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Getting into Yoga for Beginners

Published 02/09/2022 by Joanne Jones

Getting into Yoga for Beginners

How to Survive Your First Yoga Class

Getting into yoga can be daunting for a first-timer. It can be overwhelming when you are just starting out and do not know the poses/terms. Today, we will give you the tools you need to make a good go of your first yoga experience. Remember, this is not a race, take your time, and do not worry about making mistakes.

6 Things to Keep In Mind When Starting Yoga

1. Do Your Research

There are many different types of yoga, so it is important to find one that is right for you and your goals. Once you have zeroed in on a style, look up beginner-friendly classes in your area.

2. Ask Questions

If you are confused/unsure about something, do not hesitate to ask the instructor for clarification.

3. Do Not Compare Yourself to Others

Everyone’s body is different, and we all learn at different speeds. Focus on yourself and do not worry about what anyone else is doing.

4. Be Patient and Breathe

It takes time to learn the various poses and perfect your form. Do not get discouraged if you cannot do a particular pose or if you keep making mistakes. Do not put too much pressure on yourself to master things immediately; control your breathing and work at whichever pace you are comfortable with.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

When practising yoga, learn as you go and do not jump ahead. Jumping ahead makes people feel overwhelmed, making them want to give up before they even get started.

As you start learning various poses, do not do more than you can. Practice daily and do not think of yoga as something you must complete within a specific time frame. Yoga is a lifelong journey, so take all the time you need and do things correctly.

6. Try Something New

As your yoga skills develop, you may naturally gravitate towards a particular style of yoga. Remember, no one style is better than any other—the best style of yoga is the one that works best for you. If you find that you are struggling, try something new, you may find a technique that is better suited to your abilities.

Connect With Yogis at Trusted Psychics

Yoga attracts all sorts of people. When you first attend a yoga class, you will see people at various stages of their journey. If you see someone who is making it look easy, do not be put off by their competency—what you are seeing is the fruits of their labour, one day, that will be you, and somebody will be in your shoes. If you want to learn more about yoga and spirituality, you can connect with our trusted psychics online or over the phone. Our gifted specialists are here to help you become the best version of yourself; Trusted Psychics is the most affordable psychic platform in the UK, so you call in and see what we are about.

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