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Crystals to Help With Sleep

Published 27/06/2024 by Louise Emma

Crystals to Help With Sleep

More and more of us are turning to the power of crystals for our healing needs. From the calming of an overactive mind to anxiety and as an aid to restful sleep, crystals have the most incredible soothing energy.

Let's look at a few of the most well-known crystals for sleep to see how they may reduce your sleepless nights when part of your nightly routine.

Best Crystals to Help With Sleep

The Trusted Psychics specialists in the healing properties of crystals have put together some of the more popular crystals believed to be helpful for sleep quality due to their soothing properties.

Crystals to Help With Sleep


Quartz crystal in all its forms is believed to have crystal healing properties.

Each type of Quartz has two classifications: there's Quartz, followed by a distinguishing term such as Rose Quartz crystals or Smokey Quartz, depending on how the crystal appears when you look at it.

Crystal experts believe that Rose Quartz, for example, energetically promotes feelings of love and emotional healing. At the same time, Smoky Quartz, with its smudgy grey appearance, is noted for its ability to help with stress and anxiety.

One reason that Quartz can be so helpful in promoting a restful night's sleep is that it is thought to bring people back into balance and help them relax.

According to some sources, you can help yourself enjoy this healing and centring effect by placing a piece of Quartz under your pillow or near your bed to benefit from its excellent nature-provided fibres the next time you close your eyes.

If you are open to alternative therapies and willing to invest in natural remedies for your sleep, Quartz crystals might be the answer for you.


A huge crowd favourite for sleep is the gorgeous Amethyst crystal. Purple in colour, the Amethyst boasts a wealth of intense energy for preventing bad dreams and aiding deep relaxation for peaceful rest.

This wonderful purple stone not only helps individuals have a solid night's rest but also helps us wake up feeling refreshed in the morning, so we urge you to keep this gemstone on your bedside at night.

Amethyst has long been used in crystal healing for its peaceful energy. It radiates a truly calming crystal that helps with anxious minds and emotional tension, which is why so many people wear Amethyst beaded crystal bracelets: to gain a sense of calmness in our hectic lives.


Citrine may be a surprise regarding peaceful sleep as it is not a crystal stone known for helping with restless sleep. What it can do, however, is help cleanse the body, aid in digestion, and increase self-confidence, so it is no wonder it is on our list of sleep crystals for restful sleep.

Citrine is a pretty yellow gemstone. It is also known to help with sexual energy; no wonder people feel tired after using it!


Shungite is a wonderful gem, a smooth jet-black crystal with protective energy. It helps boost energy levels and is often used for its healing energy to treat minor ailments, including insomnia.

Shungite is also a great stone for stress relief, which is another plus for getting to sleep.

Red Jasper

'Red Jasper is said to be an excellent talisman or medicine stone for insomnia by calming someone so they can sleep.' It is believed to reduce stress levels and act as a balm against anxiety. Like the other jaspers, it provides stability and fortitude: 'it grounds and strengthens the emotional body'.

In addition to its sleep-aiding properties and its anxiety-quelling talents, Red Jasper helps you concentrate and focus. It is also primed for problem-solving, stimulating your brain and attuning it to clarity, making it especially useful for students or high-stakes work environments.

Orange Calcite

Much like Quartz, Calcite comes in all the colours of the rainbow, and each colour has its own energies and advantages. The stunning Orange Calcite is most well-loved for being able to re-energise us. It can help us cleanse from within, improving our sleep quality.

Orange Calcite is an excellent crystal well-known by crystal experts and spiritual healers for enhancing our quality of life.

This beautiful gemstone is widely used for its healing energy, which reduces emotional tension and produces a sense of calmness, resulting in a better quality of life.


The incredible Aragonite is the perfect crystal to keep close by in gorgeous shades. This wonderful gemstone can help relieve stress, anger, depression, and unwanted tension, making it an excellent stone for encouraging healthy sleeping patterns.


The benefits of Aventurine are believed to be impressive. You can use the healing energy of Aventurine to help lift a bad mood, as this stone promotes joy, happiness, and harmony. Aventurine also protects us from negative energies.

Aventurine removes feelings of irritation and replaces them with feelings of peace. Its calming energy aids in relaxation and improves sleep routines, especially in young people.


