Dealing With the Needs of Men

It’s often the case that men are not always willing or ready to discuss their needs when in a relationship. This could be for a number of reasons ranging from social expectations, ego, pride, and experience. Due to men not wanting to communicate their needs as often as women, it can lead to men suffering in silence if their partner isn’t able to figure out what their partner wants.

If you’re just getting into a new relationship, been in one for a while, or hoping to get into one soon, it’s important that you know the wants and needs of your partner. It’s not good enough to assume what your lover wants, make an effort to figure it out; the best way to do this is through communication. Understanding what men want (generally speaking) will give you a head start when it comes to tending to the needs of your partner.

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4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Man Happy

1. Praise and Approval

It’s no secret that men have tender egos. They often like to be reassured in regard to their efficiency as lovers, working professionals, attractiveness, wealth, status, and many other things. A mistake that women make when it comes to keeping their partner happy is not being vocal enough about what they love about their spouse. This isn’t done because they don’t appreciate their partner, instead, it’s because they simply assume that their partner knows. So, make the effort to praise your boyfriend or husband on occasion. Let him know how much you value him and how he’s having a positive effect on your life. When he does something good, let him know; this will go a long way in helping him feel valued and appreciated in your relationship.

2. Show Him Respect

While it can be a lot of fun to poke fun at your partner, you must be careful to not take things too far. Sometimes, our words can do more damage than we would have thought possible, so consider your partner’s feelings at all times. Try not to make fun about things that he is sensitive about as it may have a negative impact on his confidence. Men want to be respected, without respect, they may be tempted to look elsewhere in hopes of finding someone who will treat them in a desirable fashion.

3. Meaningful Sexual Connection

Sex is something that is very important to both men and women. That being said, it’s no secret that men have the higher sex drive, for many, it’s how they express how they feel about their partner. They enjoy being physical with the one they love, thus, if your sex life dwindles over the course of your relationship, your partner may take this as a form of rejection. If you find that your sex life isn’t what it used to be, talk with your partner about why this is the case. It’s much better to discuss the matter rather than letting things go unsaid. The imagination can be a destructive thing if left to its own devices, so you’ll want to stop your partner from thinking the worst whenever you can.

Emotional Intimacy

Being in a long-term relationship requires that you have a certain level of emotional maturity. All relationships experience trying times and the last thing that men want is to deal with is someone who isn’t able to manage their emotions. With the added stresses of everyday life, not being able to communicate your feelings effectively will only make the hard times harder. Try to think about the results of your actions before doing something that may prove to have a negative impact on your relationship. If you feel as though your emotions are getting the best of you, take a time out so that you don’t do something that you will come to regret. Meditation is an effective way to gain mastery of your mind, so it’s definitely something that we would recommend.

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