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The Celtic Cross Spread Explained

Published 02/09/2022 by Joanne Jones

The Celtic Cross Spread Explained

The Importance of the Celtic Cross Tarot Card Spread

One of the most popular spreads you will come across is the Celtic Cross spread. The Celtic Cross spread is a timeless classic that will bring a great deal of insight into your life. The Celtic Cross spread has many variations, so a tarot card reader needs to figure out what is best for them. The Celtic Cross spread can be used for general clarity or to focus on a specific situation which is why they are so widely used by readers all over the world.

How Celtic Cross Spreads Work

  • Card 1 is drawn and placed in the centre.
  • Card 2 is drawn and placed on top of the first to form a cross.
  • Card 3 is drawn and placed underneath with cards 4, 5, and 6 circling the cards in a clockwise motion; this forms a cross on the outside of the original cross.
  • Cards 7, 8, 9, and 10 are drawn and placed in a vertical line on the right-hand side, with card 7 at the bottom.

What the Cards Represent in the Celtic Cross Spread

  • Card 1: This card represents you and the things surrounding you right now.
  • Card 2: This card showcases a block/challenge or what can help you right now. It may sound daunting, but challenges in life are what propel you forwards.
  • Card 3: This card represents your past; your past will often give you insight into how you can overcome situations that’ll help you live your best life.
  • Card 4: This card is about your future and what is to come. Remember, the future can be changed depending on your actions today—nothing is set in stone.
  • Card 5: This card represents your goals/desires.
  • Card 6: This card represents your subconscious—it will provide a deeper insight into what you crave. This card can reveal hidden truths, underlying emotions, and needs you may not even be aware of.
  • Card 7: This card is concerned with your approach to a situation, it will give you suggestions on the options you can take and how you may resolve a conflict/problem.
  • Card 8: This card details your environment and the things that may be influencing you.
  • Card 9: This card reveals your hopes and fears.
  • Card 10: This card is about the outcome of your challenge, conflict, or life trial.

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