Sodalite is such a pretty stone. It is a dark royal blue crystal with navy or black and white speckles. This stone is a powerhouse, helping us get on top in life. Its healing energy will assist you in really focusing on your priorities and getting things in order.


Selenite is a favourite crystal stone that many cultures worldwide believe offers calmness in abundance. It is a very popular crystal for night time thought to promote a deep sleep when placed in a bedroom.

Many psychics and mediums will use Selenite to aid in connection with their work. It is a powerful crystal that brings us the most incredible serene feelings, which help us to sleep, relax, slow down, and remove any stress or anxieties.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is one of the most well-known crystals. It can be found worldwide and is used because it possesses numerous benefits, especially in helping people develop healthy sleep routines.

One of the most famous benefits of Black Tourmaline is that it can help people sleep better and more restfully. As a grounding stone and a balancing crystal, it can assist people in calming down their minds and bodies and thereby help them sleep better.

Black Tourmaline is believed to be helpful by negating negative energies from the environment that can disrupt sleep quality. By negating these energies, Black Tourmaline may allow one to sleep better and more easily.

Furthermore, Black Tourmaline is also believed to help by reducing anxiety and other stressors. Anxiety and stress are often culprits for sleep problems.

Pink Quartz

Also known as Rose Quartz crystal, it is an excellent crystal that promotes love, feelings of the heart, positive emotions and more. This stone also has calming effects and will aid in any issues with sleep.


Unlike the flower of the same name, Heliotrope is dark green with red speckles. It is a truly stunning crystal with a wealth of benefits.

Heliotrope removes negativity and brings clarity, calmness, and courage. It may not be the first choice when choosing a crystal for sleep help, but it does not disappoint!


Here is another gorgeous crystal. Serpentine energy will help you move through any difficult time and toward a positive outcome. This excellent crystal aids in bringing calmness and feelings of completion to help us switch off, relax, and sleep.


Fluorite kills germs and bacteria, helping with infection. It can also balance energy for those who cannot switch off. Fluorite also aids with sleep by cleansing the aura.


The well-known, well-loved Onyx crystal, most recognised as black, comes in other colours, such as green. Onyx is most well-known for helping with sleep. It relieves anxiety and stress quickly, and it also helps with willpower and confidence issues.

How Crystals Can Help You Sleep?

So, how do crystals help us sleep? Well, crystals are full of energy. Each crystal's energy is different from the next, and it will help us uniquely.

More and more people are turning to crystals to treat their ailments, particularly when it comes to sleeping.

Crystals wield healing energy of the highest quality to soothe our troubles away, whether it be to calm an overactive mind, get rid of anxiety, or as a sleep aid.

Most commonly, crystals help us sleep when placed next to the bed, under the pillow, or even when meditated on before sleep.

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What Is the Best Crystal for Sleep?

According to the crystal experts at Trusted Psychics, Amethyst is the most beneficial crystal for promoting restful sleep.

Amethyst is believed to be beneficial because it stimulates the crown chakra, which is located at the top of the head and governs our connection with the spiritual realm.

By finding a sense of balance and opening the crown chakra, those who mindfully place Amethyst at the crown may be more able to soothe the racing mind, keeping anxiety and tension at bay. These stressors often trouble people who have difficulty falling asleep.

Crystals to Help With Sleep

How Crystals and Tarot Cards Work Together?

How Crystals and Tarot Cards Work Together? Many psychics will place a crystal on top of a tarot deck before reading, which connects to the reading itself, or clear Quartz for a general reading. Crystals send energy through into the cards, giving the reading that little 'extra'.

What Crystal Is Good for Anxiety and Insomnia?

Amethysts are great for anxiety and for helping you sleep. Do you know that beautiful purple crystal that hangs in many homes and stores? That one. It has a lovely, relaxing, and calming energy that is great for quieting your mind, balancing your emotions, and helping you have a restful and dreamy sleep. It also helps with warding off bad energy and supports spiritual development.

Another useful crystal for anxiety and sleep issues is rose Quartz crystal, which is a gentler option as it is soft pink. It is classed as a 'heart' chakra stone that corresponds to love, compassion, and emotional healing.

By Placing rose Quartz on a bedside table, meditation area, or purse may help soothe feelings of anxiety and promote inner peace. It is also a popular stone for bettering sleep quality, as improved sleep is balanced by reduced stress and tension.

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