anyone.

There are various destructive intentions, such as telepathic, astral, and empathic attacks. Telepathic attack aims to weaken the mind of the victim, causing them to feel confused, anxious, or paranoid.

An astral attack targets the victim's astral body, leading to a physical and emotional drain. In an empathic or spiritual attack, the attacker draws energy from the victim's aura, leaving them depleted and exhausted.

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Psychic Attack Symptoms

Psychic attacks severely threaten a person’s mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. Different types of targeted attacks can occur, and their impact can be very damaging.

These destructive attacks, also known as psychic vampirism, occur when an individual consciously or unconsciously sends negative energy towards another person. This energy can harm the targeted individual, causing psychic attack symptoms, both physical and emotional.

These symptoms can be mild or severe and cause significant distress to those affected.

Some of the physical symptoms of a psychic or spiritual attack may include:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • A sense of panic or dread
  • Lack of motivation
  • Drained of energy
  • Exhaustion
  • Insomnia
  • Unable to sleep
  • Night terrors

Psychic and spiritual attacks can be carried out remotely, using techniques such as visualisation and intention. This means someone who sends bad energy can do so even if they are not physically present.

Individuals need to take precautions, learn how to protect themselves from such attacks, and find ways to strengthen the influence of energies around their aura.

Seeking professional help from a psychic reader or energy healer may also benefit those who have experienced such attacks. This can include techniques such as meditation, visualisation, positive affirmations, and energy work.

Or seek the spiritual guidance of an experienced energy worker, live psychic reader or medical advice if needed.

What Is a Psychic Attack?

This is a form of metaphysical assault that someone with psychic abilities generally perpetrates.

These types of attacks are believed to involve the manipulation of auric fields to cause harm to the targeted individual, which is why it is wise to know how to protect yourself against harmful external influences.

Another type of metaphysical attack is known as a curse or hex. This involves using intention and bad energy to cause harm or bad luck to the target. These attacks are often considered very powerful and can have long-lasting effects on the individual's life.

Metaphysical attacks can also occur due to dark energy build-up in a particular location or environment. This may be due to past traumatic events or negative emotions left behind. In these cases, individuals may feel a sense of heaviness, discomfort or unease when entering the affected area.

You can use several methods of self-protection, including shielding techniques, energy work and spiritual cleansing. These methods involve using intention and energy to create a protective barrier around oneself or clear negative energy from one's environment.

While there are no concrete scientific findings related to the existence of psychic attacks, many individuals report experiencing their effects.

Understanding this topic is crucial for those interested in exploring the metaphysical world and for individuals seeking ways to protect themselves from negative energy projections.

How to Identify a Psychic Attack

The symptoms of an attack can vary widely and often depend on the intensity and duration of the attack.

The most common symptoms include physical changes such as fatigue, headaches, digestive issues, and emotional distress like anxiety, depression, and guilt. People who experience these supernatural attacks often report feeling drained and lacking energy and may have difficulty sleeping or concentrating.

Negative Thoughts

One type of psychic attack is the suggestion attack, where the aim is to plant negative thoughts or ideas in the mind of the targeted individual.

This attack aims to cause the person to doubt their abilities or make them question their own judgement. This can lead to a loss of confidence and self-esteem over time.

Not all negative thoughts are necessarily a sign of a supernormal attack. Stress, trauma, and other psychological factors can contribute to negative thinking patterns. It is crucial to distinguish between negative thoughts due to internal factors and those resulting from external negative energy.

Fears & Phobias

Fears and phobias can manifest in countless ways. The victim may suddenly develop an intense fear of an object, a situation, or a particular person.

This fear can grip them so firmly that it can lead to panic attacks or other adverse behavioural changes.

Fears and phobias associated with a spiritual attack include feeling overwhelmed with fear of the dark, confined spaces or a terrible feeling of being watched or pursued without any explanation. Some people may develop an extreme fear of certain animals, such as snakes or spiders, even if they have never cared about them before.

Feeling Completely Drained

Symptoms are not easy to detect as they are invisible and often go unnoticed. One of the common symptoms of a supernatural attack is feeling completely drained.

This feeling of exhaustion can suddenly leave you feeling depleted and exhausted. This can occur suddenly or gradually and can impact people physically and emotionally.

Telepathic attacks can leave people feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from the mental strain, while psychic manipulation can leave individuals feeling physically and emotionally drained.

This can result in physical symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and fatigue or lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Sudden Headaches

Sudden headaches are a common psychic attack symptom. These headaches are often sharp and intense and can occur rapidly without warning. You may feel as if your head is being constricted or squeezed, as if a force is trying to control or influence your thoughts.

