Knowing What Women Want

As a man, it can be difficult to know what women want from a relationship. For a lot of guys, a woman’s words and actions can be very confusing, especially if you don’t know how to read in between the lines. When it comes to communication, while women tend to be better at it, when it comes to love, they expect men to just ‘get it.’ While every woman has her own wants and needs from a relationship, there are things that can generally be applied across the board. Today, we’re going to let you in on a few of the things that women look for in relationships.

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5 Things Woman Want in a Relationship

1. They Want to be Loved

A woman wants to be loved, appreciated, and respected by her partner. When these needs are met, she’ll feel safe and willing to open up to her spouse about her desires. Paying attention to your partner and showing her that she is the most important thing in your life is a good start. Don’t rely on your words only to let your partner know that you feel deeply for her, let your actions do the talking.

2. They Want to Feel Safe

It’s no secret that women like to feel safe and protected, this is something that be seen within many species across the planet. Knowing how to make your partner feel protected from the outside world will go a long way when it comes to the longevity of your relationship. Let your partner know that she can trust you, give her a safe space to be herself, a place where she won’t be judged for her thoughts, feelings, and actions. Making your partner feel protected goes far beyond the physical aspects; it ties in closely to the mental, emotional, and spiritual side too. When it comes to turning into your partner’s energy, our loving psychics can show you how to align yourself with your spouse’s spiritual vibrations.

3. They Want to be Appreciated

Showing your partner that you love and cherish her is vital for any relationship. Just like men, women want to know that the things they do for their partner/ family don’t go unnoticed. So, when she does something for you, make sure to let her know that you appreciate it. Take the time to tell your partner that she’s a great addition to your life and that she has played a vital role regarding any success you may have had. Taking your partner for granted and treating her as if she is a disposable asset is one of the fastest ways to bring an end to your relationship.

4. They Want to be Accepted

Instead of questioning your partner, making fun of her, or frowning upon the things she may have done in the past, accept her. Always pointing out the things you don’t like about your partner won’t make her want to open up to you any time soon. If you partner doesn’t feel safe enough to confide in you, she may very well end up confiding in someone else and this is the last thing you want. We all have things about our past that we aren’t too proud of, continually bringing up your partner’s past because it makes you uneasy will only push her away. Being judged by the outside world is one thing but being judged by the person you expect to stand by your side is a whole other matter.

5. They Want to be Challenged

This is where a lot of guys slip up, especially during the early days of a relationship. Contrary to what people believe, women aren’t looking for the perfect partner, instead, they’re looking for someone who will compliment and challenge their nature. Being too nice and trying to project your ideals onto someone you have a romantic interest in is the fastest way to land yourself in the friendzone. Instead, be yourself; be honest and open about what you want so that you can see if your personalities and core values align. A woman will know if you’re changing who you are just so that you can accommodate her; it’s not something that will give her confidence in you because it shows that you don’t have the courage to be yourself.

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