Are You a Modern-Day Priestess?

In ancient times, the priestess was thought to have a connection with other realms through intuition and dreams. Priestesses practised rituals, leadership, and helped others connect with the divine. The local community would seek counsel from a priestess to discover what actions they should take in their lives.

A priestess is the natural holder of sacred and healing spaces; a priestess will create a safe space for others to be themselves without fear of being judged. People will naturally turn to a priestess for guidance so they can lead better leaves by receiving her wisdom. Creating a safe space for those who come to her is not about controlling or dictating what people should do, it is a place filled with love, understanding, and support. 

The Modern-Day Priestess

In modern times, the role of the priestess looks a little different; however, its essence is pretty much unchanged. A modern-day priestess is not always a teacher or leader, nevertheless, she is capable of governing/advising those who come to her for help. A modern-day priestess serves her community and regards everyone around her as an equal.

Unlike the priestess on a tarot card, a modern-day priestess does not sit on a throne, wear glowing robes, or adorn herself with amulets. By appearance alone, you would be unable to tell the difference between a modern-day priestess and a regular person.

Developing Your Abilities As a Modern-Day Priestess

There is no specific path to becoming a modern-day priestess—some women are called to this path through their spiritual practice, while others are inspired by other women in the community who already represent feminine leadership. There are many ways to express your calling as a priestess, but some common themes include offering rituals, ceremonies, teaching, mentoring others on their spiritual journey, and creating sacred spaces for community gathering/healing.

If you feel drawn to the role of the priestess, trust your intuition and be open to exploring what this path holds for you. The most important thing is to stay connected to your inner wisdom/intuition because they will be your best guide along the way. Intuition development is important to a modern-day priestess—this is done primarily through meditation. Expressing yourself creatively and meditating are vital if you want to enhance your intuition as a priestess; doing these things will give you access to your inner voice whenever you need divine guidance.

Typically, a modern-day priestess will use various rituals during her daily life. These rituals infuse magic, intention, and sacredness into mundane acts. Rituals for a priestess honour the process of letting go, grieving, the lunar cycle, or the change of seasons. Participating in a ritual is the most effective way to mark significant transitions in life.

7 Signs That You Are a Modern-Day Priestess 

1. You Are Connected to Nature/Earth

As a modern-day priestess, you feel most at home when outside with nature. You are often called upon as a natural leader to take on responsibility. With your strong intuition, you often provide guidance/counsel to others as you have a deep well of wisdom/knowledge that you are happy to share with others.

2. You Have a Strong Intuition

Your intuition guides your life choices, and you use practices such as writing, dancing, movement, meditation, and self-care to become one with your inner self. Intuition is like a muscle, it heightens when we pay attention to it. The more you can quiet the busyness of the mind, the more access you will have to the guidance of the divine.

3. You Are Highly Sensitive and Empathetic

Due to your deep connection with the natural world, you are very aware/sensitive to everything going on around you. The love constantly pouring out of your soul draws people to you and makes them want to confide in you.

4. You Are a Powerful Manifester 

As a modern-day priestess, you can create what you desire through the power of your thoughts and emotions.

5. You Are a Gifted Healer

Using your energy/presence as a priestess, you can help others heal. You are highly intuitive and can read people/energy like an open book. You are a gifted healer who can help others heal their physical and emotional wounds. You are also a natural teacher/guide, sharing your wisdom with those who need it most. You are a powerful force for good because you use your gifts to make a positive difference in the world.

6. You Are Passionate About Social Justice and Equality 

You often use your voice to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. People are drawn to your optimistic attitude and ability to see the best in them. You have a deep understanding of the human psyche and can help others heal their wounds and find their inner strength. You are a gifted wordsmith, and your writing has the power to inspire change. 

7. You Walk a Unique Path in Life 

As a modern-day priestess, you unapologetically follow your heart and intuition. You are connected to the divine and have an innate ability to heal/inspire others with your words and actions. When making decisions, you trust your gut instinct and always choose what is best for yourself and others. You are not afraid to walk alone, take risks, and do things that most people would never dream of.

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