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Trusted Psychics Reader: Marie (Marie)
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Incredible and Talented

She is brilliant, connects really well. Has great timing and skills. Very Talented and Sweet Highly Recommended!

PRANAV From Midlands On 13/05/2021

Always spot on

Thanks Marie - sorry credit ran out ! Everything you said was spot on ! With no prompting -Work and POI Take care X

Rl From Uk On 12/05/2021


Marie is a great guide . She doesn’t mince her words but honestly would we want that ? I have a bad situation as it is and she is calming and soothing but delivering what she gets . Thank you Marie

M fromGlasgow From On 11/04/2021

Very Bad

Couldn't understand a thing she said, and also it sounded like she was doing errands at the same time talking to me. Very disappointed

From UK On 10/04/2021


Very judgemental, asked for a reading didnt ask for a lecture - doesnt listen

Aussie From Down under On 29/03/2021

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

She is brilliant, connects really well, has great timing and skills. Superb Reader Talented and Skilled Thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 22/03/2021

Disappointed massively

I hope this review is actually shared. I am really disappointed at this woman and her reading whilst she was doing the reading for me she had her mobile going off then there was rustling sound and I could not hear her for the majority of the reading. It got so frustrating for me led me to shouting at her at the end of my call when I was already in a bad place mentally and emotionally. She was awful kept answering my questions with answers that were not for the questions. Please post this review because I paid for a service and did not get the service i desired. Not happy with her at all

Pree From England On 12/02/2021

Sounded distracted

She wasn’t focused on the reading, but kept making noises and sounded like she was moving stuff about. I found it quite rude and annoying because she wasn’t focused on the reading I paid for.

Jeanette From Shropshire On 11/02/2021


Sorry we got cut off, thank you for the reading today exactly the same as last time which is very reassuring that things will happen as you say which would be great!

G From Mcr On 01/02/2021

Really good!

Marie was on the ball with everything she said to me. So sorry I got cut off because I ran out of minutes! Will definitely ring back in the future!

Misha From UK On 30/01/2021

Incredible and Talented

She is brilliant, connects really well. Empathetic and Kind Very Talented Sweet Lady ! God Bless

PRANAV From Midlands On 28/01/2021

Outstanding Reader

10 minutes with Marie and she just keeps me in check about the way forward. She is very good and does not ask questions and everything she said in this reading is in line with what I already knew. She is on the ball with what she sees. Thank you x

From scotland On 12/01/2021


She is CONNECTED! She tunes in immediately, and everything I have asked her has been true, she can get into detail as well! Real psychic!

From On 29/12/2020

Really Good

Picked up on situation very well without me saying anything, provided clarity on what is happening right now.

Optimist From London On 26/12/2020

You were right

Thank you for telling me not to move on and to wait for him instead, he has finally gotten over his anxiety and come forward. He's really making an effort and I'm very happy. Thank you

A From Brum On 21/12/2020

Not sure

Reading was good and she saw my situation quite quickly. Prediction of seeing my POI next week is dubious considering we aren’t speaking, live 90 miles apart and covid restrictions but we shall see. Stranger things have happened.

Sarah From On 14/12/2020


I think Marie is very good, she picks up without the needs for 'tools' which I prefer and believe shows a real gift, she always gets things spot on.

Shell From On 11/12/2020


Marie is one of the dest she knows her stuff

Max From London On 10/12/2020

Hung-up on me, very rude!

Truth From Oz On 05/12/2020


Picked up very well.

Mara From Essex On 27/11/2020

Total waste of time didnt say anything, asked questions and were just yes answers to everything. Not good at all.

London From On 20/11/2020


Had a reading today with Marie. Spot on from start to Finnish. Highly recommend this truly gifted person ❤️❤️

Jules From Berks On 14/11/2020

Just what I needed to hear

Just had a reading with Marie and she confirmed everything I needed to know. Marie even said the exact same words as another psychic and confirmed the truth for me. Really loved the reading and hope to speak again

Anon From Ayr On 30/10/2020


Had reading tonight with Marie. Didn't find it much good. She asked a question, didn't know what she meant , nor she didnt say, what she meant. I took it bad. No clarity really.

Adam From NI On 22/10/2020

Lovely and Accurate

Thank you accuracy an lovely voice

Kerryn From Australia On 22/09/2020

You are Brilliant

Marie is very good, doesn't need promps, she goes straight into it, up to now she has got things right, thanks

Margaret From east anglia On 31/08/2020


Authentic, just wasn’t that impressed with her reading style. There was also some distraction noise making it a little difficult to hear.

