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Susie - 3785

I am an insightful psychic tarot card reader with many years of professional reading behind me. I offer a calming and welcoming reading answering your most pressing questions or just offering insight into the next couple of months. I am open, non judgemental and always provide a professional reading to all who require one. PIN: 3785



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Susie - 3785

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This lady has an amazing gift! Mindblowing were the intricacies of what she told me. And in line with other top readers like Henry. Lovely woman to talk to. So kind and compassionate. Thanks again Suzie x

Sg From Uk On 05/04/2019

Great guidance and insight

Quickly got to the heart of the matter. Very honest and sensitive at the same time .

Jasmine From London On 12/03/2019

She's very detailed in her reading

I spoke to Susie for the first time today and she picked up on details that only a very intuitive psychic could. She doesn't rush through the reading and really takes her time to look into every angle of the situation. She predicted a few things and I am looking forward to them manifesting. She also was spot on about certain information, that's how I know she's a reliable psychic. Unfortunately we got cut off but I will definitely be getting in touch with her again for a follow up. She's really a good one. Glad I could get hold of her because it seems as though she gets busy once online. Highly recommended.

Flora From England On 09/02/2019

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing

I have just spoken to Susie and I totally agree with the reviews about her being brilliant. The woman is awesome and I will definitely call her again. Thank you very much for your time Susie

C From ENGLAND On 29/01/2019

Blown Away

her voice is filled with cuteness thank u

Heather From Milton Keynes On 28/01/2019

Great reader

Genuinely gifted reader with excellent validation and detail. No repeating or backtracking, just moved forward throughout the reading. Highly recommended. Thank you Susie From Sonya

S.M From England On 17/01/2019

Awesome reader!

Omg her prediction last April 2018 came true! Spot on and accurate again this time and made more predictions and I know it’s gonna happen. Wow I’m speechless! Lovely and compassionate lady! Thank you so much Susie I’m so happy! You showed me the way and advised me what to do! Will call you again soon! Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year 2019! God Bless! Xoxoxo Dec. 11,2018

Isabel From London On 11/12/2018

Fab Reading!!

Very precise and quick reading answered all my questions and concerns without any hesitation.

Paul From Wales On 02/10/2018

Thank you susie

Wow! Thank you so much. Everything you said was spot on. You gave me hope too. Sorry my phone cut out at the end. We will speak soon xxx

Zana From On 25/09/2018

Blown Away

i love your voice. your so Cute xxx

David From london On 21/09/2018

Unbelievably Good!!!

Was blown away by her deep knowledge of the situation!really good reader. So accurate and just such a lovely person to talk to! Well recommended xxx

Marianna From Surrey On 27/07/2018

Beautiful reading

Gave me hope, I hope predictions come to pass

RS From AUSTRALIA On 17/07/2018


Very accurate reading from Susie. She saw where I intended to spend my holidays (Toscany) and described in great details the man I am going to meet. She gave the same precise description of my ex; which was stupefying! Susie is also quite fun to talk too. I recommend her highly.

A From France On 04/07/2018

Spot on!

She takes a little while to warm up but then she just reels off so much info. Give her a chance!

From On 18/05/2018


Lovely voice very accurate 1000000% predictions guaranteed gives so much information and sadly i ran out of credits. i did not have to give her much information and she was spot on. i will ring you again and again and again. in near future and post on here which one of your predictions have unfolded....Thank you Darling

Angela From Manchester On 01/05/2018

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