People have been fascinated with psychics and astrology for as long as it has existed. Even though these are taboo for some people and are even deemed as a scam, people still flock to get their fortune told. The reasons for seeking the advice of online or phone psychics are varied, and each person has their own motivations for doing so. Notably, many people today are opting for phone tarot readings to get insights into what decisions they should take during trying times of their lives.

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Readers say that people have been more open to psychic readings in recent years. Phone psychics have increased in popularity and have also been beneficial to readers. Readings over the phone are more effective, one reader claims. This is because they can focus on the voice of the person, and there is less chance for distraction.

A psychic can be distracted by what a person is wearing or what they look like. The voice of the caller can also tell a lot. The information they gather from their spirit and voice are more potent through the telephone. Since there are only two things to interpret, the reading can be more focused, thus making it easier than a face-to-face meeting.

However, reputable readers and psychics always remind their clients that they will not run their lives nor make decisions for them. They lend clues for the life choices they make, and then the clients are free to choose what course of action they would take.

Mostly, clients are looking to gain more control over their lives, which is why they go to psychics to know what to do. A good psychic will give sound advice and aid the person in making up their mind about the way they should go.

According to sociologists, people are looking for a life with a soul. This means that they are looking for signs, symbols, and resources that can assist them in making sense of the world, coping with the loss of a loved one, dealing with difficult situations, and ultimately finding hope and courage. Consulting with psychics and getting tarot readings are among the experiences that aid a person in doing these things.

Psychic Readings, Love, and the Pandemic

Dating back to the Ancient Greeks who consulted the Oracle of Delphi to the royals of the sixteenth century who turned to Nostradamus for advice, superstition has always been part of society. Nowadays, the same scenario can be seen.

However, the difference today is that people don’t just consult psychics for romance and relationships. They are also looking to them for business advice to learn how to be successful.

While it may seem contradictory for more scientific-minded people to believe in the supernatural, people who consult with psychics believe that they have a more developed intuition or a sixth sense, which are incredible gifts.

Consulting psychics have also been prominent during the pandemic. Since the optimism of many people has been drained because of the ongoing situation, a large number of people are going online for virtual consultations as well as reaching out to readers remotely.

People have been eating and drinking more and are feeling more lonely. According to data from Yelp, interest in such services doubled in the middle of the first lockdown. There is a steep rise in customers as well.

This is because many people view psychic readings as a form of therapy as. They can open up their feelings and see them reflected in a rather neutral, or even mystical sense. These types of consultations give a feeling of comfort to the client.

Throughout history, whenever a difficult situation arises, and there is an equal rise in anxiety, interest in psychics likewise arises. There is a simple explanation, according to experts in psychology. Since people lack the sense of control in their lives and feel more anxiety – thus, listening to psychics can assist them in bringing back that feeling of control.

In addition to better focus for the reader, remote readings get the psychics in a better meditative state. This is because they cannot see if the client is nervous or fidgety during a face-to-face session.

Additionally, safety is also a benefit of remote readings and consultations. As many are afraid of contracting the virus, remote readings assist in keeping everyone safe.

Despite the many challenges in the industry, the enquiries still have the same nature. Love, relationships, jobs, and businesses still dominate the topics.

In a study by the University of Lorraine in France, they asked 60,000 people when lockdown restrictions were still firmly in place. The respondents showed increased signs of depression, post-traumatic symptoms, and anxiety, which was comparable to what happened in the aftermath of 9/11. The invisible threats have taken their toll on everyone’s mental health.

The author of the study, Thomas Rabeyron, professor of psychology and psychopathy at the said university, said that psychics are the barometers of collective and social anxiety. The more people consult with them, the more evident the phenomena of depression and anxiety are present.

But he also says that if the person is feeling anxious more than ever, going to a psychiatrist first will be beneficial. Clients are free to consult psychics after the consultation with a psychiatrist.

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