Anonymous From Here On 13/08/2020

One of the Best

Leaving another review for Marie because she is so good and so real. Being a reader myself I value what she sees and what she tells me. Thanks again from fellow Scot x

From On 11/08/2020


She is wonderful . Glaswegian like me and was very right on many things that unfolded like she described . Including love prediction

From On 23/07/2020

Immediately brilliant

Thank you for your reading Marie. Always so helpful to me. I wish I could find you on here more often. Absolutely spot on all the way through. Genuine, real, connection. Immediately Brilliant. Your awesome I hope your tickle cough gets better soon xxx

Angela From Earth On 15/07/2020

Real Reader with a good manner

This lady gave me so much information in 10 minutes after wasting 10 minutes on a reader who had no clue. Marie is the real deal and I would have no hesitation to return to her. She has a calm way of talking to you and is very direct at the same time. Thank you very much Marie. x

From On 15/07/2020

Genuine and lovely reader

Thank you for reassurance that the current connection is genuine - but also the info that the other connection will still come forward towards end of year. and choice will need to be made. New work starting September is very pleasing indeed.

Topsy From DBN On 29/06/2020

So reassuring

Very reassuring reading and totally in line with nearly all the other readings I have had. Thank you very much. X x x

Jo From On 03/06/2020

Incredible and Talented

She is beautiful and sweet lady has heart of gold thank a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 28/05/2020

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

She is brilliant, kind hearted and genuine and many predictions came true from her highly recommended

PRANAV From Midlands On 19/05/2020


A very warm heart and talented

Max From London On 27/04/2020

Lovely reader and she doesn’t waste your time but prediction hasn’t happened

From On 26/04/2020

Brilliant reading

Really enjoy speaking Marie and have done so on several occasions she's very supportive and has helped me even when I didn't believe what she was saying but so far she's proving to be right thank you L from scotland xxx

From On 21/04/2020

Spot On!

Great Reader, very compassionate and understanding. She was very easy to talk to and put me at ease. She was able to pick up on my energy easily and give me the messages I needed to move forward. I Highly Recommend this reader.

From UK On 16/04/2020


Amazing reader knows her stuff with her guides does not waste ur time literally says everything and I would def give her a call love u

Naz From Uk On 06/04/2020

Great Reader

she is superb always connects such a sweet and cute voice has great timings and skills thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 30/03/2020


Marie is lovely and really connected her validations were correct however her predictions did not come to pass

alex From UK On 11/03/2020


she is superb, take her hints and she gets it bang on most of the time.. she is superb, all her predictions come true.. very sweet n kind. talented and gifted

PRANAV From Midlands On 08/03/2020

with thanks

kind reader caring gave me good informative reading scope to look forward for the future

dawn From nottingham On 05/03/2020


Marie is an excellent reader connect incredibly with my issues

Anonymous From London On 05/03/2020

Not sure

Marie changed her reading towards the end so I was left completely confused...?

From On 03/03/2020


Marie pick things up brilliant she is adorable, kind and very talented

Anonymous From London On 03/03/2020

Great Reader

She is so nice, amazing and connects superbly, great bundle of talent and skills

PRANAV From Midlands On 01/03/2020

Superlative and Stupendous Reader!

She is incredible reader, very talented, sweet and kind. superb.. has great empathy and kindness thanks for everything

PRANAV From Midlands On 20/02/2020

Simply the best reader here

Marie is my go to person, she was been on point everytime ive called her. She picks things up and you can feel that she really cares about you. She wont waste your time. Try her now!!!!

Lola From Newcastle On 17/02/2020


This lady knows her stuff very well

From On 16/02/2020

Doesn’t waste minutes and to the point

Very kind and non judgemental. She connects straight away and does not waste your minutes. Her reading is consistent and doesn’t ask for any questions.

