The Importance of Love

As humans, we’re wired to love one another; Love is a force/emotion that can make us happy beyond our wildest dreams as it gives us a real sense of belonging. There are many different types of love in the world, all of which we’re going to go through today. We thought that writing such a post was important because many people are unaware of the many ways in which the people in their life feel about them. At Trusted Psychics, we’re dedicated to spreading love and light wherever we go, so let us share the wonders of love with you today. The Ancient Greeks believed there were seven types of love which are as follows.

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The 7 Forms of Love

1. Eros (Passionate/Romantic love)

This is the all-consuming love that comes when someone develops intense, romantic feelings for another person. Passionate love is what the majority of songs, poems, and stories are about; you could even say it’s the driving force of the creative industry. Romantic love is a powerful feeling that overcomes you whenever you get into a new relationship or simply meet someone who takes your breath away.

2. Pragma (when Eros Develops)

Eros can’t last forever; if it did, it’d be one of the most exhausting things ever. Therefore, if a romantic relationship lasts for a long time, it turns into Pragma. This is a calmer type of romantic love that spawns from longevity. At this point in your relationship, you and your partner will be at a stage in which you both completely accept each other from who you are.

3. Phillia (Friendship)

This is very different from the passionate/romantic love that’s listed above, however, the love that someone has for their friends can be very strong. This type of love comes from a strong sense of trust and dependability that you share with someone who’s very important to you. You help each other through the difficult times and are always there to celebrate each other’s successes.

4. Storge (Family Love)

This is a type of Phillia, but instead, it’s a special kind of love that’s reserved for close family members who we want to love and protect. This is the bond of brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, etc. However, the strongest kind of ‘family love’ is one that is typically shared between a mother/father and their child.

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5. Agape (Joy)

This type of love is shown through the enjoyment we get from things rather than people. It’s the joy we feel in being able to help others, the hobbies we enjoy, our favour songs, movies, and/or stories.

6. Ludus (Long-Term Love)

This type of love takes time to develop, some even say it’s the closest thing to unconditional love. This is the kind of love you can share with friends, relatives, co-workers, and of course, romantic partners. Ludus transcends time and distance and pulls us together without the need for any physical presence.

7. Philautia (Self-Love)

This is arguably the most important type of love there is. Philautia is the inner confidence that allows you to turn your dreams into reality. It’s our self-esteem, sense of wellbeing, and sadly, it’s the one type of love that people struggle with the most.

Psychic Love Readings Online

Love is all around us; it manifests itself in different ways and can bring joy to our lives in ways we never imagined. Love can make us smile in the darkest times, without it, life would be meaningless. If you’d like to bring more love into your world, give our psychic a call today. The readers on our highly affordable service are here to support you, so reach out to us for an in-depth love reading at a time of your choosing.