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Liz - 2602

Hello I am Liz. I work with a higher intelligence to bring you positive and clarity filled readings. I work in a natural and open way to bring you the very best readings. I have been reading tarot for 20 years and have grown considerably. Spirit is always around me allowing me to provide you with a detailed reading. PIN: 2602



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Liz - 2602

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General read

Really good felt my spirits uplifted as Liz said I would come out of feeling stuck and if I took that leap faith..fool card...things would be on the up and up by early soon much!!

Jackie D From BLACKBURN UK On 16/10/2018

A rare uplifting may well be the best reading!

Thankyou Liz! When we spoke a few days ago the phone dropped out and I couldn’t get back to you before someone beat me to you. I can’t find the words to explain the clarity and positive influence your reading had on me. I am driven and focused and ready to receive my loves back into my life xx

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 11/10/2018

Very helpful

She sees an end to my hellish work/money situation hope she is right. Saved me from a nervous breakdown this evening. Predicts things better by Christmas

Penelope From London On 09/10/2018

Excellent Reader

I have just had a reading with Liz and I can honestly say its the best reading I have had in a long time. Liz connected with me straight away and was able to confirm what had happened to me over the past week with out asking any questions at all. She also gave me details on what is happening at the minute and the outcome. I would have no hesitation in recommending Liz for a reading. She is caring and very positive up lifting lady. Thank you again for my reading Liz

Patricia From Dublin Ireland On 09/10/2018

Brilliant reader and lovely lady as well.

Never said a word, she just knew. She is definitely a psychic for sure. I am a reader and I just know who is genuine. She is. Thank you x

From On 18/09/2018


Very positive uplifting lady. Sorry I got cut off. In the brief reading she predicted a positive outcome for my question and she was more blown away than I was but I already know.

Anon From London On 09/09/2018

Uplifting and Accurate

Liz was fantastic and almost like chatting to a friend. I’ll definitely be calling back Liz, you’re amazing xx Thank you!!!

R From Australia On 20/08/2018


Incredible kind reader who really works to help you.

jan From On 19/08/2018

lovely Liz

very warm and professional reader.thank you for helping to clarify things around love and work for me..i'll let you know if I go to Peru x

L From On 05/07/2018


absolutely nailed everything! very friendly, down-to-earth, non-judgemental reader. i will be patient with my libran. i cannot wait for that 2 week prediction to come to pass. love and light to you, liz :)

anon From uk On 04/06/2018

Accurate and knowledgeable

A caring reader who worked hard to analyse a tricky situation. Accurate and knows her stuff. Recommended.

Sonya From Oxon On 18/04/2018


Sorry we got cut off Liz but I'm so thankful for your readin, it definitely made me be a bit more optimistic and positive about the situation and I'm now waiting for everything said to come to pass Thank you xx

A From Australia On 08/11/2017


I have to say i was put off this lady by the review that Britany from the Usa gave her,but i came through to her instead of someone else. And i can say i am sooo glad i did and Brittany you must be a really lower for of life to leave that review. This lady is brilliant. First of all a reading can only and should only lead you to a happier future. Not dictate and describe out future like writing a novel. It should be there to seek out choices and we do have free will. This lady had great insight into life and was an excellent Tarot reader. And helped me on a deep level. That's what reading should be. We are in control of our fate. This lady is brilliant insightful and calm and absolutely will move you forward. I think people should understand what tarot is and how life works. its to give a birds eye view of our choices and how to move forward Its certainly not to give a spinster on the shelf like Brittnay a character breakdown of men they will meet.Besides if you look for something too much you miss it. So it can be vaugue. This reader is brilliant, ignore the ramblings of a bitter spinster and go for her. Im so glad i came through by mistake. Thank you Liz

Lana kay From England On 27/08/2017

Great reader

Just had a reading with this lady and can tell she knows her stuff.She reads the tarot the way its meant to be read and picks up on things without asking.Confident reader.I will definitely be back for more before this lady gets so popular that no one can get her.

Charlotte From Epsom On 29/05/2017

One of the best on here

I would recommend her, she is totally great. Her reading with me put me at ease and no one else could do that. Also Liz, if u are reading this - he has just text me!

Sarah From On 26/05/2017

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