M From London On 15/02/2020


She is amazing, connects really well, superb reader .. love her to bits..super talented

PRANAV From Midlands On 15/02/2020


she is relly good and impressive as always.. superb helped me in 2 difficult situation and her prediction came true when no hope was there

PRANAV From Midlands On 04/02/2020

Quick and amazing connection :-)

I have had several readings with Marie, very consistent with her predictions, quick accurate, she doesn't waste time and answers many questions in a short period of time. Past predictions came to pass, I am for these one to come as well, will update you Blessings and love Marie xx

From On 30/01/2020

Predictions didn’t come true

Very lovely lady, she gave me very positive predictions which made me feel good in the short term. Unfortunately they didn’t come true. The guy didn’t break up with his gf, he didn’t come forward, and I didn’t get that job. Sorry I really like Marie but have to give low rating due to disappointing outcomes,

Kitty From London On 29/01/2020

On the ball

Spoke to marie and she gave me reasurrance that things will be better for me in two weeks.... And that i will get communication and things are going to get better from then on. I really hope shes right. 5 stars if it happens. Thankyou marie. Lets just wait and see x

Geraldine From Dorset On 24/01/2020


Thank you for getting the details clear and understanding the situation straight away and good to hear someone else looking in at the situation without emotional involvement made a lot of sense . Highly recommend thank you Marie xxxx

Fiona From West Yorkshire On 08/01/2020


Wastes no time, straight in there. Was very accurate. Picked up everything. Gave me a prediction for 3 days. will update then

N From London On 05/01/2020

Spot on

U were very spot on dear ,I've had 4 readings with u and uve been accurate and steady

Phiwo From Manchester On 04/01/2020


U are simply the best and so accurate , I had several reading with her and have been telling me the same thing just waiting for the predictions now to come through

Phiwo From Manchester On 28/12/2019

An angel from God

Marie thanks alot dear that was an insightful reading and u were so spot on about my situation

Nosie From Manchester On 25/12/2019


So sweet connected directly and quickly and accurately, great insight. Fingers crossed with clear predictions

Emma From London On 20/11/2019

Blown Away

Finally... i got my chance to talk to marie once again and ask as many questions as possible and I was satisfied with when I spoke to her I do feel that perhaps some things might come true sooner then the time frame but I hope that a prediction does come true she has predicted things for me in the past and they have come true and fingers crossed on this one I can't wait for things to unfold I'll be back again with an update

sheila From london On 18/11/2019


This lady wastes NO TIME! Straight to the point and amazing! Thank you thank you...inline with the top readers like Sadie, Vintage Rose, Demi, Mystic May

Amida From Manchester On 31/10/2019

Spot on

Very precise and insightful readings. Gives great guidance time and time again

Jasmine From London On 28/10/2019

Excellent reader

Warm and supportive.Delivered predictions and accurate on personalities etc

J From Uk On 26/10/2019


Spoke to her beginning of this year. Things panned out exactly as she predicted. She will not tell you what you want to hear but whatever she says is true. She is a real psychic and knows her stuff. Thankyou are my guiding star. Lots of love . Mirium

Mz From London On 23/10/2019

Absolutely Wonderful

Mary is deep it was a pleasure speaking to her she has shocked me by telling me about something which I did not believe at that time however a week later I'm hearing the news of something which she had mentioned and I was just those shot surprised but happy at the same time I'm now my aim is to get in contact with her and perhaps ask her more questions and this time make notes because I know that I can trust what comes from this lovely lady she is very deep very very deep very spiritual you won't be wasting your time I'm you will be investing time when you speak to her She looks really young on the photo on the photo but she sounds like she's very very mature but

Sarah From london On 15/10/2019

Super cute and fantabalous

She is amazing reader, connects really well, has good clarity and skilled and talented thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 12/10/2019

Absolutely bob on !!!

Brilliant reading and absolutely on point with no prompting. Very accurate and just said it how it was. Would highly recommend. Thank you very much Marie. Julie x

Julie From Cumbria On 11/10/2019

very good straight forward and gifted PSYCHIC !!!

Thank you for your wonderful support and clarifications tonight, at least I feel better about the awkward situation, was on the verge of breakdown after what happened with this girl, now that I know what he was trying to achieve I can at least rest tonight Blessings and love, will be back soon xx

From On 10/10/2019

Simply one of the best !!!!

I don't know why I haven't called her earlier. Marie provided more than I asked for in my reading. I initially asked for love and within my reading she covered everything else without me having to stop and ask. Everything she said resonated with me. She was able to pick up that October will be a month of change for me without me mentioning what changes will be occurring. I had other predictions which I look forward to. Thanks Marie.

Emmanuella From UK On 28/09/2019

Gorgeous Lady !

Such a brilliant reader, very gifted, sweet, kind and gentle extremely talented and superb.. she is the best thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 27/09/2019


Absolutely incredible. Marie was spot on with everything - I didn't give her any information and she knew just what was going on. She is very caring and gave me very positive advice. Will definitely call again x

T From New South Wales On 21/09/2019

Gorgeous Lady !

