Dealing with Men Who Won’t Commit

There’s nothing more disappointing than falling in love with a man who seems like he’ll never be ready to commit to you. You may have found yourself in a situation which felt like it was going somewhere, then suddenly, the man of your dreams vanishes into thin air. So, why does this happen and what can you do to stop it? That’s what we’re going to go over with you today. You deserve a man who will make you happy, love you, and make you a priority. When you meet someone new, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement as your spiritual vibrations seem to match perfectly with one another; however, lust has a way of confusing us so you must remain vigilant at all times and pay attention to his actions. Calm your mind through practices like meditation so that you’ll have a clear view of the world around you.

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3 Reasons He Doesn’t Want to Settle Down

1. He’s Worried About Money

While people like to downplay the importance of money, it’s important when it comes to building a home and looking after your family. Raising children is hard work and it’s not cheap, so when it comes to settling down, whether a guy can afford to do so is always at the forefront of his mind. Job security isn’t what it used to be, so men like to be sure that they will be able to provide for their family should things take a turn for the worse. The financial status of a man is also tied to his self-confidence, if he doesn’t believe that he’s the best for the woman who has his heart, he’ll worry that one day he’ll lose her to someone else.

2. He Can’t Get over His Ex

This is something that many guys struggle with. While it’s taught to us that men are heartless creatures and are able to move on from a relationship with ease, it’s not true, not in the slightest. Sure, men are not known for talking about their emotions as openly as women are but this doesn’t mean that they don’t experience pain. After a breakup, men tend to hide their feelings; in fact, many guys think that it would be unmanly to express how they feel. What ends up happening is that they oppress their emotions; however, in doing so, they don’t deal with them which makes it hard to move on.

In a new relationship, a guy may wind up comparing you to his ex-partner to see how well you match up. In a situation like this, it’s best that you give him the space he needs to make a decision because trying to force one out of him won’t do either of you any good. All too often people try to impose their will upon others so they can have their own desires met. Our trusted psychics on the phone will quickly tell you that this is the wrong way to go about starting a relationship.

Loves Dating Multiple People

Beware of guys who are only interested in superficial relationships. This is something that is becoming more and more common in the modern era of dating and it’s not just men who are only interested in casual dating. When it comes to getting into a long-term relationship, a lot of work is required if you want to give it the best chance of success. While a guy may love spending time with you, is he ready to give up the other women in his life that he may be dating? For some, settling down with one person is not something that will ever be on the cards for them. While we believe in the development of strong, lasting relationships, we appreciate that everyone has the right to live their life however they want.

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Figuring out why a man won’t make the decision to commit to you isn’t always straight forward. We all have obstacles in our life that we have to overcome and sometimes getting into a relationship with someone before you’re ready isn’t in anyone’s best interest. When you meet a new guy, do whatever you can to ensure that he is the right person for you. Are you both on the same path? Do you have similar goals? Do your core values and beliefs sync up? These are the things you must ask yourself before you give your heart away.

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