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Being psychic, by nature, since childhood, and after having finely tuning my Psychic abilities under careful guidance of well experienced and naturally gifted psychics, I have now worked, professionally, as a Psychic Tarot Card Reader for more than 25 years and will always endeavor to assist my clients to find the answers. So, With energies, from my spirit guides, the Tarot cards will Attract my Psychic Awareness to bring you the answers you need to know. PIN: 4121



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Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I am a peaceful and compassionate listener for your most important questions and I especially like reading on matters of Love, Relationships, Family issues and Career. YOUR reading will assist you to find clear and positive pathway through life as the advice you receive Will come from sometimes Ancient Spirit guides and the Tarot cards. I look forward to listening to you and Reading for you.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

Both my mother, maternal grandmother and Maternal generations before them were beautifully gifted psychics and also spiritual healers working in harmony with their guides and I continue to follow their Teachings!

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

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Isla - 4121

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Very very good

Very good. Literally doesn't ask any questions. Shuffles the cards and then gets specific - and I mean very specific - info that relates to your situation. Not things like "has something been worrying you lately" or "are you planning to go travelling this year?" Or "have you had a tough time recently" stuff that many "psychics " say that could relate to anyone , but really really specific information that relates to your specific situation. And then - and only then once her link has been validated - does she open herself up to provide ansers and guidance to any specific questions you have. By which time you can have faith in her 'predictions' and responses to your questions because she's already given you such specific info about your current situation without you telling her anything. Can't help but feel she could be even more specific if she didn't use the cards and worked entirely hands free. But she's still very very good and better a very very good tarot reader than a poor or disingenuous hands free "psychic"

Anonymous From The south On 20/02/2019

Kind Gentle Spirit

Thank you for your counsel. Very accurate reading. I’m very grateful.

From On 20/02/2019


Isla, so sorry we got cut off. You were utterly brilliant , thank you! so accurate but also caring and lovely. Do ring this lady, she is fab!

Eve From northamptonshire On 14/02/2019


Isla didn't ask me anything. She picked up on everything that's going on with me, and someone I cut off, and it's the person I wanted my reading on. Will definitely her ring again for a follow up.

Cornelia From London On 11/02/2019


Great reading, lots to look forward too.will be ringing again. Thank you.x

Vicki From Wiltshire On 19/11/2018

Very good

Very good. Picked up a lot without being told anything. I wasted a whole 20 minutes on other 'psychics' before Isla was on line and available to call. So if you have someone you already know is very good, go back to them. Don't go to other 'psychics' because you could waste a lot of time and money.

Mr anaymous From The south On 11/10/2018

In depth reading

Isla is a gifted and wonderful reader. She uses her impressive psychic abilities to provide in depth and astounding readings. She is helpful, supportive and kind. However, she will not tell you what you want to hear but what she sees and senses. Fantastic as always.

Y From London On 09/09/2018

Very good

Excellent reading, picked up on situation wry quickly with no information. I will return for a follow up reading.

Auli From London On 26/08/2018

Follow up

Once again useful and picked up some specifics and was honest, doesn’t just tell you what you want to here nor give vague statements that could apply to anyone. Usually I prefer psychics that are hands free, rather than tarot card readers and tarot cards aren’t always as specific as one would like - especially when it comes to relationship matters or issues when third parties are Involved. However I think Isla was very specific (as specific as tarot cards allow a reader to be) and is a very good card reader. And better to have a very good card reader than a not very good or fake hands free - non card reading ‘psychic.’ She’s very difficulty to get hold of (which isn’t her fault). However once you’ve found someone on liveline who does good readings I would recommend you stick with them for follow ups. Don’t settle for someone else (that may not be as useful) if you can’t get hold of your preferred reader.

Bill From Coventry On 15/08/2018

Good practical guidance

Gave me good accurate and useful information and practical guidance that was very specific and useful for my situation. And doesn't guess nor make vague statements nor just tell you what you want to hear. Probably the only one of the trusted psychics I would now phone since Bob left.

Bill From Coventry On 05/08/2018

Great reader

Isla was great she can give you a really insight of what is going on. Without you having to say much. She can pick up on things very quickly. Give you a good advice of what should be done. So I thank you for your time and honesty. Dee

Dee From Derby uk On 03/08/2018

Thank you

I was a bit quiet, but Isla didn’t ask any questions she went straight into the reading and was fairly on point with it all. Throughly impressed with her gift. I look forward to talking again and hopefully by then, I won’t be so angry and be more talkative xx many thanks

Kirsten From Sydney On 01/08/2018

Mediumship and Clairvoyance

Truly amazing reading picked up a name very special to me person been around me a long time completely knew my situation was really taken aback by this. Totally recommend you to have a reading with this wonderful kind caring lady you won't regret it.Thank you Isla.

S From Derbyshire On 31/07/2018

Nice lady good reader

yes she picked up a lot in the reading and she is very compassionate. would return x

From SCOTLAND On 17/07/2018

Brilliant reader

Isla gave me an excellent reading with no information whatsoever. She tuned into the situation straightaway. I will definitely be calling her back.

Alf From London On 15/07/2018

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