She is brilliant reader, and gets everything bang on, she is superb love readings with her thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 15/09/2019


She is superb, connects really well, talented and skilled, real gem. sweet superb and empathetic great reading thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 12/09/2019

Gorgeous Lady !

She is brilliant, gave a great reading, she is superb, handled whole complex reading with great skills and talent.. very underrated reader a gem thanks

PRANAV From Midlands On 08/09/2019

The best here

I agree with everyone she is truly bang for your buck. No sugarcoating. Straight messages. Gets everything on point. Predicated even though we had a conflict situation and things a bit cold i haven't seen the end of him. I have a feeling he will be back. And our journey far from over. Also that ours is not full of sparks but a very stable comfortable kind of love.

Anon From Aus On 19/08/2019

My go-to

Marie is amazing always spot on with her validations, very straight to the point doesn't waste your time and doesn't ask questions. She is very caring and nice to talk to. Blessing and love Marie will be back :-)xxx

From On 18/08/2019

Amazing sharp reader

Amazing sharp straight to the point scottish lady. Knew her stuff. No guessing or fishing. She got the connection on point -very strong connection even if it seems to lose its sparks at times its still a stable love. Hes acting like an egotistical selfish manipulative man right now. But if i were to run off with another man itd kill him. This isnt the end if it. He's going to come back for more but i have to leave him alone

Anon From Australia On 15/08/2019


Marie is a really good reader, very quick and accurate too, I am looking forward for the next predictions to happen. 5 stars ⭐️

Donna From London On 11/08/2019

Wow just amazing

Just had reading with Marie straight into my situation no questions asked no sugar coating just knew stuff give her call you won’t regret it thanks Marie will let you know when things happen xx

Debs From Scotland On 28/07/2019

Incredibly Great!!!!

Marie is a lovely caring person. She picked up on some issues straight away and answered them easily and concisely leaving time to ask other less important questions. She is the 2nd reader I spoke to today as the first dug a bit first and when asked specifics continually said ‘I can’t answer that’. I will definitely be phoning Marie again as she really helped me and calmed me as my whole world is currently going to pot at the moment. Thank you very very much Marie and I will definitely be recommending you as well as phoning you back

Natalie From Brisbane, Australia On 15/07/2019

Just... wow

I called Marie when things in my life probably couldn't get any worse. I needed some enlightenment if things were going to change, as I had no job, prospects or willpower and if a person who I had deep feelings for would get back to me. No one especially at my age (22) should feel the way I did and Marie said July onwards would change. I couldn't believe her accuracy and knowledge when I hardly told her anything and so far thing's are looking good. No sweetening everything, just told me how it was. I believe the rest of what she said will happen... Thank you x

Richard From West London On 06/07/2019

Super cute and fantabalous

she is brilliant, loved reading she is superb thanks a lot

PRANAV From Midlands On 30/06/2019


Very good reader with a great manner. Calm and intuitive she picked up my circumstances accurately.

Paul From Birmingham On 09/06/2019

Thank you

You where so right he what be back .thank you Hun

Sharon From Stoke on Trent On 09/05/2019


Talking to Maria really helped me. She understood my situation and gave me plenty of clarity and hope

Helen From Australia On 09/05/2019


Brilliant and to the point. Knew exactly what was going on and wasted no time. Definitely the real deal. Thank you

From On 20/04/2019


Marie we have spoke a few times. You gave me a prediction on more than one occasion and I can say-yes you were right. There was something I was not being told! I will call you to update you soon! If you thinking about calling Marie, do it, this lady should have more reviews!

Helen From Yorkshire On 11/04/2019

Gifted lady

I had a reading with Marie, picks up on everything. She's super accurate to the point where she told me that my Ex lives in a another country. And she was right. Will definitely call again on update x

Corn From London On 10/02/2019


Thank you so much Marie, you were spot on with everything you said! Chat soon.

Amanda From Australia On 01/02/2019

Gifted reader

Thank you Marie! You are a true, gifted reader. You gave me such assurance, were never prompted yet answered all my questions. Your grandmother would be proud of the reader that you are. Take care, Bron (wyn) x

Bron From Australia On 30/01/2019


Spot on with everything with no questions asked. Thank you

From On 28/01/2019

Thank You

Thank you hope your predictions come true

Linda From Bedfordshire On 22/01/2019

Ian,s new women

Marie you are amazing at what you do.what can say he gone so gone .I miss him so much .true word I can say he gone . you a good reader thank you Marie .be back to up date you soon x

Sharon jones From Stoke on Trent On 20/01/2019

Your amazing

Marie you are the best thank you best so still not sure about weather Ian come back but will update you when I can . you are actually thanks Sharon

Sharon jones From Stoke on Trent On 31/12/2018

Amazing !!

