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YvoneBee - 6286

Hi, my name is YvoneBee and I’m here to assist you to explore the situations around you now, in the past and hopefully clear pathways to move forward more positively in the future. I finally accepted my spiritual connection around 15 years ago and since then have embraced many aspects such as channelling, reading and healing. Spirituality has enriched my life and with a zest for living assisting others find inspiration. PIN: 6286

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Recent Reviews Of YvoneBee



this woman was great!

- Ams, London


Amazing 👏

So happy I spoke to her! She told me so much accurate information, she's just amazing

- Jen, London



Gave me some very good advice. Thank you for that.

- Helen , Sussex


I didn’t want to end the call

So I was put through at random and nearly hung up cos I saw the reviews, BUT let me tell you I was amazed. Yvonne picked up so much past, present and future that is exactly what has happened. I topped up 3 times while on the call. I’ve had several readings on this site but never with Yvonne and she is now on my list. Looking forward to seeing what happens particularly around work ❤️



Asks too many questions

I felt she was asking too many questions

- Tina, Yorkshire


The Best

One of the best I have ever spoken to on this site

- penelope, berkshire



Best psychic on this site. Clarity was amazing

- Rachel, Australia


No Happy

Asked way too many questions and then gave me relationship counselling. Picked up on 2/3 things but apart from that my PIN was wasted with her questions and me answering and then judging on my answers she gave me counselling. I came for psychic reading, not counselling, thank you.

- AN, UK




- Sk, Uk



Tends to focus on telling you what the problem is and giving general advice, I asked for a reading but it was more about this is your situation you should do this and that...

- Jay, Leicester



Please come on more often. Very accurate!!!! Predictions are already materialising!!! She's an asset to Trust Psychics. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️?

- Sk, Uk



I felt it was more on the surface stuff. She does pick on certain things correctly but others she tends to ask confirming questions. It was ok

- E, Australia



Yvonne is stunningly accurate, compassionate,patient and gives great advice. I highly recommend a reading with Yvonne bee?

- Simone, London


Her reading made me feel better

There is something about her energy that made me trust her and feel better instantly. She helped me understand what I need to do now. Thank you!

- Teresa, London


was okay

This reader was my first time- After reading the reviews I was expecting better. i asked for one topic to focus on but she drifted into other areas all the way through . Too many questions asked.

- vicki, Hampshire


So so

She does pick up some things but some things where off. And she tends to dwell on certain things that i wasnt that When it came to like providing info for the future it was very general.

- Amy, Australia


Very accurate

When you get a reader that gives validations they have connected with you , I do sit up and listen. 2 times she said something that I only knew. She also validated a situation, again only I knew. I have all my fingers crossed for her prediction. She also gave me positive advice about other things that was bothering me. Very impressed. Thank you k xx

- , Uk


Freaky Accurate.

What can I say about my reading, from the first answer till the end, all spot on. Asked her had she been following me over the past few weeks. She got names, situations, and my pass all spot on. her advice give me clarity about the situation. Have found a truly gifted person, and will use her again, I highly recommend her. Thank you for the clarity in moving forward for the future.

- ,



The details Yvonne came up with was amazing. I didn't have to prompt. She helped me with a few things that have been worrying me. Totally recommend her services. Thank you!

- Janine, Australia


Amazing! Unbelievable!

I don't know what to say! Amazing amazing! Accuracy and detail to a level I've never encountered! Honestly have a read! Incredible! Just incredible!

- Dp, Australia


Such a lovely kind gentle lady. Her gift is powerful. Thank you so much

- Giulie,



Knew a lot about my past that no one could've known. Lets hope predictions come to pass.

- S, L



Was spot on with some current themes but went on and on about the past - really hard to get her to focus on what was up and coming. Spent time telling me what I already knew which meant I got nothing from the reading I'm afraid.

- Kim, London



Thank you ❤️

- ,



Lovely reading from a lovely reader. Thank you

- Jacqui,


Great, insightful reading

Just a quick review. Sadly we got cut off. Really enjoyed the reading. Helped with clarity, focus, and optimism. Will return. Blessings.

- Clare, Merseyside



Utterly shocked about the amount of accurate validations! She just kept on delving into the problem and as she did she pulled out more and more things that described people or the situation to a T. I just couldn't believe it. Awesome reading. Thank you. ❤

- A, Brum



could have answered it myself, very general and iffy.. just like asking a friend will he do so and so , and the friend replying,if you want to you can ...

- I dont expect it will get prin, doesnt matter


Lovely but needs to rein in the tangents

She was very calm and picked up on things well. Has a tendency to take a while to get started and if you have a question on something she's said, to overexplain. For example, I asked what she meant when she said my POI was scared of his shadow, but she went into a rather long explanation given that was not the focus of the reading. Also started darting off into irrelevant details on people I had no idea who she was talking about so would be good if in future, the reading was kept focused to questions asked. If so, she'd be a brilliant reader. As it is, found her to be quite good and would call again.

- Donna, London


Fantastic reading

Yvonne is one of the most accurate readers I have encountered on the phone. The information was absolutely spot on and the reading was really positive. Thank you so much.

- Judith, Lancashire



One word for this wonderful lady, fantastic, thank you.

- Xxxx, Anonymous


Worth every £!!!

This lady said the exact same thingS I had been told by my face to face medium (My to go to for years one) ! She picked up on my work in education and further more told me how things will unfolded ... she is really good and I cannot wait to have the predictions come true. Give this lady a chance I am happy I did. Thank you Yvone.x

- Carina, London


Great reader spot on

Lovely lady and spot on with everything! Absolutely fantastic, sorry it cut off my Minutes ran out

- Jodie, Birmingham


Amazing ability

This lady tuned into things only known to me. I had a very personal reading where literally everything she mentioned was correct. Amazing reading. Can't recommend enough. Thank you for my reading YvoneBee truly you are extremely gifted xx

- Melinda, UK


Hit and miss

Touched superficially on some things but was wildly out in others. Like I said - hit and miss...

- Chris, London



An amazing and genuine reader, I didn't have to say anything, but she knew everything. Thank you so much for your reading tonight, not all of it was what I wanted to hear, but I know it's for the good. I feel empowered now; such a lovely woman. Thank you xx

- X, Birmingham


Great reader

Picked up loads of info and gave a great reading

- J, London



Gave her a call cause of all the great reviews. Her blurb info is mishearing. Comes across as a straight medium or psychic who doesn't use the cards(she does use cards) and who gets into specifics quickly (she doesn't 3 mins into reading and she's shuffled cards and told me what cards r then begins to make vague comments about what cards mean). I want specifics. Not interested in this kind of resding

- Confused, Yorkshire


Very good

Just had reading with yvonnebee knows her stuff good reading give her a try x

- Debs, Scotland


Amazing reader

Very accurate and spot on with detail around me . Look forward to predictions coming true . Mel

- ,


Very good

This lady knows her stuff. It's hard to find a true psychic, thank you for your time.

- Anon, Uk



Lovely lady , very good psychic and down to earth, cant thank u enough, u will be getting very busy soon good luck x

- Anonymous, Wales



Very through in depth reading I look forward to things unfolding. Thank you

- ,



Good advice and spot on thankyou

- Jo, London