Waiting for Your Ex

A lot of people decide to get a tarot card reading after a breakup. Because breakups can be very difficult, people often find it hard to move on, so instead, they wonder if their partner will ever come back to them. Today, we’re going to go through some of the tarot cards that may indicate whether your ex is likely to return.

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7 Tarot Cards That Will Tell You if Your Ex Will Come Back

1. Strength Card

This card indicates that’s possible for you to regain control over the situation. However, in order to do so you’ll need to take action and have the confidence to follow through with your plan.

2. The Star Card

This is the card that inspires hope/faith. With this card, you’ll realise that all is not lost and there’s a bright future ahead if you keep walking towards it. You should be optimistic about the future of your relationship with this card, even when it appears as though everything has come to an end.

3. Temperance Card

This card means that you should have patience with whatever situation you’re in. Eventually, things will work out for you if you give your partner/ex some time and room to breathe. Do this, and it’s possible that you’ll yourself in their arms again.

4. Two of Cups

This card shows the beginning or a renewal of a relationship. With the Two of Cups, it’s possible to find a way to move forward with your partner if you’re willing to co-operate with each other and try to understand how the other person feels.

5. Six of Cups

This is the card of nostalgia and it means someone from your past is thinking about you. If this card is drawn, it’s possible that this person will want to be a part of your life again. While this may seem like it’s in reference to your distant past, it could also be in reference to someone who’s only recently parted ways with you.

6. Six of Wands

This card indicates that good news is on the horizon. Something you’ve wanted for a long time will finally come to fruition. If you’ve been waiting for your ex to make contact with you, that wait may be coming to an end.

7. Seven of Wands

This card shows that you can overcome great odds and challenges. If it seems like all is lost in your relationship, you can expect to find a way to settle your differences without the need for you to go your separate ways. The Seven of Wands suggests that you don’t give up the hope of finding happiness.

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