Uncovering the Origins of Romantic Love

Do you ever wonder if our ancestors experienced love in the way we do? Did they yearn for somebody as we often do or were they more accustomed to live life freely without being tied to anyone? One way of understanding the hearts and minds of those who came before us is by reading their writing. There’s an amazing amount of insight that can be gained by examining the history books to get a better sense of what went on in the past.

So, what do our ancestors think of romantic love? Is something that has always existed or is it simply a privilege we’re able to explore in the modern era? Well, love is something that has always been on the hearts and minds of mankind, however, how love was explored has changed/evolved throughout the ages. In times gone by, people didn’t always settle down with one another because it’s what they wanted as individuals; it was often the case that a couple would form for the good of their tribe/clan. Over time, the couple may come to love one another, but perhaps this was more of a learned love than a spontaneous experience.

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Individualism and Romantic Love

Why does it seem that individualism has given rise to a culture in which we romanticize love? As attitudes have changed, people have been able to live for themselves without worrying about how their love life will affect those around them. This freedom has given us the ability to seek out someone who truly matches our desires; however, with this kind of power comes responsibility, a responsibility that some people are not equipped to handle.

Love is something that comes in many forms, so, when you’re looking for someone to settle down with, it’s important to know/understand the emotions you’re feeling. All too often, people get together because they mistake their lust/infatuation for love which often results in a relationship turning sour. As you seek to better/understand yourself, you will be more able to identify the person who’s right for you.

What Does it Mean to Love?

Love is a term that has many connotations; from platonic to romantic, love is often described as a deep feeling of care for others. Love makes you want to be around someone as much as possible and when they’re not around, you feel less than whole. The way you experience feelings on love will depend on your connection to the person in question. The love you feel for a parent or sibling will differ from what your share with a friend; while we often think of love as being romantic, the truth is, this emotion cannot be limited to one dynamic.

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