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I am a open and reliable reader that specialises in the following spiritual areas, Clairvoyance, Psychic Playing Cards, Dream Interpretation/Psychology of Dreams, Dragon (Findhorn) Cards, Angel Cards, Psychic Link With Cats/Dogs. Call me for a warming and uplifting reading today. PIN: 3855



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One of the weirdest reading ever lady mentioned so many things that was related to me and my partner, like getting dog , France and partners first initial and wedding on a beach .. she couldn’t of known all these things but it was all related to me and my partner. Some things she mentioned or places didn’t make sense to me yet ,in the near future might . She is strong, just need to listen very carefully and put that puzzle together. But she definitely has a talant

From On 02/02/2019

amazing reader, lovely lady x

From On 24/11/2018


Well What can u say this women is the real deal picked up the man I was calling about name and his daughters name also places we have spoke about i just can't wait for things to cone to pass now am so excited

K From Uk On 04/11/2018

Amazingly Accurate

Amazingly accurate information from this reader. She got things which were so relevant. Hoping to see that things come true that she predicted.

R- From Midlands On 17/09/2018

old school psychic

She is an old school psychic and a lot of stuff she has saw has come to fruition. a romantic date, my profession, depression of love interest, car problems. list goes on and on. she is amazing only downside is she can waffle on but god love her !

real deal From On 25/08/2018

strong positive help

advised on love and relationships, explained the near future aswell as emotional strength between lovers. also helped with mentality blockages between the two of us from reccurring so that we stop arguing. polite and friendly would ring again.

ali From manchester On 13/08/2018

Picked up on my black cat!!

I can not believe how amazing this reader is picked up on literally everything which was true !!!!! Thank you so much xxxxx

A From London/ Birmingham On 16/07/2018

7.7.2018. Young English Accent

Hello Francesca. I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU GREATLY. The reading we had this morning (Australian time) was magnificent. Your amazing. I love you.

Julie From Australia On 07/07/2018

Just listen

Great reader so much detail if u just let her rattle away and listen

From On 25/06/2018

Insightful as ever!

Thanks for your reading yesterday. I've had a few readings with Francesca and her predictions always come to pass. I really appreciate the humour and warmth Francesca brings to her messages, she picks up alot and validates issues with ease. I love her style and will return for another reading providing i can get through. Thanks so much, keep up the great work lovely lady x

Nikki From London On 18/02/2018

No connection

Omg does an s mean anything to you or a david?? Talked about everything but my worry. Who the hell is andrew or shona??? So annoyed. All guess work. May or may not contact you. So frustrated wasted my time. Never again

F From Aaaaargh On 01/07/2017


Left this reading so confused and no answers whatsoever. Looks like ill have 3 men in my life! Rang upset now im frustrated. If dont connect then say and dont waste my time

Irish girl From A On 24/06/2017


She gave me so many derails, from the initials of the 2 guys I dated and the gap between meeting these two! I called to see which one of the three interviews I will decide a job though she didn't answer it, She gave me what the building looks like, trips here and there which gives me a pretty good indication of what it is :) I could've chatted with her all day but ran out of credits! Will be back!

J From Essex On 24/06/2017


Could talk to her forever.... Asked me did antonio mean anything... I said no,next minute name came up on tv screen, how random. she's brilliant

Nik From Ireland north On 13/05/2017

Amazing Reader

The best readings I've had. She knew names of my parents, grandparents,siblings, my birthplace. Knows a lot of random detailed information.I have a fee readings from Francesca and all her predictions have come true for me including love readings she knew the name initials when i would be seeing him which also all came true.

Rachel From Brisbane On 24/04/2017

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