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Purple Aura

Published 11/02/2023 by Joanne Jones

Purple Aura Meaning

The purple aura is a spiritual energy that is said to be associated with heightened psychic and intuitive abilities. It is thought to be the vibrational frequency of unconditional love, which can help ground and connect us to our higher vibrations. It is also said to be a sign of spiritual protection, allowing us to be open to divine guidance and inner wisdom.

People believed to have this energy around them are often seen as compassionate healers. They are thought to come from a place of pure power and goodness, making it easier for them to absorb negative energies from others without being affected. These people tend to possess strong intuition and an awareness of the unseen world around them.

When describing a person, the purple aura indicates that someone is spiritually attuned and has opened themselves up to their gifts to become powerful healers or teachers in their community.

People surrounded by this type of energy may also be more sensitive than most, usually showing strong emotions when faced with difficult situations or challenges. They will often have an innate ability to feel the feelings of those around them, allowing them to act by what's needed at any given moment.

In some ancient traditions, having a purple aura has been seen as a sign that one was blessed by the divine as an energy healer and had been chosen for a special mission on Earth. This vibrational hue represents spiritual qualities such as wisdom, insight, and compassion - all of which are essential traits for energy healers.

This colour vibration can also be interpreted as a sign of creativity, emotional depth, connection to the spiritual realms and even access to higher.

Purple Aura People should use this opportunity to explore their spiritual path, expand their personal growth and discover new possibilities. In the journey of self-discovery, they can learn to understand their true power, embrace joy and peace in life, let go of what no longer serves them and tap into the healing potential within themselves. Working with intention and inner guidance can help them uncover their innate gifts and make use of these energies for the benefit of others.

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Purple Aura

A purple aura is a rare and fascinating energy field that can be seen around some people. It has been said to denote a deep level of spiritual awareness, wisdom, psychic insight, and healing gifts.

What does a purple aura mean for people? People with a purple aura are often known for their intuition, creativity, and intelligence. They tend to be highly intuitive and naturally in tune with the energies surrounding them, allowing them to pick up on information from both the physical and spiritual realms. They are often seen as healers or teachers of some kind, able to tap into the collective consciousness of humanity.

In recent years, energy readers have become increasingly popular. People increasingly seek out energy readers for various reasons, including gaining clarity and insight into their lives, a deeper understanding of themselves, and realigning with their true nature.

Purple is associated with spirituality, royalty, power, imagination, and magic. In some cultures, it symbolises wealth, luxury, peace, harmony, and justice, but what does a purple aura mean for people? Those with a solid purple aura will have an exceptional ability to see beyond the physical realm.

They are adept at understanding the subtle nuances of life. As such, they may possess great wisdom in bringing about meaningful change for themselves or others. They may also be accomplished visionaries able to manifest their ideas into reality.

People with a powerful purple aura often possess a unique blend of masculine and feminine energies - allowing them to create robust, harmonious solutions out of what would otherwise seem like impossible situations. They are incredibly insightful individuals who understand how everything in life is connected; this knowledge gives them an incredible edge in making decisions that benefit everyone involved.

What Does a Purple Aura Mean?

An aura is an electromagnetic field around every living thing, including humans. It is composed of positive and negative energy, which fluctuates according to the individual's emotional and physical state.

What does a purple aura mean for you? When concerning a person, the purple aura meaning signifies a person with a deep connection to spiritual awareness. It is the colour of intuition, creativity, and wisdom. Those with a strong purple aura or dark purple aura often have abundant insight into various situations and can intuit even hidden truths. They tend to be highly intuitive and have an affinity for the spiritual or higher realms of consciousness.

Those with a purple aura are often empathic, as they can pick up on the emotions and energies of those around them. They are aware of unseen forces that shape their lives and can tap into these energies to make decisions or better understand something. They tend to gravitate towards metaphysics, astrology, numerology, tarot cards, and crystals, as these offer insight into the unknown. As natural healers, they are very compassionate individuals who seek out justice, light and balance in life.

Purple Aura People tend to be creative souls that enjoy thinking outside the box when it comes to problem-solving or finding solutions for others.

Purple is one of the spectrum's most potent colours because it has many associated meanings. To those with a strong purple aura or dark purple aura, it symbolises spiritual awareness, psychic gifts, creativity, intelligence, and intuitive insights that help guide them along their journey in life.

Dark Purple Aura

A Dark Purple Aura is a powerful, mysterious, and spiritual energy often associated with great wisdom and heightened awareness. It is usually a sign of inner strength and extraordinary insightfulness.

Purple Aura People can discern knowledge from any given situation, no matter how complex or challenging.

Dark Purple Auras are believed to represent the most deep-rooted aspect of our spiritual nature and our connection to the highest universal power. When we look at the colour aura meaning, this colour symbolises our potential for true salvation, healing energy and awakening. It is also said to embody our inner sight, intuition, creativity, and everyday awareness beyond the physical realm.

The Dark Purple Aura meaning is to connect us to the cosmic energy that produces an amplified sense of self-awareness and allows one to understand their life purpose and that of others around them with greater clarity and insight.

