Soul Urge Numbers Summary

Your Soul Urge Number (one of the five core numbers) will detail a lot of the things you hope for in your life. The Soul Urge Number, also known as the Heart’s Desire/Soul Desire Number is considered to be the most spiritual number. This powerful number will explore all of your wants, needs, and desires as it can showcase a true representation of who you are. Some of the things your Soul Urge Number will reveal may even been unknown to you which is why it’s important for you to get an understanding of it. Figuring out your Soul Urger Number, if you don’t already know it, will only take you a few minutes if you use our easy-to-follow guide.

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Soul Urge Number 7 Explained

If your Soul Urge Number is 7, the wisdom and knowledge you acquire throughout your life will inform you of its meaning. You’re the type of person who enjoys reading and learning as you believe that you can never accumulate enough knowledge. As a life-long student, you understand the value/impact that wisdom can have someone’s life which is why you’re also considered a teacher. While obtaining a wealth of knowledge for yourself is beneficial, sharing what you know with the world fills you with a sense of purpose. Your ability to learn quickly and retain information makes you a great harbour of data, something that may influence your career.

Your strong and sharp mind will be out to good use throughout your life, however, it can lead to times of stress if you over think every situation you find yourself in. In order to maintain your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, you have to learn to take a break, even when you feel like you don’t have to. If your Soul Urge Number is 7, meditation and yoga and things that will go a long way when it comes to self-care. Through your powerful mind, you have the potential to make the world a better place, just don’t burn yourself out before the race has begun.

Soul Urge Number 8 Explained

Should you identify with Soul Urge Number 8, you will quickly understand how power can uplift you and your loved ones. The value of hard work will never be lost on you and your ambitious to success will be something that others can never rival. Making sure your finances are in check is important to you as this is something that will help you take care of the people you care about others. As considerate as you are, you’re not without fault as being the centre of attention is a craving that you have. While this is something that’s mostly harmless, from time-to-time, it can be a distraction from a cause you’re trying to champion.

Your desire to lead others is strong and since you’re mostly a pleasure to be around, people don’t mind following you. Once you have a goal in mind, nothing will stand in your way and you will do anything you can to realise it. As long as your energy is balanced, you’re not someone who can be easily swayed from their position; that said, if you’re mind, body, and soul are in sync, you can become materialistic, short-sighted and overbearing. In this life, it will pay if you learn to humble yourself, especially when you’re experiencing a lot of success.

Soul Urge Number 9 Explained

With your Soul Urge Number being 9, you will have a strong desire to protect the environment and the people in your life; even those you aren’t close with will have the privilege of your protection. Helping those in need is something you pride yourself on being able to do, something that goes way beyond tending to the needs of people. Your intuitive and compassionate nature means that you also have a deep affection for animals, so you will do whatever you can to bring them peace/happiness.

Understanding the wants and needs of humanity on a global scale will lead you towards doing lots of research on various cultures and religions. With your charisma and infectious personality, you may be able to bring about great change in this world. Naturally, you’re quite the peacemaker; you will never stand on the side-lines when your loved ones or even strangers get into a fight/argument. Standing up for injustices is something you will be known for as you become very emotional when you feel as though someone is being wronged. As giving/thoughtful as you are, you have to be careful that you don’t become overly righteous in your thinking; succumbing to the belief that your way is the only way is a very real possibility.

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