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Guy - 1894

I'm a psychic & tarot card reader; I work with my own spirit guides & the tarot cards. I can give you a love reading using my own psychic channeling gifts or a general reading using the tarot cards. I treat each and every reading with 100 % of my gift and dedication to you, and will try and find the answers that you need PIN 1894



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Guy - 1894

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5 Stars is not enough

Guy, Thank you so much for your reading I have no idea how you were able to tune in to my partner but every you've said is 100% accurate. I will definately reccommend Guy he is very gifted.

Dee From Essex On 05/01/2019

Fabulous reader

This reader is amazing, he got everything so accruate, the best reading I've had

Helen From Durham On 04/01/2019

Oh !! The BEST

I love you Guy !!! How you have helped me ... its unreal. My man does not communicate well, he does not express his feelings. You fill that gap fo me, and you have really helped me beyond words to navigate my situation.

From On 30/12/2018

So much deep respect to you Guy.You are incredibly helpful,gifted and with impeccable integrity.Thank you and hope to speak soon as you are so very busy.

From On 18/12/2018

Your the best!! that's all

From On 14/12/2018

Love reading

Guy is the only psychic who can describe perfectly the gentleman I asked about.He is able to tell hair colour, physical appearance , personality.. everything. I don't know how he does it, he leaves me gobsmacked every time I have a reading with him. Guy is always there to give me support and encouragement...a real genuine psychic...the best in this site. Have a reading with him you will not be disappointed.

Ma From Manchester On 05/12/2018

Best ever psychic reading!

Hello. I just have to recommend Guy. He's totally spookily accurate, coupled with a sparkling wit. He totally described my partners characteristics AND he described exactly how my partner was feeling Quite outstanding! I've had many many readings but none like this! Please book Guy. He's v v popular, so there maybe a little wait, but trust me, you will not be disappointed.. love Gabrielle

Gabrielle From London On 26/10/2018

Please have a reading with Guy, he is amazing!

Hello. I had a reading with Guy this morning, and just wanted to share with you just how absolutely fantastic he was. I was feeling very down about my relationship with my boyfriend, and Guy, without any provocation from myself, proceeded to explain in detail the characteristics of my boyfriend, the circumstances of our problems, and managed to somehow see the problems from my boyfriend's point of view. Just truly amazing talent. This undoubtedly was the best psychic reading I have ever had! It was absolutely wonderful to get an overview of the other person and their secret thoughts. I don't quite know how he does it, but Guy is an amazingly talented reader. He is also very witty, and delivers his readings in a practical and compelling way. I shall definitely be ringing Guy again. If you wish to see your partner's side of things, and how they maybe be feeling, (but not communicating anything to you), Guy is definitely the reader for you. Thank you, Love Gabrielle.

Gabrielle From London On 25/10/2018


Guy has read for me several times over the last year. He has always been quick to connect and consistent. He goes at speed and gives a lot of validation and information. I have great confidence in his readings. Plus he’s a lovely man to speak to. Thanks Guy x

Sonya From Uk On 16/09/2018

Real deal

He is a good bless always consistent and channels so well. I hope he never leaves this site. I make it my treat to speak to him every 4 months or so. He has helped me maintain my sanity when it comes to a certain individual.

From On 13/08/2018


Guy has a very clear connection. He is an exceptional psychic, very accurate and has a way of helping you to understand the situation at hand. He is well spoken and polite. By far one of the best readers i have ever come across. Thank you Guy. You have truely helped me. Highly recommended to any one.

From On 10/08/2018

Definite connection

I had to give 4 stars instead of 5 as Guy is a remarkable reader but oh so hard to get him but well worth the wait - unlike so many readers a gentleman but with a true ability and insight. If you want a reader who is clear and concise no frills but shows true dedication then Guy is really a choice you should make as he is consistently accurate and when I finish a reading with Guy I feel a sense of calmness. I will continue to call and thank you for the help staff who let me know when Guy is expected on next. My thanks to you all.

Mary Bevin From Kent On 27/06/2018

Gifted Psychic

Kind, honest and exceptional psychic. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get a reading from Guy. Truly exceptional.

Alfie From London On 03/06/2018

Always spot on!

My second chat with Guy... he even said the very same words and chilling validations. I don't know how he does it. So warm, friendly and understanding... thanks so much again. The line got cut off :-( x

Zee From On 02/06/2018

Wonderful in depth Reading

Thank you Guy for a wonderfully clear update, and for being patient with all my confused thoughts and emotions.

wini From London On 05/05/2018

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