Identifying Destructive Relationships

There are many people who seem to enjoy getting into drama-filled in relationships. For some, the moment one destructive relationship ends, another one is waiting for them just around the corner. Have you ever wondered why that might be the case? After all, why wouldn’t someone want to live as easy a life as possible? More importantly, is it possible for such individuals to break out of this negative cycle and enter into a positive, loving relationship in the future?

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Managing Your Self-Esteem

If a person’s self-esteem is low, it will encourage them to set the bar low in their romantic relationships as well. It may be that they’re attracted to jealous or unfaithful people because that’s what they believe they deserve. It’s often the case that they’ll turn a blind eye to the behaviour of their partner in order to maintain the status quo. For these individuals, if they ever find themselves single again, they’ll attach themselves to a new partner who’s just as toxic as the last. After all, they believe that this is as good as they deserve, so why would they go out there to get what’s best for them. However, should this cycle go on for too like, they’ll begin to feel powerless in the love life which’ll only encourage this behaviour to continue.

The Need for Attention

A lot of people like to attract attention and extreme attention seekers sometimes feel the need to create drama around them in order to get the attention they want. This attention can come from the person they’re romantically involved with or from friends and family who’ll play the role of the audience as the drama unfolds. Attention seeking can often be deep-rooted and usually ties back to a past relationship in which the person felt as though they didn’t get enough attention; it’s important to note that this past relationship doesn’t have to be a romantic one. Like with any bad habit a tolerance is built up over time and in cases like attention-seeking, people will need to create bigger and deeper issues for them to be the centre of.

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Overcoming the Need for Drama

It’s possible to overcome this cycle. However, it requires that the person in question is able to find value within themselves; once they’re able to do this, they’ll finally understand that they are worth loving. That being said, doing such a thing isn’t easy; it’ll require a lot of hard work and patience, however, there are plenty of people who’ll be willing to help them through it if they just reach out.

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