Marie is simply the best predictions do happen

Alejandro From England On 27/12/2018


fantastic reading , great information, within seconds complete clarity

Martin From Scotland On 11/12/2018


the connection between myself and Marie was unreal she new exactly what i wanted to know she was so quick to pick up my situation

Sarah From manchester On 27/11/2018

Thank you

Marie was spot on with my situation, explained it in detail and gave me predictions, thank you

Claire From Edinburgh On 03/11/2018

Very good

I agree with the other readers who said Marie is straight to the point and does not waste minutes. She also picked up on my situation quickly.

Zoe From Saudi Arabia On 07/09/2018

Great link

Linked in straight away and gave validations and super prediction. Thank you for being short, sweet and to the point without wasting time on extra chat. Lovely reader.

Meryl From UK On 02/04/2018

100% Accurate

I have just come off of the phone to Marie, she is the real deal. She does not lie and or sugarcoat anything, she is amazing and she will go a long way on this site. She is the best. Thank-you for an amazingly accurate reading Marie, your a star!

Charlene From London On 11/03/2018

very good

not often i say it but marie really is very good at connecting and pickin up info. well worth your mintes with this lady

From On 17/02/2018


Marie is amazing she just validate what other top readers said also she doesnt waste yoir time. Many Thanks

Fata From London On 04/02/2018

Excellent - thank heavens I found her

Such a lovely lady - and my golly - if what she predicts comes about I'll be over the moon - for a short while anyway! Loved listening to her tune in and describe characteristics, and great value for money.

Lynda From Perth On 01/02/2018

Spot on!

Brilliant! Knew initials, what I did for work, I’m so happy with this reading. Feeling much more positive. Thank you x

Anon From Wales On 21/01/2018

Excellent, call her!

Marie is really good... picks things up immediately without asking questions. She is also very nice and calming too. Do ring her, she is great! Eve

From On 18/01/2018

very good connection

Very interesting read. Some points came to light - that if accurate will be very insightful indeed. In general, very pleasing and lovely lady to talk to. Many thanks.

Lynda From Perth On 01/01/2018

Thank you..

Thank you for so much understanding, care and compassion with my heavy heart and confused mind I had so many difficult problems going on in my life and i didnt believe there was anything else i could do to get through certain things in my life as a last resort i dialed a psychic as i knew nothing else i could do and it was the best choice i ever made. She guided me through the hardest time in my life. i really dont know where i would be with out here

Della From Hazel On 31/12/2017

Thank you. Your insight is very helpfull. Good to talk to you.

Ali From On 23/12/2017

Fantastic reader

"I spoke to Marie the first time, she was spot on and consistent with what all other psychics have predicted for me, this lady is very gifted and will soon become very busy and popular. I feel uplifted with clarity and joy. I can't wait for your predictions to come to pass". Many Thanks.

Miss Palmer From East Midlands, UK On 15/12/2017


Amazing insight into present matters I have no doubt her predictions will also be spot on. Thank you lovely lady

Kerry From Uk On 25/11/2017

I love Marie! She is fantastic. im in a dillema about my boyfriend and she helped me in so many ways. i didn't have to say anything! She is going to be big on this site!

P From WOW!! On 23/11/2017

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Hello I am Liz. I work with a higher intelligence to bring you positive and clarity filled readings. I work in a natural and open way to bring you the very best readings. I have been reading tarot for 20 years and have grown considerably. Spirit is always around me allowing me to provide you with a detailed reading. PIN: 2602

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Hello, I am a Tarot Card Reader with 5 years of reading experience. I'm a friendly, empathic personality, offering open-minded and insightful readings on any subject. I first became aware of my abilities 20 years ago, when I was at the coast for healing purposes, and purchased my first Tarot deck and healing crystals. I started readings 5 years ago. I meditate regularly with crystals to keep my aura strong. PIN: 7666

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Psychic Reader Pippa


Busy For 31 Seconds

PIN 2326
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0904 007 0663

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PIN: 2326

Reviews: 7

My name is Pippa. I have been a psychic tarot reader for over ten years, assisting my clients with difficult life decisions, mysterious queries and relationship issues. The tarot is a great tool to allow psychics to tap into your energy and see into you past and future, I focus on the symbology to guide me into the 'story of your life.' PIN: 2326

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