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Shaun - 2899

My spiritual gifts is empathy clairsentience and clairaudience. I have practiced for the last 3 years. I offer my valued time to callers being compassionate, understanding taking the time to listen and empower them. My area I specialize is the love,relationships being a emotional psychic gives me the ability feeling the emotional states of others,also having the ability of clairsentience. PIN: 2899



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Shaun - 2899

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Thank you

Very helpful. Thank you. Glad I spoke to you today.

Ali From Earth On 06/04/2019

Shaun is genuine

Shaun is the real deal. He was right about what he said. I didn't have to tell him much. I also know the predictions he made will happen. He is a lovely man.

Frances From Australia On 04/02/2019

Great Reading

Had another reading with shaun,mainly to update him on what happened with my situation,you were right about someone helping me with my tough situations and things has got so much better,i hope your other prediction comes true,regarding blue

Sharon From wanstead On 23/01/2019

Lovely reader

Sorry, I disconnected my phone! Have had a few readings in the past few months, all said my ex was coming back, but not Shaun, how refreshing to hear something new

Jacqui From Uk On 01/01/2019

Thank u.. U Are Amazing!!

Shaun u are Amazing reader may god bless you Always love & light from Nikola xxx

From On 27/11/2018


This reader works specific and as his vibration is high he can forge through obstacles to give you clarity when other readers can’t!!!! Thanks

Julia From London On 23/11/2018

Great Reading

I spoke to shaun last night,i was very confused about a situation that has been going on 8 years nowwhich i think is very unfair to me and i did'nt ask to be involved in,he told me not to blame myself,he confirmed everything that i suspected about my situation,so,pleasant,reasurring,confident reader,i forgot that i was on the phone for so long,but i really needed answers and advice,the phone dropped out of my hand,so i never had a chance to continue,i hope to speak to him again

Sharon From Redbridge On 22/11/2018

Thank you

Sorry, my minutes ran out and didn’t get to say bye. I found your reading very informative and straight to the point. I was a mess when I callled but u cleared my mind n made me not to worry. I pray what u said comes to light. Thank you so much. Excellent reader and you got my situation right. Lovely man, take care x

From On 24/10/2018

Very real psychic; he brought clarity to my confused mind. He asks his guides questions and then gets the answers. He has a lovely calm and caring nature...Dee

From On 05/10/2018

Very empathic and reassuring

Shaun is lovely to speak with and is very compassionate - too early to say if what he says will come to pass. Certainly very knowledgeable :) kristy

From On 25/08/2018

A secret

I'd love to keep you a secret Shaun because your totally exceptional You channel spirit and spirit guides can only give the true facts and help and guide us even if it's not what we want to hear but you did confirm what I knew already but it's validation and confirmation and supportive but also your healing while your talking . Thank you to your guide thank you to you your a special empath God Bless Helena 8.8.18 ( my birthday ) x

Helena From North east uk On 08/08/2018


It took some time to find this amazing person who could confide in his spirit guides for the answers I sought . A lovely human being a wonderful channel of love and light . A hundred blessings Shaun for the work you do in helping and guiding souls on their divine path can't put into words how you ha e helped me this evening . God Bless Helena 20.07.18 x

Helena From North East UK On 20/07/2018


I just love Shaun, with the help of his guides he can tune in and answer the questions that really do trouble us in this material world. Thank you Shaun for your empathy and helping me put my mind at rest. Love and light Selina x

Selina From cumbria On 05/07/2018


Thank you Shaun, he is very good at answering direct questions, I'd highly recommend Shaun for a reading. Will be calling back soon:)

Claire From Surrey On 31/03/2018

IMPRESSIVE rock!! Thank you for your unique style of reading and absolutely 100% validations regarding David. I am so glad I caught you in the early hours. This man is a delight to talk to and I predict a very bright future. Welcome on board Shaun. Love and light from a fellow reader. xx

marian From cumbria On 07/03/2018

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