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Sadie - 3431

Hello, you're through to Sadie. I very much look forward to sharing my spiritual wisdom with you. I am helped, assisted and guided by the spirit world and angel realms. I will give you a sincere and in depth reading, that I hope helps to enrich, enlighten, and empower your life to steer you in a positive direction from here on. PIN: 3431



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I am an extremely gifted Psychic reader with an excellent spiritual connection ready to explore every aspect of your life. Now matter what you are facing In terms of problems or dilemmas, I have the powers to call upon to find the answers for you to achieve your dreams.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I am a expert Psychic reader and my strength lies within interpreting the Angel cards and giving strong and positive answers to any questions asked of me. As I read for you, I will send positive Psychic vibrations to your aura to help find love and light.


CALL 0904 007 0663

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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I have always been in tune with my surroundings and had the ability to see situations clearly. As I have got older, my powers have flourished and I am now able to use them and call upon my skills when I need to.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I am helped, assisted and guided by the spirit world and angel realms. I will give you a sincere and in depth reading, that I hope helps to enrich, enlighten, and empower your life to steer you in a positive direction from here on.

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Sadie - 3431

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I was left speechless with my reading from Sadie. I can't even describe how good she is. She picked up initials of people, names, months people were born in, she even picked up my date and month of birth. These are just a few things of the accuracy on what she picked up. There are many good readers but then there is Sadie. Outstanding!!!!

From On 10/04/2019

An Outstanding, Gifted Readers!

Sadie, thank you so much for your reading! You are a pure channel and work with the highest standards and morals and I have admiration and the highest respect for you! You are great example for readers that follow after you. The work you do is second to none and it’s rare to find readers like you. Sending lots of love and may God continue to bless you abundantly. Lots of love. Zara.xxxxx

Zara From London On 06/04/2019


Really, really good. she told me the name of the girl who I was having problems with and that she was leaving in July due to her pregnancy. Also told me initials of my partner, plus guessed correctly the month I was born. No wonder she is so popular.

Sue From Derbyshire On 26/03/2019

You’re an angel

Thanks ever so much Sadie for the love & support you’ve given me for the past few years. You’ve been my rock! Now you can picture me

Aurora From Australia On 26/03/2019


Sadie wow!!! The best reading I have ever had. The accuracy of information is mind blowing, even down to dates. I will be back. Highly, highly recommend. A beautiful soul to communicate with as well.

Emily From Australia On 19/03/2019


I spoke with Sadie for around 40 minutes & she picked up on a lot, knew names and birthdays, wow!! I have never spoken with her before so how could she know. Hopefully the predictions will happen. She is a lovely person too & so calming. Thank you Sadie. Zoe xx

Zoe From Uk On 16/03/2019

The best

Blows me away with her accuracy every time. Only psychic who has told me things only someone who knows you well would know. A few things already happened as predicted x

A From South London On 13/03/2019

My God she is Angel

Thank you so much words can't explain it u was spon on thank thank u thank u! May God bless you sending u big hugs! Regards from Nikola

From On 03/03/2019

You deserve a million stars

Thank you Sadie for your reading this morning, for a sec I thought you were in my head when you told me my ex initial. You picked up on everything that’s going on with me, waiting on everything to unfold in due time . Thanks again x x

Cornelia From London On 25/02/2019

I have really enjoyed my numerous readings I've had with Sadie throughout the whole of 2018 when I was going though a tough time. She has a positive energy! With this being said, I do have to mention that her predictions did not materialise.....not even one of them.

From On 23/02/2019

Sadie I’m so sorry & disapointed my phone died & we were cut off, I tried to come back but had to wait for the phone to power up & by then you were busy again then logged off. I’ll keep trying to get back to you to finish the reading & hear what’s to come the reading was amazing & so accurate .. how I wish we could book readings asits soo hard to get you Hopefully talk soon x

Lisa From Australia On 21/02/2019


I’ve been trying to get a hold of this lovely lady and I finally did! She’s amazing! 100% accurate with everything. Looking forward to the predictions xx

Anisha From London On 21/02/2019

Amazing and accurate

Sadie, thank you so much for your reading. As always you are consistent and put so much into each reading. Honestly then best! Speak soon, love and light xx

Zana From On 12/02/2019

Excellent - experienced and soooo good

So very pleased I managed to get through to Sadie. An enlightening and very fruitful chat. I feel fully geared with the road map for the future. Many thanks..

Libran From Aus On 12/02/2019

Spot on again

Just had another reading with Sadie so spot on just blew me away nt spoke in mths she just amazing productions have came true for some things Sadie said thanks Sadie for amazing reading and been such lovely lady xxxxx

D From Aberdeen On 12/02/2019

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