What is Marriage and It’s Purpose?

Marriage is the legal union of two people; traditionally, it was only men and women who were able to get married, however, in most western nations this is no longer the case. Marriage is recognised throughout most cultures around the world, some cultures even allow people to marry more than one person at a time. As magical as marriage can be, over recent years, there has been a decline in people wanting to tie the knot. There are many reasons for people not wanting to commit to each other, most of which we will go over today.

The 7 Pros of Marriage

1. You Do Not Have to Live Alone

Some people are not comfortable being alone and crave companionship. In their mind, life is at its best when they are able to share it with someone who loves and cherishes them.

2. Maintain Religious Values

If you are religious, getting married goes beyond the needs of the individual; in many cases, people are brought together for the good of the family and to make God happy.

3. Always Feel Loved

Marrying for love is one of the greatest blessings. Marrying the love of your life is the perfect way to display how committed you are to making sure that your relationship goes the distance. In the past, it was common for those who married for the sake of love to stay with each other until the very end.

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4. The Benefits to Wider Society

Similarly to those who marry for religious reasons, there are societal benefits to getting married. Marriage gives people a constructive way to focus their energy—some even believe that marriage (between two people) is what gives everyone the chance to find love and settle down as it takes people off the dating market.

5. Financial Stability

There are loads of financial benefits for those who are married. Married couples often get tax breaks and are able to pull their resources together, allowing them to live a more fulfilling life if managed correctly.

6. Share the Burden of Responsibility

Marriage is about sharing burdens/responsibilities. Due to the fact that you do not have to deal with everything on your own, your life will be less stressful. You will also have someone to lean on whenever you are in need of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual support.

7. Fulfilling Sex Life

It is no secret that one of the greatest motivators for men to get married is the promise of guaranteed sex for the rest of their lives. Making love to someone who you are deeply committed to is one of the greatest gifts you could ever be given.

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The 6 Cons of Marriage

1. Less Freedom

Marriage limits the freedom of those involved; once you are married, you are not able to do as you please because you will always have to consider the thoughts and feelings of your partner. When you were single, it may have been easy for you to accept a job in another city/country, however, now that you are married, things will be a little more complicated.

2. The Pain of Infidelity

There are those who believe that humans were not created to be monogamous—this is an idea that is increasing in popularity. When you in a long-term relationship, things can become boring, repetitive, and predictable. It requires a lot of work to keep things fresh/interesting. One of the most painful experiences that one can have in their life is being cheated on by someone they love/trust. One of the downfalls of being in a committed relationship, is that this is something that could happen to you.

3. The Expense of Divorce

While getting married can ease financial stresses, if you ever get divorced, it could be crippling. Depending on where you live and what the divorce laws are like in your area, you could find yourself struggling if things do not work out. In fact, there is a growing number of people (mainly men) who suggest that this is the main reason for them not wanting to get married.

4. Giving up Your Best Years

There are number of people who regret getting married at a young age because they were not able to make the most of their youthful years. Naturally, if you get married early on in life, you may miss out on some of the fun things that young people get to enjoy. That said, if you find the love of your life, should you give them up for the sake of a party of two? Likewise, there are number of older people who regret breaking up with that special someone just so they could have a bit of fun.

5. The Potential for Family Drama

Getting married means that you must accept the family/friend of the person you are committing to. While this is not always a problem, if you do not get along with your partner’s loved ones, it could become a problem in the future.

6. Government Involvement

Rather than getting married, some people are simply opting to live together so they do not have to deal with the burdens that come with being legally recognised as a couple.

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