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Wonderful reading from a very talented lovely lady.

Mandy From Cheshire On 30/03/2019


Thanks for the lovely chat Dee Dee, you made a lot of sense by what you explained about the other person. I will report back to you as promised. Lovely telephone manner too. Absolute gem to talk to on the phone. Lots of love xx

Leighton From Brighton On 22/03/2019

Lost for words

Truly a gifted psychic, gave me a reading that most readers were unable to pick up on a certain individual. Dee Dee was spot on. No need to fill her in with my current situation as she picked up on this first hand. See mentioned things about the persons character, which caught me off guard and spot on with their energy. Such an amazing reading. Will let you know how I get on in the long run.

Chucky From London On 04/02/2019

Unbelievably good at character reading

Dee Dee is incredible at character analysis, she just tells you all about the individual without stopping. If it is character analysis you want then Dee Dee is the person to go to!

Layla From USA On 12/12/2018

Very Good

Lovely lady, accurate reader.

Mary From Sydney On 12/12/2018

Detailed reading

Dee Dee can read people's energies in great detail. If you are struggling to understand someone's behaviour Dee Dee can explain it to you kindly and directly. I ran out of battery! Will call again. Thank you!

Eva From London On 30/09/2018


I was somewhat shocked at how eloquent and articulate Dee Dee is, as well as being amazingly accurate and in tune with the person concerned. What an interesting and gifted lady. Many thanks Dee Dee. God bless xx

Laura From Uk On 15/08/2018


Dee Dee.. She’s a legend, really beautiful mind to see. Opened the door, showed me the way; this is the key to where the many pieces your mindless thoughts just couldn’t let you see. That’s the point you lay it down and head to. My spirit woke up within and I was back again and as if turned on the light she did, I was left within my silence, as there is behind all of this a purest truth I couldn’t ever fight with. She’s an Oracle.

Aninj From On 25/04/2018

Dee Dee was great with her validations and somehow managed to lift my spirits after a positive reading

From On 28/03/2018

Very good with her validations, you can tell a good reader when you connect with them straight away. No waffling on just straight to the point

From On 28/03/2018

Fabulous reader

Thank you so much Dee Dee for the wonderful reading. You hit the nail on the head and I shall wait to see how this unfolds in the coming months.. Who knows.. I may even dye my hair purple to coordinate with the nice new top I bought!! Haha.. You were fab! x

Sandra From UK On 08/02/2018


Sorry for the 3 but i felt although a lovely reading and could relate to it it took too much and too long to say too little. Ive still no outcome ....

S From .. On 17/01/2018


Thank you so much for all the info , you picked up so well and that was really good for me to confirm everything I was observing too. Wow thank you... unfortunately we got cut off but I will certainly ring again .

S From Uk On 08/01/2018

Thanks Dee Dee.

GMD From Australia On 22/11/2017


I spoke to Dee Dee for about 2 hours last night! I was feeling rather stressed before the reading regarding a recent situation however Dee Dee provided me with so much clarity and gave me a very in depth explanation as to why a certain person is acting a specific way, this was without me giving any information away too. Dee Dee is a lovely lady and I came off the phone feeling a lot more calmer and reassured. I will be in touch in the future for another chat! Thank you Dee Dee, I'm really grateful for speaking to you last night.

Z From South Yorkshire On 10/11/2017


Dee Dee is really good love taking to you .you always pick up on him really well and your prediction was spot on he called later on that day thanks 5stars plus from me

Marie From Uk On 06/10/2017

What can I say

Each to their own I guess, after reading some of the reviewers here, I expected a one of those long winded sessions but Dee Dee was anything but long winded. She gave me what she saw, never repeated a point, asked for questions and when I struggled to find some because of how accurate she was, she moved to the next session of my reading. Thank You.

Raymond From UK On 04/10/2017

Floating in space

Thank you for being such a beautiful and calming influence reassuring me during my transition phase.You helped me release all feelings of pressures/ expectations about the future or worries about past in this time of change and see it as a wonderful experience..You have given me a sense of peacefulness so that I can enjoy the now fully without guilt .A real pleasure to speak with you and the blessing of your wisdom gratefully received.Thank you xx

Sarah From England On 03/09/2017

long and winded

Keeps you on the phone for as long as she can. Not a true pyschic

Aisha From Manchester On 15/07/2017


This lady is incredible. She just knows so much detail without me having disclosed too much at all. A true reader. I can't believe I spoke to her for 2 hours as I just couldn't get enough. She was so accurate it was scary.

Ness From Australia On 14/06/2017

2nd time is a charm!

