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How to Get Over Your Fears

Published 03/09/2022 by Joanne Jones

How to Get Over Your Fears

Why Do We Have Fear?

There are many evolutionary explanations for why we experience fear. Our ancient ancestors needed a fast and effective response that would keep them alive in the face of danger. When faced with a potential threat, the feeling of fear would have alerted them to the danger and spurred them into action. Fear would have increased peoples' chance of survival, ensuring they passed their genes on to the next generation.

Nowadays, we still experience fear in response to potential threats, even though the dangers we face are very different from those our ancestors dealt with. While some fears seem irrational, they serve an important purpose in our evolutionary history. Some research suggests we are born with a fear of certain things, such as loud noises, while other fears are learned through experience. Fear can also be unlearned. If you expose yourself to something that scares you, you may stop being afraid of it—this is known as desensitization or habituation.

Fear is a normal and natural emotion that plays an important role in our survival. However, some people experience excessive fear that interferes with their daily lives. While fear is something we need, too much of it can hinder our quality of life, so here are four ways to overcome fear.

4 Ways to Overcome Fear

1. Understand Why You Feel the Way You Do

Your fear may stem from your childhood or from a film/news report you have seen—either way, the first step to overcoming fear is to recognise where it comes from.

2. Confront Your Fears

The longer you put something off, the scarier it will become over time. Usually, once you have bucked up the courage to do something, you will think, and come to realise that it was not as scary as you originally thought. If you take a deep breath and tackle your fears head-on, you will quickly find they are not as terrifying as you think.

3. Ask for Support

While someone’s fear may seem silly to an outsider, it is very real to the person experiencing it. Having a good support system allows you to reach out for help without feeling as though you are being judged. If you do not feel like you can tackle your fears alone, asking for support is not something you should be ashamed of.

4. The Power of Hypnosis

While this may not be for everyone, hypnosis can help you to explore your subconscious. Exploring your subconscious can help uncover the mechanisms that will help manage your fear. Hypnosis may also help you identify where the fear initially came from and how you can stop it from consuming you.

Face Your Fear With Trusted Psychics

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