Purple Aura People can help clear away negative energies while reinforcing positive ones within their host. As such, those with the gift of this purple colour aura will find themselves with a higher spiritual level in tune with their intuition and feelings towards any situation they face without fear or hesitation.

The Dark Purple Aura is about living authentically with faith in oneself and a heightened self-confidence to make wise decisions regardless of external circumstances or influences. We all possess an inner light and strength that can help guide us down the path of truth even when faced with darkness or chaos on several levels.

Spiritual Readings

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What Does Mean Purple Aura?

Purple aura is generally seen as a sign of an individual who has found a balance between intuition and reality. A purple aura person is intuitive, sensitive, mysterious and has spiritual insight and can sometimes contact their spiritual guides.

Purple energy represents those in touch with the higher realms other than that of the physical planes or physical body and has a heightened sense of emotional connection and creativity. In terms of spiritual practices, purple is often associated with wisdom, inspiration, meditation, and a deep understanding of spiritual matters. It can also indicate the presence of a strong psychic ability or intuition.

What Are the Rare Aura Colours?

The rare aura energy colours are some of the most unique and mesmerising, often with a spiritual connection that evokes an intense feeling within the beholder.

These unique aura colours result from high spiritual awareness and sensitivity to subtle energy fields. The rare colours of abundance and colours of enlightenment range from vibrant amber, magenta, indigo, turquoise and gold to sombre hues such as deep forest green, steel grey, midnight blue and even black.

Is Purple a Energy?

No, purple shades are not energy in the scientific sense. In physics and chemistry, energy is the ability to do work or cause change, including light, heat, sound, electricity, and nuclear power, among other forms.

Purple does not fit into any of these categories. Instead, it is a colour that has long been associated with spiritualism, intense intuition, royalty, and luxury. It stimulates creativity and encourages spiritual healing by connecting us with higher energies beyond our physical reality. It is also said to bring peace and calm to those exposed to its hue.

While it may be difficult to quantify this feeling or measure its effects on a person's well-being, purple can positively impact their overall mental health and help promote relaxation.

What Colour Is a Good Aura?

A good aura is vibrant and full of life with positive energy. It can be any colour, but some of the most common aura colours associated with a beneficial aura are those in the blue-green spectrum. The colour meanings can vary depending on the shade of the colour.

The best aura colour to have is a deep indigo. This beautiful and calming hue is associated with intuition, imagination, and creativity. It has a calming effect that helps promote relaxation while still being uplifting enough to keep you inspired and motivated.

Deep indigo can help open your third eye centre, providing access to higher levels of awareness and spiritual understanding. This colour symbolises protection and security, helping to ground us in our physical bodies while allowing us to explore the unknown realms.

Deep indigo increases the oxygen supply in the body, helping you feel more energised and alert. It has been said that those who meditate with this colour have a much deeper experience than without it. The beautiful colouring of deep indigo brings forth feelings of peace and serenity inside us, allowing us to take steps forward into our journeys with greater clarity and understanding.

A good aura colour to have is a golden hue. It can be described as a bright, warm, and vibrant yellow-white with flecks of red, orange, and pink shimmering throughout it.

This combination of colours symbolises inner power and strength, confidence, and the ability to manifest one's ideal life. The golden hue also has the potential to attract abundance and success into one's life. It can help clarify decision-making and aid in developing a higher level of understanding regarding life lessons.

Additionally, having this type of aura can also assist with releasing blockages that may be preventing growth in all areas of life. On an energetic level, this colour helps bring balance to the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of life, enabling one to reach greater heights of awareness.

Aura Readings

Having a personal aura reading from Trusted Psychics is an incredible way to gain insight into yourself and your life. This type of reading is beneficial if you want to change your life or explore new possibilities.

Trusted Psychics have extensive experience providing intuitive readings that can offer valuable guidance.

When having a personal aura reading, the experienced psychic will be able to interpret the energy of your aura, which is the invisible energy field that surrounds you.

The aura reflects our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and provides an accurate snapshot of where we are at any moment. Your psychic reader will look for areas of strength, weakness, balance, and imbalance in the different layers of your aura as they scan it.

The psychic reader may also look for signs within the aura for spiritual health issues or emotional reasons behind physical symptoms. By interpreting these details in combination with their intuitive vision and knowledge of chakras and other systems, they can comprehensively understand who you are and what you need at this time in your life.

They can offer insights on potential opportunities that arise out of self-awareness, allowing you to move forward with greater confidence and purpose in your life's direction.

A personal aura reading can provide insight into relationships, career paths, creative pursuits, and even financial matters, all while providing an overall view of where we are currently at in our lives so that we may make informed decisions in the future based on our strengths, desires, goals, and ambitions.

During the aura reading, the reader may use cards or crystals to gain further insight into your situation; whatever method used, it's important to remember that this is only a reflection of what is already known deep within us - it's essential not to allow anything said during the session become more than just helpful advice or something taken lightly - use this opportunity to gain further clarity on yourself.

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