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Julia - 6622

Its Julia here, and I come to cross your life because most likely you were seeking for me. I am a professional tarot reader with many years of experience. I am specialised in love readings, and since love is everywhere, you can let me know on whether that is family, friends, colleagues or someone special for you, that you want to know about. I believe that psychic abilities are handled from higher powers, to people, whose psyche is enriched with emotions. PIN: 6622



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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

It is well known on esoteric philosophy that psychic powers lie best on the water element of the zodiac. Being represented with Pisces as my sun sign, Scorpio as my moon sign and Cancer as my ascendant, I come to make a decent personification of the water element. Hence, my strongest biological gifts are immense sensibility, profound communication and a psyche enriched with emotions.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

To my valued callers, I would like to repeat, that one's intuitive power is always accompanied with a non judgemental perspective. I would try to understand on where you may be struggling, or how to best overcome your challenges, so you may meet the best of what the universe has prepared for you. I am specialised in relationship reading, including family, friends, colleagues, or that one very special person in your life. I do daily herbal cleansing and I sage cleanse my environment as well, before I get to have a tarot reading with someone. The reason behind that is not to let any energy or influence of my personal life coming to affect your reading. I use the Rider - Waite deck which dates from the early paganism. Older the symbols, I believe, closer - the truth.


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When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I became aware of my psychic abilities in a moment where a friend's life problems became threatening to her mental and emotional health. I believe that everyone human being is guarded by higher powers and those guide spirits do find their way to you, through someone whose psyche is exceptional but deeply calm at the same time.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

Logic is as important as intuition when it comes to human beings. For in order to control my psychic abilities and not to let them take over me, I have been taking classes on eastern occult philosophy and psychology for some time now. It is inevitable to avoid some major life issues, karma has prepared for you. I can be there to assist you find the logic behind your existing problems, or situations that may arise, which will conclude on controlling your emotions better.

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Julia - 6622

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You have done it again..!!!!

Another unbelievable reading with Julia... Totally blown away. She told me facts that no other reader has.. patiently waiting fir predictions to unfold.. thank you Julia..❤️

Marry K From London On 19/04/2019


got through to Julia by chance however I got to see what a lovely lady Julia is. great reading and she knew so much that we laughed about it. really enjoyed it but we got cut off, however will come back sometime. Thanks from the lady with the funny laugh who is getting an apology !!!! x

From scotland On 12/04/2019


Very accurate. Listen to you and is very kind. Straight to the point and is very descriptive explaining. She's very spot on with accuracy. Able to see things which gives clarity. 10 out 10. Can't fault her. Unfortunately we got cut off. I'll definitely call her again. Highly recommended. One of the best

Francis From UK On 07/04/2019

10 out of 10..!!!

Best reading ever.. picked up on my situation so accurately it was unbelievable.. Julia is no.1 so far.. followed by Marcella, then Native Spirit, Isabella Rose, Ayla, Andrea... some of the highly rated readers could not pick on my situation the way they did.. I’m so happy to have spoken to these readers. I’m now going to take a break n wait for the production to unfold. Thank you Julia..❤️

Marry K From London On 05/04/2019


Perfect reader. my partner and I hadn't been in contact for three weeks, Julia said I would hear within 8 days and he would initiate a fight, totally happened. We connect really well and she puts so much effort in your reading and answers all questions. Cream of the crop. I shall be back in two weeks to update you on my three LEO men (You know who i am from this). Blessing to you.

bec From oz On 17/03/2019

Puts her soul in the reading

I am the lady who is waiting for contact and meeting up the guy in April in India. I am sorry my phone got cut before I could thank you for your patience with me. You are simply superb. I hope all you have predicted for me comes true xxx

N From UK On 11/03/2019


Julia is amazing! Spot on and lots of details. I will contact you soon . Thanks again

From USA On 11/03/2019

Sorry my phone got cut off I couldn’t thank you enough. You have been extremely patient with my questions even though I repeatedly asked same things. Best reader on this site. If he meets me in April & comes back in 2 weeks I will leave another review for you. Love & Light

Lady with kids in background From UK On 11/03/2019


The real deal!! Uncanny psychic ability, one of the best on the site.

Mark From On 05/03/2019

Wow, great reader

Julia is a wonderful reader, her descriptions of me were perfect, and my man, also perfect. The situation she explained, and was absolutely spot on. Precise and very professional. Thank you Julia.

Kylie From On 03/03/2019


I needed this Julia, I needed your words a lot. My heart kept telling me he'll come back. My dreams had been telling me, he'll come back. Now you told me so as well. I am very grateful having the time with you today. I will leave another comment once it unfolds.

Henrietta From Liverpool On 28/02/2019


Very insightful and informative - reminds me of Nora on here, reads very similarly, loved her x

Jules From London On 16/02/2019

Thank you for the inspiration!

I have wanted to give direction to my life for some time now. But I always was very overwhealmed. This conversation has done me so well.You were right. The universe wont work on my benefit, unless I am willing to leave the toxity behind. Lesson learned. Love,Eliza!

Eliza From York On 06/02/2019

Real...very real!

Amazing! Incisive and lovely. She works hard to help you understand your situation...very accurately too! x

Ronnie From Berkshire On 05/02/2019


I talked with Julia for the first time today, she has a very calming voice and she helped me understand something very important that was bothering me for years. I have called many other tarot readers and none had the esoteric and psychological background she had. I really suggest her for a different approach.

Merkur From England On 17/01/2019

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