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Alexandre - 1213

I am part gypsy and come from a long linage of Mediums from south-western Europe. When I was very young my maternal Grandmother, a professional reader, taught me all she knew about tarot reading because she realized that I was born with a special gift. My intuition and spiritual guide have always been with me, and together we can contextualize your past and predict your future, and how you can make that future better. PIN: 1213



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Alexandre - 1213

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The best reader

Very good reading, I feel much better now. Thank you my friend

J From Australia On 13/03/2019


Straight to the point thank u..

Lee From Australia On 10/03/2019


You’re wonderful and I appreciate your honest reading. I felt an instant connection with you. I’m truly appreciative of your ability to tap into the situation. I also appreciate you making me focus on my self care. I will be in touch.

From On 20/02/2019


Thank you for your help. Regards Neuza

From On 10/02/2019


Sorry the call ended before I managed to ask my questions but will come back another time.

Castro From UK On 13/01/2019

One of the best readers

If not the best on this line! I've been calling this line for the last 5 years, and first time I finally could get trough Alexandre, It blew my mind! He's so accurate and brings such positivity to my life! The real deal!

Yasmin From UK On 28/11/2018


i didn't have to say much he picked up on my energy straight away knew all the lows i had over the last couple of years and helped me to understand them

Alice From Newcastle On 27/11/2018


This guy is the real deal...believe joking around...he knows you better than you know yourself...Thank you for your extra help with are amazing alexandre

Mandy baha From Oxford On 25/11/2018


This guy is the real deal...believe joking around...he knows you better than you know yourself...Thank you for your extra help with are amazing alexandre

Mandy baha From Oxford On 25/11/2018


Alexandre is amazing! Spot on reading! He described my past very well. Thanks again and will contact again when predictions come to pass. Many blessings

From On 25/10/2018

I am shocked

My reading was very on point. Alexandre says that the reading mostly depends on the amount of energies we are willing to send to it, and it makes so much sense. I gave a gratuity in exchange of a ritual, to get my man back to speak to me. And it worked! I haven't heard from him since January, and out of the blue, he sent me an email yesterday! IT'S WORKING! the best! Thank you so much! I will be calling back very soon

Kadi From USA On 13/09/2018

Alexandre picked up my energy,my past and why I was calling very well without me telling anything. He definitely can connect and say what is going on and the probable outcome. Always keep in mind the free will. Thank you

Eve From London On 12/08/2018


Love your readings, I hope predictiona come to pass. I will keep you updated

M From London On 20/07/2018


I've tried to thank you by getting a reading today with you, unfortunately i couldn't get to you, anyway I want to thank a lot you for the spell you've promised me, i'm starting to see the results! It was worth the 10£ gratuity in return of this... Could you please be online on Sunday? i would love to reach to you again! again Thank you so much !

Silvia From Edinburgh On 06/06/2018


the best !

Linda From UK On 04/06/2018

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