What it Means to be an Earthbound Spirit

Many people have heard of spirits/ghosts, and for those who are familiar with the psychic world, you know that we live with them every day. That said, very few people ever venture beyond to the basics to get a true understanding of what these powerful forces are capable of. The psychic-mediums we have at Trusted Psychics have always had an interest in the different kind of spirits you may come across. While we love opening your eyes to the possibility of the future, we also believe in informing you of everything of importance in the spirit world so you can always make an informed decision.

So, what are Earthbound Spirits? Earthbound spirits are simply the souls of those who have died and not yet crossed over into the ethereal realm. For whatever reason, they feel compelled to stay on the physical plane; they may have unfinished business or they simply haven’t been able to fully accept what’s going on. Some Spirits may act out due to unresolved anger/frustration, this when ghosts can become harmful.

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How to Sense an Earthbound Spirit

On occasion, you may feel the presence of a loved one or somebody who once lived in the building you now reside in. People who are in tune with their spiritual senses will pick up on these vibrations a lot easier than someone who isn’t. Unlocking your psychic power is something you can do with a little know-how as we possess supernatural abilities. Feeling/sensing a mysterious energy can be quite an intimidating experience for the uninitiated, however, there’s very little to fear from an Earthbound spirit. If you want to assist a lost soul, you can tap into your psychic senses so you can communicate with it. If communicating with a spiritual entity is beyond your limits, or psychic-mediums will be more than willing to lend you a helping hand.

Are Earthbound Spirits Dangerous?

No matter how you feel about sharing the physical world with spirit beings, for the most part, they’re harmless. Contrary to popular belief it’s actually quite difficult for a spirit to interact with the physical world; should you ever come across a restless spirit, showing them compassion/understating will go a long way. For some spirits, in order to stay present in the physical world, they need a constant supply of fresh energy. If you find your feeling more weary than usual, there could be a spirit nearby that’s feeding off you; having a spirit latch onto you is much more of a nuisance than anything else.

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What to Do When Interacting with an Earthbound Spirit

The next time you feel like there’s a spiritual presence near you, listen to any feelings your feelings so you can tap into your higher senses, even if just a little. You may find that you’re able to sync up with their vibrations, allowing you to communicate with them. Once connected, you may discover that the spirit is just as fearful as you and they simply need a hand in crossing over into the afterlife.

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