What is a Conscious Relationship?

Conscious relationships are a rare thing these days, especially now that we’re living in a time in which everyone is mostly concerned with themselves. Even within the safety net of a relationship, many people only think about the things that they can get out of out. We all want to be loved, protected, wanted, and valued; however, when you make the decision to be with someone, your needs should come second. That is what it means to be in a conscious relationship. In a conscious relationship, both partners are solely concerned with how they can grow and improve the quality of their partner’s life. Below you’ll see the list of qualities found in a conscious relationship.

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How to Build Trust in a Relationship

Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. However, it’s quite a fragile thing, once it’s broken it can be hard, sometimes impossible to repair. If you’re a part of a conscious relationship, you’ll be able to trust in your partner completely. The thought of your partner cheating on you will never cross your mind because you’ve developed a bond that’s so strong, no external factor can influence it. The ability to be 100% honest with one another is also something that plays a huge role in being able to trust someone

How to be Open with Your Partner

Feeling as though you can be open and honest about your feelings will help you grow stronger and closer as a couple. Sometimes, we feel as though we’re better off keeping things to ourselves; however, when you find someone you can truly connect with, you’ll be able to discuss anything with them, without judgment. You’ll be free to voice your opinions without fearing your partner will begin to see you differently.

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How to Create a Conscious Relatioship

If you take anything away from this post, make sure it’s that conscious relationships are created intentionally. You’ll never find yourself in a conscious relationship by accident, it has to be something you seek out with your partner and consistently strive towards. You never stop growing as a couple, so there’s no peak for you to reach. Rather than focus on reaching whatever concept of an ‘end goal’ the world wants you to achieve, view your journey in life together as something that’s never-ending. Your partner should be the one person you can rely on this world, the person that makes you stronger than you ever could’ve been on your own.

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