How Sex Affects Your Spiritual Energy

Have you ever wondered what having multiple sexual partners does to your aura? Do you think about how being in close contact with other people can affect you? To understand these things, you first need to understand how aura works and how it generally affects the mind, body, and soul. The energy of people, places, and the world around you can alter your aura depending on how intimately you interact with it. For example, the less time you spend with someone or in a certain place, the less the effect that the present external energy will have on you. That said, if someone’s spiritual presence is extremely potent, you still may be affected by it if you don’t have the proper protections.

So, what does this mean for sexual relationships? When we have sex, we’re opening/lowering our physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional barriers. Doing this allows the mingling of energies, energies that can either be positive or negative; needless to say, the more you take of someone’s aura, the bigger the effect is that they will have on you. If you’re interacting with a positive aura, this will be a good thing as it will help to uplift you, however, it this energy is negative, it will have the opposite effect.

Even if you’re just having a fling/one-night stand, the energy of the other person will impact you. The more people you share your physical and spiritual space with, the more chance there will be for you to cross paths with someone who’ll cause you harm. Of course, the less time you spend with such people, the less damage they will be able to do; nevertheless, if you feel as though your spirit has been disturbed, a session of reiki healing may be just the thing you need.

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The Lasting Effects of Someone Else’s Energy

Sometimes feel the long-lasting effects of someone’s aura after being intimate with them; for some reason, you will crave their company, you won’t be able to get enough. If something like this happens, it means the person you lay with had a strong aura, and aura that you now crave. While this feeling will diminish over time, provided you keep your distance, it can be extremely difficult to maintain focus and/or keep your own spirit in check.

Emotional reactions/connections often prompt a more fluid sharing of energy; if you’re close with somebody or are made to interact with them, you’ll often find yourself being affected by their spiritual presence. If you build up a strong connection with someone, it can be nigh impossible to rid yourself of it without support. The danger of this will become apparent when/if you get into a relationship with someone new because the ghosts from your past are likely to reappear.

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Climaxing and Your Spirit

During a climax, a lot of energy is transferred between sexual partners, both on a physical and spiritual level. Depending upon the intensity, connection, and emotional state of those involved, how this will affect someone’s aura going forward will vary. Even the most logical people can lose themselves if they fail to protect their aura from negative sources of energy. After a sexual encounter like this, you can end up feeling used, alone, and/or betrayed; as fun as sex is, the transference of energy is something you should take very seriously, something that’s true for both men and women.

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