DEE DEE YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! This time I had more min and let her speak. She is mind blowingly accurite my first reading with her I said was immaterial but in fact the materiL came full circle once you look at the bigger picture. She is the Top psychic on this line. DO NOT PASS HER UP! She is worth your time and money! Thank you Dee Dee. Please be on more during Australian Time please! Xxx

Jess From Australia On 20/05/2017

Amazing truly gifted psychic reader

Dee Dee is one of those psychics than will blow your mind. I gave her my and his name plus my date of birth. I was sceptical as I can read the horoscope myself... Dee Dee managed to tell me many details of how he thinks and why, his good sides and the not so good patterns in his behaviour. If you need clarity, conformation or are just curious about the inner emotional world of loved ones that can be often hidden or confusing, Dee Dee is truly gifted and can help. After talking to her you will not be tempted to call another psychic, seems like on top of everything Dee Dee is also a healer. Thank you dear angel, it is comforting to know that people like you exist. Lots of love. Eva

Eva From London On 15/05/2017

Thank you

I never get round to saying thanks. You are one of the true healers on here and you still astound me with your accuracy after all this time. You have always made my unbearable situation, bearable wuth your clear insights and wisdom

From On 25/04/2017

Best reader by fat

Ok lots of detail really well spoken perhaps once a word smith. Love her!!! She's one of the best readers here

J From Oz down under On 22/04/2017

Good amount of detail picked up

Details where non material to my question but still great to hear. She does talk a lot which makes you frustrated as the info she is speaking about is immaterial. If it was material I would have been fascinated and let her talk but I just wanted my question answered. That being said she did finally get to my answer but I ran out of credit. Grrrr. She is still good and still worth speaking to and I will call one more time and hopefully the review is better. But she is still worth your money nether the less. Thank you Dee Dee.

Jess From Australia On 14/04/2017

Not good

She is long winded, keeps going round in circle, as if to keep u on the phone long. Every relationship she looks into she says it's cos the guy is blowing hot and cold. Feels like she's reading a manuscript. Wouldn't say she's a good reader

N From UK On 01/03/2017


Very calming and defnately looks at the situation thoroughly. Told me the situation would be natural and to not expect big jumps or over the top expression. I understand and thank you wish I could have talked for longer. I will be back in touch......

Julie From Australia On 28/12/2016

Thank you for the lovely in depth reading, you were accurate on everything xx

Jess From On 21/11/2016


Said 48 hours to hear back... Yes they gave me the promotion 2 days after... Said ex will come back in my life and I will loose interest in current partner... I was upset when u said that... Now I'm thinking it might play out as you said. Thank you for your reading

ESC From California On 24/09/2016

Very detailed reading with lots of ground covered in 20 minutes. Very friendly and helpful reader.

Jenny From London On 23/06/2016


Extremely insightful and reliable! I love our 4 hr readings!

Sharon From Texas On 04/05/2016


Thank you Dee Dee for all of your help. You are phenomenal and extraordinary! I can't think of anyone that has helped me the way that you have! There are no words to describe how incredible you are! I cannot thank you enough and I will be keeping in touch exclamation point I will keep you in my prayers always. You are truly a gift from God.

Katianna Villanueva From Key West, Florida On 25/03/2016


So accurate!! So uplifting!! xo

Deb From Alice Springs Australia On 02/03/2016


Dee Dee is so spot on and dosen't ask questions.A real natural!!!

Sian From Surrey On 18/02/2016

5 stars

Beautiful beautiful person. The real deal. Spot on. Highly recommended.. Bless you Dee Dee

Ru From Australia On 17/02/2016

amazingly accurate

I loved talking to Deedee she put me at ease and was spot on picked up on my situation and is very accurate she predicted a few things which came true thanks Deedee you put my mind at rest I highly recommend you ????thanks again I will speak with you soon

marie From On 11/02/2016

I would highly recommend Dee Dee.

Such a warm lady and extremely competent. She picked up on a lot of things and definitely has the WOW factor!! I shall call again. Thank you lovely Dee x

Theresa From Scotland On 03/02/2016

Spot on

I have just come off of a reading with Dee Dee and she is absolutely amazing. She picked up the energy straight away and advised me on what to do. Unfortunately my card stopped my minutes did not cut out on my calling card but for some bizarre reason, we couldn't hear each other and was not anyone's fault., but I just wanted to say thank-you very much for Dee Dee insight, she was a great help and a lovely, lovely lady. Thank-you Dee Dee, your amazing.

Charlene From London On 01/02/2016

She is amazing wow thank you very much

Shadi From On 28/11/2015

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