Three-Card Tarot Spreads

The Power of Three-Card Tarot Readings

A three-card tarot spread is a reading that uses three cards to explore a specific question/issue. This type of spread is often used for quick/general readings or to explore a specific issue in depth. The three-card spread is the most used because it is simple yet detailed enough to give satisfying answers. No matter what you are going through, the three-card spread will give you the insight you need to make better decisions. For new tarot card readers, three-card readings are a great way to become more familiar with how the card works.

Types of Three-Card Tarot Spreads

Advanced readers use three-card tarot spreads to provide direct, fast, and in-depth answers. A three-card tarot spread can be used for various situations, which is why they are a go-to for many readers.


The most common type of three-card spread deals with the past, present, and future. During your tarot card reading, the first card drawn will give you information about your history, the second card will be about the present, and the third card will be about your future. 

If you are looking for a three-card spread that can get you out of a situation you are in, you might want to look into a spread that involves one of the following:

  • Problem • Cause • Solution

  • Situation • Action • Outcome

If you are looking for a three-card spread that will give you a deeper understanding, take a look at a spread that involves the following:

  • Strength • Weakness • Advice

  • Situation • Block • Overcoming

Looking for something that takes your love life into account? These three-card tarot spreads would be ideal for you:

  • You • Your Partner • The Relationship

  • What You Want • What Your Partner Wants • Where Your Relationship Is Heading

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A three-card tarot reading is perfect if you are curious about the future. With the help of our readers, you will gain valuable insights into any area of your life, be it love, work, or family. With the support of our trusted psychic team, you can get in-depth answers regarding any area of your life.

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