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14 Misconceptions About Tarot Card Readings

Published 02/09/2022 by Joanne Jones

Understanding Tarot Cards

There are plenty of myths/superstitions surrounding tarot cards, many of which are not true. Today, we will explore 14 misconceptions people have about what goes on during a tarot card reading.

14 Tarot Card Myths

1. A Tarot Reader Must be Psychic

The belief that tarot card readers must have psychic abilities stems from the idea that the universe chose them. The truth is, a tarot card reader does not have to be born with supernatural abilities, in fact, many readers rely on their intuition when giving readings. Anyone can learn how to make predictions using tarot cards if willing to do the work.

2. Tarot Cards Are Magical

Contrary to popular belief, tarot cards do not possess any mysterious qualities. A tarot card reader's ability to interpret the cards makes them valuable.

3. Tarot Cards Predictions Are Definite

The future is not set in stone. Every decision you make can lead you down a different life path. After getting a tarot card reading, your future can be changed if you alter your current course.

4. Tarot Specialists Cannot Read for Themselves

Many tarot card readers start off by practising on themselves before reading for other people; that said, it can be difficult for a cartomancer (card reader) to detach from a reading when they are doing it on themselves.

5. Tarot Cards Must Be Wrapped in Silk

While some people believe that wrapping their deck in silk will protect it from dark forces, the truth is, all it will do is protect them from damage. If you are a tarot card reader, you are more than welcome to wrap your cards up to keep them safe but do not do it for the sake of spiritual protection.

6. Tarot Cards Are Evil

This myth comes from the fact that people do not understand tarot cards or the psychic world. Due to the fear that people have for the unknown, tarot cards can be seen as ‘the work of the devil,’ in the eyes of those who do not know any better.

7. The ‘Death card’ Is Always Negative

It is important to note that the Death card does not relate to physical death, it only indicates a definite ending of something—this could be the end of a relationship, career, problem, or anything else. The Death card can be interpreted in several ways, but one of the most common is that it symbolizes transformation. If you are going through something difficult, know that it is only temporary and that better things are on the horizon.

8. Tarot Card Readers Cannot be Trusted

No matter what industry you are in, there are good and bad apples. While some people are out to make a quick buck, these individuals are often easy to figure out. At Trusted Psychics, we always give tips on avoiding being scammed by a fake psychic.

9. Reversed Cards Are Always Bad

When a card is reversed, it often means that the card's meaning is opposite of what it would be if the card were upright—reversals can also indicate that further investigation into a situation is needed. If you see a lot of reversed cards during a reading, it may be a sign that you need to take a closer look at the issue(s) at hand.

10. Tarot Card Meanings Are Always the Same

When it comes to tarot card readings, there are many symbols/meanings that can be found. It is up to the reader to interpret what the card is trying to say in relation to the question asked. The order in which the cards are drawn will also affect their meaning.

11. Tarot Cards Readers Need Your Date of Birth

Needing to know your date of birth may be true for astrology but not for tarot card readers. There is no reason for a cartomancer to know your date of birth when giving you a reading. While there are a few things that tarot card readers may want to know before giving you a reading, your date of birth is not one of them. Tarot cards can give insights into your past, present, and future without knowing your birth date. If you are seeking a reading from a tarot card reader, there is no need to provide your date of birth.

12. A Tarot Card Reader's Deck Should Not be Touched

This myth derives from the superstition that it is bad luck for someone to touch a tarot reader's cards—if this were the case, tarot card readers would never ask others to shuffle their deck before starting a reading.

13. Tarot Card Readings Have to be Done Face-to-Face

Like many areas of the psychic world, the querent and reader do not need to be in the same room. Some would argue that because there is some distance between a reader and their client, the reading they give will be more accurate.

14. The Origin of Tarot Card Reading

While we know that tarot cards sprung to popularity during the 15th century, we still do not know the exact date of their origin.

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