Why She Isn’t Ready to Settle Down

A lot of people seem to hold the belief that all women are in search of a long-term relationship. While this may the case a lot of the time, it’s not always true, especially in today’s society. More than ever before, people are leading their own lives and don’t necessarily want to be tied down to another individual. When you meet someone new, it’s up to you figure out what she’s looking for. Does she want something casual or is she looking for someone to share the rest of her life with? If you’ve recently met a girl who has grabbed your heart but doesn’t want to commit, you may be wondering why. Your first reaction may be for you to take it as a personal attack but there are probably other reasons as play. Today, we’re going to go over why a woman may not be ready to settle down.

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6 Reasons She Doesn’t Want to Settle Down

1. She Fears Getting Hurt

A lady who doesn’t want to enter into a new relationship may still be dealing with pain from a past relationship. If she’s had bad experiences or painful breakup it’ll make her hesitant to jump into something new as she worries that she’ll face the same pain. Fear is something that holds us back from experiencing a lot of things; at Trusted Psychics we’ve always believed that mastering your fear is one the best things you can do if you want to gain mastery over your life. That being said, the pain that people can experience when it comes to love can be shattering, so it takes time to recover from the negative things we’ve experienced in our past.

2. She’s Focused on Her Career

With men and women working side-by-side, it’s possible that the girl you have met is too focused on her career to make time for a relationship. Relationships are a lot of work, for someone how is focused on getting to the top of their field it can be an unnecessary distraction. Women who go to college/ university are more like to prioritise their career over their love life and while there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, it’s something you should be aware of when you meet someone new. A career-focused woman may very well delay getting into a relationship if she sees it as a hindrance that’ll prevent her from achieving her goals.

3. She Wants to Take Things Slow

At the start of a new relationship, taking thing slowly is usually the best course of action. By trying to move things along too fast may scare a woman away. It may lead her into thinking about why you’re so eager to tie her down which will then lead to her feeling trapped. Women must be free to make choices for themselves, let the girls you’re interested in get to know you over time. Rather than trying to get her to commit to you, let the relationship evolve naturally over time.

4. She Has Different Goals to You

While you may have found a woman that’s really into you, if you have different goals in life, you may not be a good fit for one another. If you want to build a life with someone, it’s important that your values are aligned and that you’re both heading in a direction that’ll make you happy. While all relationships must have some room for compromise, if you change yourself too much, you could wind up resenting your partner in the years to come.

5. She Has No Interest in Commitment

Just like some men, not all women are interested in settling down. Some women prefer to live the single life so they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, with whoever they want. This is something that many women have no interest in giving up; so the thought of settling down with someone isn’t something that has ever crossed their mind.

6. She’s Influenced by Her Family and Friends

Women can often be influenced by the opinions of their friends and family. The woman you’re with may love being with you but the people who are close to you may not have the same opinion. They may think that you’re unworthy of her love and suggest to her on a regular basis that she can do better.

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When you meet someone new, give her an opportunity and the space she needs to come to a decision on their own. The worst thing you can do when you meet someone new if to try to force your desires on them. If a woman wants to be with you, you’ll know as she’ll go out of her way to make herself accessible to you. That being said, if you’d like more advice on how to go about winning the heart of the woman you’ve fallen for, give us a call. We have the most amazing team of psychics on the phone who’ll move heaven and Earth to find you the relationship you deserve. Our trusted psychics are online 24 hours a day doing whatever they can to improve the lives of the people that come to them.