While sudden headaches can be caused by various factors, such as stress, dehydration, or even a lack of sleep, it is essential to rule out these possible triggers before jumping to the conclusion of a psychic intervention.

To do this, take note of the frequency and severity of the headaches, as well as any accompanying symptoms such as dizziness or nausea.


If you are experiencing constant nightmares, it could be a psychic attack symptom.

Various factors, such as negative energies, thought patterns, or emotions, could cause nightmares from a spiritual attack.

One way to identify a supernatural attack is to pay attention to the frequency and intensity of your nightmares. If you are experiencing intense, recurring nightmares that are not related to any traumatic event or personal stressors, it could be a sign of a metaphysical attack.

Bad Luck

Are you experiencing persistent bad luck? It may start with minor, everyday occurrences such as being caught in the rain with no umbrella or spilling coffee on your shirt before an important meeting.

Over time, these instances can become increasingly challenging and more devastating.

These attacks can limit your ability to fulfil your life's goals and aspirations. As the negativity of the episode starts interfering with your daily life, you'll start feeling like your dreams have lost their vitality.

It's essential to realise that this may not all be an accident, and you may need to learn how to fix it without professional intervention.

How to Protect Against Psychic Attack

Paranormal attacks are often unexpected and can be detrimental to our well-being.

People need to understand how to defend themselves and take necessary protection methods. To help people safeguard themselves from these attacks, the world-class psychics at Trusted Psychics have developed easy steps anyone can follow.

Develop a Positive Aura:

A positive aura is the key to shielding oneself from spiritual attacks. A positive attitude towards oneself and others and an optimistic outlook on life create a protective white light or energetic field around the person. Practice self-love and self-care by engaging in activities that uplift your mood and bring joy to your life.

Strengthen Your Psychic Defences:

Psychic self-defence can be performed by individuals with strong intuitive abilities who can defend against paranormal attacks. One effective way to build a psychic shield is through daily positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are uplifting statements that enhance our self-esteem, confidence, and overall well-being. Repeating these affirmations can establish a solid mental barrier that blocks negativity and promotes positivity.

Avoid Negative Energy:

Steer clear of environments and people who exude bad energy. Negative energy waves can weaken your aura and make you more susceptible to these attacks. Surround yourself with positive people who uplift your spirit.

Cleanse Your Energy:

Daily energy cleansing practices can effectively shield oneself from supernatural attacks and remove any energy of evil. These practices include using candles for protection, smudging with palo santo or white sage and taking regular salt baths.

Seek Professional Help:

If you are experiencing any form of psychic spiritual attack, seeking professional help from psychics who specialise in this area is essential. These professionals can provide insight into the nature of the attack and offer guidance on how to protect yourself from future intrusions best.

Unlike traditional mental health professionals, psychics can use their abilities to tap into the spiritual realm to help individuals overcome psychic attacks. They can assess a person's or place's energy and provide customised advice about steps to take to protect oneself from dark external energy.

It's essential to note that not all psychics are the same. Finding a trustworthy, experienced psychic who is dedicated and knowledgeable in psychic attacks is crucial. By doing so, individuals can receive the best guidance to restore peace of mind.

Seeking professional help from a trusted and reputable psychic can help individuals gain control of their situation and move forward in a positive direction.

Psychic Readings

Spiritual attacks are genuine and can leave deep scars and energy of evil on one's personal and emotional well-being. A supernormal attack occurs when negative forces or entities invade an individual's aura or energy field, disrupting their natural balance and causing emotional distress.

Psychic Readings with Trusted Psychics can help you identify how to protect against supernatural attacks. A Trusted Psychic can use their abilities to sense and locate any dense energy waves around you. They can then use various methods such as energy field cleansing, aura healing, and spiritual guidance to remove harmful energies and restore balance to their aura.

A live psychic reader can be a powerful tool in helping you deal with the harmful effects of a spiritual attack. By working with a Trusted Psychic, you can take control of your situation and gain a deeper understanding and insight into spiritual wellness.


What Are Some Common Psychic Attack Symptoms, and How Can I Recognise Them?

Psychic attack symptoms include decreased energy levels, fatigue, headaches, depression, anxiety, mood swings, full-blown panic attacks and unexplained pain in different body parts.

The victim may become more irritable, angry, or depressed without any apparent reason. They may also feel overwhelmed and anxious even when nothing is happening around them. Physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, heart palpitations, or muscle tension could also be experienced.

Psychics possess an extraordinary sensitivity to paranormal phenomena and can use this ability to gain insights into situations beyond the tangible realm.

