Why you Panic During Times of Uncertainty

Are you one of the many people that experience panic when faced with the unexpected? Well, you’re not alone. There are people all over the world who wish they had the courage to do what made them happy. At Trusted Psychics, we want to give you the freedom to do whatever it is you desire, without self-discrimination.

What is the Comfort Zone?

Put simply, the comfort zone describes the daily routines we follow through with each and every day without much thought. These routines are easy for us and don’t pose a challenge to our strengths or weaknesses. Solely living within your comfort zone means that you’ll experience a great sense of security because everything that happens to you is expected.

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4 Reasons You’re Stuck in the Comfort Zone

1. Sticking with What You Know

People who get anxious about stepping into the unknown do so for many reasons. From our experience, overthinking is one of the main culprits that’s responsible for holding people back.

2. Worried About the Outcome of Trying Something New

When you’re going about your daily life, you know how things are going to end, for the most part. However, by introducing an unknown variable into the equation, you’re removing your sense of control. This is a terrifying prospect for many people because they like to have a firm grip on the things they expect to happen. Maybe you want to start a new business, but thoughts of what’ll happen if you fail are too much to handle. Not only that, a lot of people are concerned with the opinions of their peers should their ambitious plans not find success.

3. You Procrastinate Too Often

The thing that leads to people procrastinating is tied to the previous point. The act of putting something off until a later date is something we’re all guilty of; however, our reasons for doing so will vary. A major reason for people wanting to put things off until ‘tomorrow’ stems from the belief that they’ll always have time. The thing is, this isn’t true; our time on Earth is finite, even if you can’t appreciate that fact now. Every day should be treated like a gift from the heavens, no second should go by unaccounted for.

4. You’re a Crowd Pleaser

One of the things that’ll stop you from stepping out on your own is your desire/ need to be a part of the crowd. Most people prefer to fit in rather than stand out, even if fitting in goes against their best interests.

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Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone

It doesn’t matter what your comfort zone is, staying within it comes with a high price. This price will present itself by your missing out on job opportunities, new relationships, wild adventures, and much more. If you’re not ready to take a dive into the deep, why not try putting yourself into imaginary scenarios that you’re uncomfortable with. Let your mind work out why it is fearful of something. By doing this often, you may soon be able to take the plunge in real life, but you must be willing to take action.

When stepping out of your comfort zone, don’t get discouraged if you have setbacks. If you always retreat to your bubble, you’ll never be able to live the life you dream about. Don’t give up on your progress because eventually, you’ll look back and be amazed at the changes you were able to make. Change takes time, but with a bit of persistence, you can change aspects of your inner-self that’ll work to your benefit. You can do anything you set your mind to if you’re willing to stick your neck out and experiment.

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