Getting Dating Advice

For many people, it seems like getting relationship advice from their single friends is a waste of time. People tend to believe this because if their friends were any good at maintaining relationships, they’d still be in one, right? The thing is, it’s not so black and white. There are numerous reasons as to why someone’s friend(s) may be single, and depending on those reasons, you can determine how helpful relationship advice from a single person may be.

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Have They Experienced What You’re Going Through?

It’s possible that they’ve been through what you’re going through so they have some experience in what you should do to fix things. While it’s possible they handled a similar situation badly in the past, with a wiser head on their shoulders, if hey were to go back, they’d do things differently. Due to the experience that this particular friend may have had, they may be able to tell you exactly what you need to hear so that you can go about rebuilding your relationship.

Why Are They Single?

It’s worth considering why someone is single in the first place. Getting dating advice from someone who’s unable to get a date is very different from taking advice from someone who simply chooses not to. The friend giving advice is someone who is choosing to be single, they may be able to support you with words of wisdom whenever you’re going through a tough time. However, if they’re single because they’re no good at being with other people, maybe you should take whatever they have to say with a pinch of salt.

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How Much Do You Trust Them?

Overall, the best person to take relationship advice from is someone you trust and who you know has your best interests at heart. It shouldn’t really matter whether they’re single or not, provided they understand what it’s like to share their life with someone else.

What You Should Do

Listen to the voice in your heart when making romantic decisions because your heart is what guide you when it comes to dealing with any issues in your relationship. While it’s good to have your friends and family standing behind you, you must also trust in your own instincts, especially when it comes to love. That being said, when you’re in love with someone, it’s possible for you to be blinded by your emotions, especially the lustful ones. If you feel as though there’s something wrong with your relationship, reach out to our trusted psychics on the phone today.

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