The knowledge and skills of a psychic can be instrumental in identifying the root cause of the attack. They can then use various valuable tools to counteract these effects and provide a psychic shield of healing and restoration.

Can a Psychic Attack Be Intentional, or Can It Happen Unintentionally?

Metaphysical attacks are believed to be deliberate attempts by one person to manipulate or harm another person's energy, emotions, thoughts, or physical being.

These can be conscious attacks or unintentional, and their effects can vary significantly, depending on the strength of the attacker's psychic abilities and the victim's vulnerability.

Intentional supernatural attacks are usually premeditated and carried out to cause harm, revenge, or control. These may include casting spells, hexes, curses, or manipulating other energy to harm the victim.

Subconscious attacks occur when individuals unconsciously use their psychic energy to influence or harm others without realising it. These attacks can be caused by anyone, including friends or family members, who unknowingly project negative energy towards others.

How Can I Protect Myself From Psychic Attacks, and What Techniques Can I Use to Defend My Energy?

Supernatural attacks can have a detrimental effect on our mental and emotional health, leaving us feeling exhausted, drained, and vulnerable.

To protect ourselves from such attacks, it is essential to understand what they are and how they work.

This type of spiritual attack can manifest in many ways, such as through negative thought patterns, jealousy, envy, or a deliberate intention to harm another person. It can also come from an energy vampire or a person who feeds off other people's energy.

  • Shielding: One of the best ways to protect ourselves from any form of emotional attack is to establish clear boundaries with those around us. We can do this by establishing our psychic shield, setting our intentions, practising mindfulness, and using visualisation techniques. By visualising a protective psychic shield around us, we create a psychic barrier that blocks negative energy from entering our energy field.
  • Grounding: The grounding technique connects your energy to the earth's energy. This technique helps you to release and absorb positive energy. You can ground yourself by standing barefoot on the earth, hugging a tree, or imagining roots growing from your feet into the soil.
  • Meditation: This helps you to clear your mind and focus your attention. It can also help you to increase your psychic awareness and strengthen your defences against spiritual attacks. Regular meditation can help you to become more centred, calm, and focused.
  • Crystals: Crystal healing has been practised for centuries and has been a reliable method to protect one against destructive energies. Certain crystals, such as black tourmaline, obsidian, amethyst, and smoky quartz, can absorb and deflect negative energy.
  • Energy Healing: Energy healing techniques are varied and can include Reiki, Qi Gong, Pranic Healing, and others. Reiki involves the transfer of energy from the practitioner to the client, either through touch or at a distance.

Qi Gong incorporates breathing exercises, movement, and meditation to balance the body's energy flow. Pranic Healing utilises cleansing, energising, and balancing techniques to restore balance in the body's energy centres.

Energy healers use their knowledge and skills to identify areas of the body that are depleted or blocked and work to restore optimal energy flow. Negative forces can manifest in various ways, such as physical pain, emotional disturbance, or mental anguish.

Energy healing can help address these issues by addressing the root cause of the problem and promoting the body's natural healing processes.

Are There Any Physical Symptoms Associated With Psychic Attacks, or Is It Mostly Emotional or Mental?

Supernatural attacks are known to affect individuals in varied ways, including both physical and emotional symptoms.

Some experts believe such attacks can result in physical discomfort and manifestations, while others suggest that the symptoms are primarily emotional and mental. Physical symptoms that have been reported include headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, muscle pain, and even physical injuries in some cases.

Some victims have reported intense heaviness or “having an invisible weight” on their chest. Others have experienced unexplained chills and a tingling sensation in their body.

It is common for individuals to report feeling drained of energy or even experiencing physical exhaustion as if they had just completed a strenuous workout.

The severity of these physical symptoms can range from mild to severe, depending on the intensity and duration of the attack. On the other hand, emotional and mental symptoms are also common manifestations and include anxiety, depression, fear, confusion, and even panic attacks.

Can a Psychic Attack Be Caused by Someone Who Is Not Aware of Their Own Negative Energy or Intentions?

Psychic attacks refer to someone intentionally or unintentionally projecting negativity or dark intentions towards another person.

It is believed that conscious attacks can manifest in various ways, including emotional distress, physical pain, and spiritual unrest. While it is commonly assumed that someone consciously initiates supernatural attacks, it is not always true.

There are instances where a person unaware of their negative energy or intentions can inadvertently cause a spiritual attack. This can happen in various ways, such as transmitting negative thoughts or emotions, the influence of dark entities or energies, or the unintentional manifestation of one's fears or anxieties.

One can maintain a healthy emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being by taking appropriate measures to neutralise or protect oneself from such attacks.

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